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Purchasing and Materials Management Supplier scorecard *
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  Each year, the City of Toronto's purchases are valued at over $1 billion which reflects a total of approximately 2000 contracts issued to vendors for goods and services, professional services and construction services. The Purchasing and Materials Management Division is responsible for ensuring all purchases assist in delivering City services at the best value possible for the taxpayers of the City of Toronto, through open, fair, competitive and transparent municipal procurement processes.

Please use this Scorecard to provide us with your feedback. We will review all Scorecards regularly and take action to improve our services where possible.

1Which commodity or service do you provide to the City?

2How would you rate the ease of doing business with the City?

3If you used the PMMD website to obtain information, was the info you were looking for helpful and easy to understand?
If it was not helpful or you did not use the website, please explain why:

4When you contacted PMMD staff, were they knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful?
Please explain:

5How would you rate your overall experience?


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