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On September 1st 2019 the City of Toronto will complete the transition to SAP Ariba Sourcing, our chosen e-bidding solution.
  • This new tool will make it easy for suppliers to download solicitation documents free of charge through the SAP Ariba portal.
  • This means they will no longer be sold via the Tender Office.
  • Paper Bid Bonds will be accepted via the Tender Office at City Hall, West Tower on the 19th floor, until such time as all bidders make the transition to Electronic Bid Bonds.
  • In specific cases where the electronic transmission of files greater than 100Mb is not supported, CD’s will be couriered (upon request) or can be picked up in person at City Hall, West Tower on the 19th floor.
The City of Toronto has created a mock Request for Tender, Request for Quotation and Request for Proposal sourcing event within SAP Ariba to allow vendors to familiarize themselves with the new solicitation format and practice by submitting a mock bid. The mock RFT, RFQ, and RFP can be accessed here: Any questions about this transition should be directed to City Bids at:

Security screening and impacts on bidders/proponents

City Hall has introduced new security screening which may result in security requesting a bidder or proponent to open their submission prior to submitting it to Purchasing and Materials Management on the 18th Floor, West Tower, City Hall. If this occurs, please follow the directions of security. Security will apply a tape to reseal the submission prior to your submitting it to Purchasing and Materials Management.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Notice: Upcoming Request for Proposal - IT Professional Services

Notice for upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP 9144-19-0222) from the City of Toronto for the provision of IT Professional Services.

The purpose of this non-binding and negotiable RFP is to allow Proponents to present their qualifications, experience, and conceptual approach to providing professional resources on an as-and-when-required basis in order to select Preferred Vendor(s) who will provide a range of Services (identified below) to meet or exceed the IT Professional Services needs of the City and Participating Agencies, including but not limited to:

  • Highly skilled Resources with extensive IT knowledge and experience;
  • Excellent and timely customer and account management support; and
  • All potential proponents shall provide the following Roles:
    1. Business Analyst
    2. Change Management (Organizational)
    3. Cloud Developer and Administrator
    4. Data Warehouse Analyst
    5. Database Administrator
    6. Project Manager
    7. SAP Developer
    8. SAP Configurator
    9. User Interface Specialist
    10. Security Specialist
    11. Salesforce Developer
    12. Salesforce Architect
    13. Developer
    14. Technical Architect
    15. Trainer
    16. Quality Assurance
    17. Information Management Taxonomy
    18. Kronos Consultant
  • The potential proponents should provide all the Roles listed above in the following Experience Levels:
    Experience Level               Definition
    Level 1    Junior :               Less than 5 years of experience
    Level 2    Intermediate:      More than 5 and less than 10 years of experience
    Level 3    Senior:               10 years or more of experience

It is anticipated that the RFP documents will be issued by the City of Toronto (“City”) by early November 2019.

Estimated Deadline for Submitting to Solicitation:  January 9, 2020 – 12PM (Eastern Standard Time)

The term of the Agreement is to be for a period of three (3) years, with options in favour of the City to extend the Agreement on the same terms and conditions for two (2) additional separate one (1) year periods.

Applicable Trade Agreements to the procurement:
Chapter 19 of Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA);
Chapter 5 of Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA); and
Chapter 9 Trade and Cooperation Agreement between Ontario and Quebec (OQTCA).

Please continue to monitor the City's website for more information on the up-coming RFP.

Contact Information:

Theodoros Maicantis, Senior Corporate Buyer
Purchasing and Materials Management Division, City of Toronto
Telephone: (416) 338-5588

Purchasers List

Note: The call document purchasers list, which allows anyone to see who purchased a particular call document will no longer be available.

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The City of Toronto recently made changes to the online payment system, and as a result, Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 11 or older are now incompatible. In order to ensure completion of your transactions for the purchase of call documents, we recommend you replace Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, or alternatively, use another browser such as:

    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Safari (Mac)

Your feedback is important to us! To ensure we are providing the best possible service and meeting the needs of our suppliers, please complete our supplier scorecard.

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December 3, 2019January 28, 2020Revised
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