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Online call document system

The following are Addenda files updating the call documents
You need the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these PDF files.Get Acrobat

To open the file, click on the Addenda file name.
To save the file to your pc, right-click on the Addenda file name, then select "Save Target as...".

Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call Document numberAddenda file nameFile size (Kbytes)Date postedCall Document summary
12-2020, Ariba Doc No. 2200837730NOIP.pdf151538January 14, 2020View
20-2020, Ariba Doc No. 2201203353NOIP.pdf151761January 14, 2020View
25-2020 (Doc 2201872432)NOIP.pdf151291January 14, 2020View
9144-19-0222Ariba NOIP.pdf324838December 3, 2019View
Doc 2126120051Doc 2126120051 notice_intended_procurement.pdf149653December 16, 2019View
Doc16-202016-2020 - Notice of Intended Procurement - KQR - January 20 2020.pdf106515January 20, 2020View
Doc1788432148NOIP Doc1788432148.pdf431575January 21, 2020View
Doc1826060171Notice Doc No. 1826060171.pdf104432November 5, 2019View
Doc1826347981Notice Doc No. 1826347981.pdf104558November 7, 2019View
Doc1936850842Tender Doc1936850842 NOIP.pdf85981December 24, 2019View
Doc2014181152Doc. 2014181152 - Notice of Intended Procurement - Jan 14 2019.pdf106756January 14, 2020View
Doc2092511351Doc2092511351 NOIP.pdf222657November 14, 2019View
Doc2120076345Tender 280-2019 - 4330 Dufferin Electrical Resiliency NOIP-RK.pdf263593December 16, 2019View
Doc2123286076Doc2123286076 notice_intended_procurement.pdf151072December 18, 2019View
Doc2148548905 Ariba Doc2148548905 - December 19 2019.pdf338656December 19, 2019View
Doc2155392775Ariba Doc2155392775 - 20ECS_TI_14LR_NOIP - January 13 2020.pdf105911January 13, 2020View
Doc2158292400Doc2158292400 - HCTP South Facility Rehab_Summary notice_intended_procurement.pdf
Doc2158292400 - HCTP South Facility Rehab_notice_intended_procurement.pdf
December 23, 2019
December 23, 2019
Doc2158446922Doc2158446922 notice_intended_procurement.pdf148706January 8, 2020View
Doc2158966011NOIP DOC2158966011.pdf230856January 13, 2020View
Doc2167712756NOIP Summary 277-2019 Doc2167712756.pdf
NOIP 277-2019 Doc2167712756.pdf
January 3, 2020
January 3, 2020
Doc2169109757NOIP Doc 2169109757 - Mimico Creek GSMP Project.pdf125258December 31, 2019View
Doc2180797838Doc2180797838 notice_intended_procurement.pdf147775January 9, 2020View
Doc2184528757NOIP.pdf310582January 8, 2020View
Doc2190483786Tender Doc2190483786 NOIP.pdf163169January 9, 2020View
Doc2195157928NOIP DOC2195157928.pdf230535January 15, 2020View
Doc2200823752Notice of Intended Procurement Doc2200823752.pdf102009January 21, 2020View
Doc2206280247Doc2206280247- Notice of Intended Procurement.pdf349431January 20, 2020View
Doc2210614293NOIP Doc2210614293.pdf424605January 20, 2020View
Notice15-2020Tender 15-2019 Notice of Intended Procurement - 19ECS-TI-104LR - Januar....pdf106114January 8, 2020View
NOIP.pdf151291January 14, 2020View

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