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 The following contracts have been awarded by the City of Toronto. All solicitations were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals. 
Please contact the buyer referenced in each solicitation for additional information relating to the award(s).
Note:  All award dollar values listed below do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Click the triangles on the left to collapse and expand the categories.Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call NumberCan be sorted ascending or descendingClient Division/ContactDescriptionCan be sorted ascending or descendingSuccessful BidderContract AmountDate awardedCan be sorted ascending or descending
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Hide details for Asphalt pavingAsphalt paving
Doc2865732055Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Hot-in-Place Asphalt Patching Area 2 (21TR-OM-122-A2-TR)AQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC$2,196,56604/28/2021
3031373392- Choose one -Midland Avenue – Road Reconstruction, Road Resurfacing, Watermain Replacement and Water Services from Sheppard Avenue Ea11,110,286.5510/27/2021
3037797867Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Reconstruction on Kingston Road from Deep Dene Drive to Centennial Road.Midome Construction Services Ltd. 5,328,400.0009/23/2021
Doc2896836643Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Hot-in-Place Asphalt Patching Area 1 (21TR-OM-108-A1-TR)Aqua Tech Solutions Inc$657,800.0006/16/2021
# Doc2945185869Transportation ServicesRequest for Tenders for Resurfacing on the Don Valley Parkway, City of TorontoD CRUPI & SONS LIMITED$ 1,586,799.00 06/10/2021
Hide details for Bridge RepairsBridge Repairs
23-2021 (Doc2821040966 )Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRehabilitation of Bridge Located at 133 Islington Avenue over Metrolinx Rail, Toronto Grascan Construction Ltd.$7,271,25004/07/2021
Rejected Icon240-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryCulvert Replacement n/an/a09/01/2021
Doc 3089746394 Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryOverlea Boulevard Bridge over West Don River Interim Repair (ID 315)7,611,491.78 10/27/2021
Doc2871663339Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Chipping loose concrete from the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway(21TR-OM-204-TEY-TC)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$874,512.7006/08/2021
Doc2881054741Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Minor Bridge Repairs Scarborough District (21TR-OM-105-SC-TB)AQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC$595,830.0006/16/2021
Doc2933501834#104-2021Transportation ServicesRequest for Tenders for Minor Bridge Repairs in the Toronto & East York District.AQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC $235,710.0006/09/2021
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Doc2982722772(21TR-OM-120-SC-TU)Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for The Permanent Restoration of Utility Cuts, Maintenance Repairs and Road Work (21TR-OM-120-SC-TU)PTR PAVING INC.$400,838.3507/26/2021
Rejected Icon193-2017- Choose one -Construction Services n/an/a08/25/2021
2955171217Parks, Forestry & Recreationpark improvementsOrin Contractors Corp763,000.0009/30/2021
Doc2219202727 / nRFP No. 1201-20-5001Environment & Energy OfficeSolar Photovoltaic (PV) Rooftop and Carport SystemsMoose Power Inc.$1,777,694.3409/23/2021
Doc2616795118 Real Estate ServicesConstruction of New Fleet Maintenance FacilityCENTURY GROUP INC$ 34,643,115.1506/10/2021
Doc2639396991Real Estate ServicesConstruction Services for Building Capital Improvements at 1535 Albion Road, EMS Station 12ANACOND CONTRACTING INC $ 621,916.20 02/25/2021
Doc2641626735 (204-2020)Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark RenovationMopal Construction Ltd.$968,150.0003/23/2021
Rejected IconDoc2696108387 / 213-2020Real Estate ServicesMechanical Equipment Upgrades at North York Civic Centre – 5100 Yonge Street, TorontoCancelledCancelled04/01/2021
Doc2711670400Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad Resurfacing on Spanbridge Road, St. Dennis Dr and Wynford Dr; Road Reconstruction on Linkwood Ln and Wynford Dr RVIOLA MANAGEMENT INC $ 3,507,882.00 03/15/2021
Rejected IconDOC2758717563 (236-2020)Toronto WaterChemical Mixing Channel Baffle Retrofit at the F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plantn/an/a02/02/2021
Doc2780356240Transportation Services Eglinton Avenue West between Jane Street and Glenvalley Drive - Multi-Use Pathway, Sidewalk and Bus Bay Construction.MIDOME CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD$ 1,936,599.8406/05/2021
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Doc2790015767Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMajor Road Resurfacing on Mt.Pleasant Road from Dawlish Avenue to Roehampton Ave.D Crupi and Sons$ 1,926,352.73 04/27/2021
DOC2828021446 (33-2021)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWet Weather Flow Reduction in the Scott Street Pumping Station Service Area – Sanitary and Storm Sewers and MHs RehabCapital Sewer Services Inc.$2,918,563.0005/12/2021
Doc2857224051/48-2021Transportation ServicesMinor Bridge Repairs, Bridge Deck Flushing, Chipping Lose Concrete from Bridges and Retaining Wall Repairs Etobicoke YorRAFAT GENERAL CONTRACTOR INC$ 969,775.00 05/18/2021
Doc2869072368Parks, Forestry & RecreationBuilding Envelope Repairs, Foundation Waterproofing and Roof and Site Drainage RepairsOntario Ltd. o/a Trans Canada Construction$1,126,900.0007/30/2021
Doc2906322747Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders - State of Good Repair work at Earl Bales Park Amphitheatre at 4169 Bathurst Street, Toronto M3H 3P7BROOK RESTORATION LTD$4,138,25211/24/2021
DOC2922580587 (101-2021)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain & Water service Replacement, Road Resurfacing and Intersections modification Work (Jarvis St)2489960 Ontario Inc.$9,872,500.0005/26/2021
Doc2929867241Parks, Forestry & RecreationFenside Arena - Roofing RepairsTrio Roofing Systems Inc.$652,800.0008/09/2021
Doc2951365301Parks, Forestry & RecreationState of Good Repair at Gord and Irene Risk Community CentreMartinway Contracting Ltd.$1,472,813.0011/05/2021
DOC2951402864 (83-2021)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain and Road Construction - Various Streets – Etobicoke-York District Sanscon Construction Ltd. $8,641,211.0007/28/2021
DOC2959483665 (102-2021)Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Circular and Non-Circular Gravity Sewers and Related WorksClean Water Works Inc.$3,071,650.0008/25/2021
Doc2962047194Real Estate ServicesRequest for Tenders for Rehabilitation of Exterior Wall of Building #8 & #9 1116 King St.,Toronto, ONSANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$ 224,400.0009/21/2021
DOC2979585227Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement for Toronto Water Repairs at Various Locations within the City Of Toronto (309/310) Multiple Awards07/28/2021
DOC2980531808Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs at Various Locations within the City Of Toronto (311/312)Multiple Awards07/28/2021
Doc3015166741Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesScarborough Transfer Station Source Separated Recyclable Materials (SSRM) Bunker Replacement$6,611,965.0009/22/2021
Doc3025923271Transportation ServicesThe permanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs of roads.PTR PAVING INC$1,197,650.0009/07/2021
Rejected IconDoc3029174020Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Chartwell Road (Road Resurfacing), Dayton Avenue (Road Reconstruction), Inverness Avenue (Road N/A010/25/2021
DOC3029521101Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain and Substandard Water Service Replacement and Road Resurfacing at Various Location (21ECS-LU-09SU)2489960 Ontario Inc.$12,149,968.0009/01/2021
Doc3092241145Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tender - Supply and Construction of Tennis Courts at Broadlands Park LOC-PAVE CONSTRUCTION LTD$ 768,900.0001/26/2022
Doc3092490224Solid Waste Management ServicesSupply And Installation Of Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning (Hvac) System Replacement, Electrical Upgrades AndLCD MECHANICAL INC1,415,729.25 12/03/2021
Doc3159772443Toronto WaterRestoration of Roads, Sidewalks, and Landscaping for Toronto Water (Contract No. 21TW-DC-315OCS and 21TW-DC-316OCS)Multiple Awards11/17/2021
Hide details for DemolitionsDemolitions
Doc2722421358 (21-2021)Solid Waste Management ServicesDemolition, Construction, and Salvage of Material Recovery Sorting Equipment and Other Upgrades to the Dufferin TransferBROOK RESTORATION LTD$3,722,786.00 08/26/2021
Hide details for Electrical servicesElectrical services
Rejected Icon1205-15-5007Transportation ServicesTraffic Adaptive Control System Solutionn/an/a08/20/2021
Doc2505134006Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control Devices 20TR-TS-006-TSDTM3 Inc.$2,213,011.0302/02/2021
Rejected IconDoc2722458686 (1201-20-5073) Children’s ServicesThe supply of all labour and equipment for the maintenance of Electrical Systems at Child Care CentresNANA07/23/2021
Doc2858006251 (51-2021)Solid Waste Management ServicesReplacement of Exhaust Fan and Boiler Controls at Commissioners Street Transfer StationAinsworth Inc.$249,018.68 08/26/2021
Hide details for Elevator UpgradeElevator Upgrade
Rejected Icon17-2017Facilities Design & ConstructionElevator Replacementn/an/a08/23/2021
Hide details for Facilities renovationsFacilities renovations
Rejected Icon100-2017Toronto WaterToronto Water Structured Cabling Improvementsn/an/a08/19/2021
Rejected Icon140-2016Facilities ManagementRenovations at 399 The West Mall and 2 Civic Centre.n/an/a08/20/2021
Doc2938303660Solid Waste Management ServicesDisco Transfer Station – Site Improvements$2,051,025.0010/18/2021
Doc3157941602Parks, Forestry & RecreationLedbury Community Centre State-of-Good RepairJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$2,185,440.0012/15/2021
Hide details for Heating ventilating - air handling and plumbing servicesHeating ventilating - air handling and plumbing services
Doc2982394489Real Estate ServicesRequest For Tender for Mechanical Equipment Upgrades At North York Civic Centre – 5100 Yonge Street, TorontoLCD Mechanical Inc.$894,88008/18/2021
Doc2982394489Real Estate ServicesRequest For Tender for Mechanical Equipment Upgrades At North York Civic Centre – 5100 Yonge Street, TorontoLCD Mechanical Inc. $ 894,88009/30/2021
Doc2729988932Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesFudger House- Kitchen cooling / Heating upgrades and all associated mechanical, electrical and architectural scopeSERVOCRAFT LIMITED $ 481,500.00 02/03/2021
Hide details for Ice Rink RefrigerationIce Rink Refrigeration
Doc2681010301Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Tender - Malvern and Heron Park Community Centre, Chiller Replacement pre-qualified under RSFQ 3907-20-5019JOE PACE & SONS CONTRACTING INC 1,809,000.0002/16/2021
Doc2725425226Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for Rivercrest AIR Tennis Court-Rink Concrete Pad Replacement State of Good RepairJoe Pace & Sons1,836,300.0007/07/2021
Doc2798734732 Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for Park Lawn and Long Branch Arena, Chiller Replacement This tender is open to firms pre-qualifiedFRANK PELLEGRINO GEN CONT LTD$1,441,900.0004/28/2021
Doc2891355315Parks, Forestry & RecreationTennis Court/Rink Pad ImprovementsFrank Pellegrino General Contracting Ltd.$2,091,857.0007/13/2021
Hide details for Landscape ConstructionLandscape Construction
Doc2908215081/ 78-2021Economic Development & CultureThe supply, manufacture, delivery, assembly and installation of a new parkette in the Mount Dennis Business Improvement CSL GROUP LTD148,545.6506/04/2021
Doc2504041478 (3717-20-5040)Parks, Forestry & RecreationConstruction Services for General Landscape ImprovementsMultiple Awards03/18/2021
Doc2780898047Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Tender - Lower Don Trail Phase 2 Improvements Pine Valley Corp7,544,822.0207/22/2021
Doc2989612087Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Supplier Qualifications - June 2021 Baycrest Park Redevelopment including Professional Landscape ServicesMultiple Awards01/24/2022
Hide details for Mechanical ServicesMechanical Services
Rejected Icon237-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionBuilding Automation System (BAS) Upgrades at Metro Hall located at 55 John Street, Toronton/an/a09/01/2021
Hide details for Road - Curb - SidewalkRoad - Curb - Sidewalk
Doc3003119782Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad Reconstruction and Sidewalk Construction at Attwell Drive from Disco Road to Carlingview DriveSanscon Construction Ltd.$2,236,97707/28/2021
Doc3037760507Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMajor Road Resurfacing on Tapscott Road from McLevin Avenue to 220 metres south of McNicoll AvenueBrennan Paving and Construction Ltd.$2,682,65808/11/2021
Rejected Icon196-2016Transportation ServicesGeneral Landscape Construction n/an/a08/25/2021
Rejected Icon227-2016Transportation ServicesConstruction of Bicycle Left Turn Lay-by and AODA Depressed Curbs Associated with Richmond & Adelaide Cycle Trackn/an/a08/26/2021
Doc2838164187Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender Local Roads Resurfacing in Wards 1 and 2 (21ECS-TI-13LR)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$11,505,265.9105/25/2021
Doc2839106061Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Local Roads Resurfacing in Wards 17, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26(21ECS-TI-15LR)VIOLA MANAGEMENT INC$12,460,560.7406/22/2021
Doc2839106070Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Local Roads Resurfacing in Wards 3, 6, 7, 8, 14, 16, 17 and 18(21ECS-TI-14LR)A&F DICARLO CONSTRUCTION INC$12,890,818.5006/25/2021
Doc2857265874Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for permanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs. (21TR-OM-100-EY-TU)PAVE-TAR CONSTRUCTION LTD$1,100,650.0005/17/2021
Doc2872030657/64-2021 Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance including repairs to roads and sidewalks, concrete sidewalk and curb repairs, wheelchair ramp, concrSANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$ 1,865,765.0006/04/2021
Doc2874209852/65-2021 Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance including Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks, Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Repairs, Wheelchair Ramp, ConcrSANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$ 1,391,444.0006/14/2021
Doc2884289579/73-2021 Transportation ServicesPermanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs of roads, sidewalks, curbs, dr PTR PAVING INC $1,805,576.0005/04/2021
Doc2903289709Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for nterim Repairs and Maintenance to Roads, Etobicoke York District (21TR-OM-118-EY-TR)D CRUPI & SONS LIMITED$1,646,327.0006/10/2021
Doc2935294783Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts, Municipal Road Damage and Install Vehicular Access Ramps (21TR-OM-101-TEY-TU)Maple Crete Inc.$1,886,120.0006/22/2021
Doc2935922509# 108-2021Transportation ServicesRequest for Tenders for Repairs to Culverts, Driveways, Ditches, Shoulders and Guide Rails, Etobicoke York District, WarIL DUCA CONTRACTING INC$ 2,114,138.00 07/26/2021
Doc2954746681Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts, in the Toronto and East York District (21TR-OM-103-TEY-TU)PTR PAVING INC$2,297,750.0006/25/2021
Doc2961537149Transportation ServicesRequest for Tenders for General Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks, in the Toronto & East York DistrictMAPLE-CRETE INC$ 1,780,625.0007/02/2021
Doc2969200359Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for permanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs (21TR-OM-122-SC-TU)PTR PAVING INC$319,250.0007/20/2021
Doc2973967152Transportation ServicesThe permanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs of roads, PTR PAVING INC$474,365.0007/29/2021
Doc2975835185Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts, in the Toronto and East York District (21TR-OM-104-TEY-TU)FERPAC PAVING INC$2,579,500.0006/22/2021
Doc2979180510Transportation ServicesThe permanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs of roads.AQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC$3,427,535.0007/29/2021
Doc2985425245Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts, Toronto and East York District (21TR-OM-105-TEY-TU)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$2,882,200.0007/23/2021
Doc3117986097Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesReplacement of Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge (ID 249) and Glen Road Pedestrian Tunnel (ID288)EIFFAGE INNOVATIVE CANADA INC$ 19,715,345.4801/19/2022
Doc3159772427 Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMajor Road Reconstruction and Watermain Replacement on Birchmount Road from Sheppard Avenue East to Huntingwood Drive.2489960 ONTARIO INC7,547,100.0012/03/2021
: Doc2891626853/80-2021 Transportation ServicesRequest for Tenders for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts and Maintenance Repairs on Arterial and Collector Roads. NorthMAPLE-CRETE INC $2,268,713.5905/14/2021
Hide details for Sewer repair and maintenanceSewer repair and maintenance
Doc2735481616 (220-2020)Toronto WaterSupply, Replace and Adjust Frames, Grates and Covers for Catch Basins and Maintenance HolesMaple Crete Inc.$8,099,19303/24/2021
Doc2922336030 (106-2021)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRestoration of an exposed sanitary siphon crossingR&M CONSTRUCTION$2,086,187.05 08/24/2021
DOC3029208832Toronto WaterRepairs of Sewer Systems and Appurtenances for Various Locations within the City of Toronto (21TW-DC-314OCS)OJCR Construction Ltd.$1,729,585.0008/04/2021
Doc3091578742Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRequest for Tender for Rehabilitation of High Level Interceptor (HLI) - MH101-094 to MH101-088 (21ECS-LU-03TT)Clearway Construction Inc.$8,755,857.8911/10/2021
Hide details for Wastewater Treatment PlantsWastewater Treatment Plants
Doc2736063782Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Waste Activated Sludge Thickening FacilityKenaidan Contracting Ltd.$139,355,528 09/09/2021
Doc3116326814Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesAshbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant - Schedule and Claims Management for Waste Activated Sludge Thickening FacilitALTUS GROUP LIMITED$ 1,092,260.0011/05/2021
Hide details for Watermains - Water ServicesWatermains - Water Services
DOC2761299375 (215-2020)Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in Etobicoke, Toronto & East York and North York Districts (Contract No. 21TW-CTS-03CWD)Fer-Pal Construction Ltd. $16,842,916.0005/12/2021
DOC2761569508 (216-2020)Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York and Scarborough Districts, Wards 08, 15, 17, 18 & 21 (21TW-CTS-04CWD)Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$19,028,432.0003/31/2021
DOC2761569521 (217-2020)Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York and Scarborough Districts (21TW-CTS-05CWD)Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited$18,950,736.0003/31/2021
Doc3100081771Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMaintenance Hole Rehabilitation On Bathurst St. & Front StCAPITAL SEWER SERVICES INC$ 1,318,925.30 12/15/2021
Hide details for ||
Doc2899083119 (21TR-OM-116-NY-TM, 85-2021)Transportation ServicesRepairs to Roads and Sidewalks including Retaining Wall and Guide Rail RepairsSanscon Construction Ltd$3,426,37105/12/2021
Doc2670064102Solid Waste Management ServicesDrainage and Ramp Improvements at Scarborough Transfer StationDuron Ontario Ltd.$473,110.0002/26/2021
Doc2724994392Real Estate ServicesGeneral Contractors for Construction, Renovation and Restoration of City Buildings and PropertiesMultiple Awards05/03/2021
Doc2854100886 /45-2021 Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesReplacement of watermain on Broadview Avenue from Gerrard Street East to Danforth Avenue, and on Montcrest Blvd from BroGIO-CRETE CONSTRUCTION LTD3,872,500.00 05/11/2021
Hide details for Goods and ServicesGoods and Services
Hide details for Communications and Sound EquipmentCommunications and Sound Equipment
Doc2682009056Parks, Forestry & RecreationSupply, Delivery, Programming and Warranty of 2-Way Radios and Related Parts and AccessoriesKelcom$61,833.0004/01/2021
Doc2848987896Fire ServicesRequest for Quotation - Radio Communication TowersTrilinks Communications Inc.$459,510.3109/01/2021
Hide details for Construction / Building Materials and SuppliesConstruction / Building Materials and Supplies
Doc1826347981Toronto WaterDoc1826347981 - Request for Quotation for the Supply, Deliver and Unloading of Portland Cement Ontario Redimix$443,760.8010/07/2021
Doc2914214385 Transportation ServicesServices for Transportation Services Division11/05/2021
Hide details for Custodial / Cleaning Goods and/or ServicesCustodial / Cleaning Goods and/or Services
Rejected Icon0105-18-7100Toronto WaterGarment Cleaning Services including bar-coding, alterations and repairs for the City of Toronto’s Water Divisionn/an/a08/17/2021
Rejected Icon0211-16-0126Municipal Licensing & StandardsAnimal Premise Disinfectant with Hydrogen Peroxiden/an/a08/18/2021
Doc2675216197Fleet ServicesVehicle Cleaning and Disinfecting ServicesFirst Response$453,29304/15/2021
Doc2835740535- Choose one -Cleaning of Exterior and Interior Windows03/18/2021
Hide details for Fencing - Guard Rail - Scaffolding - Products / Installation / RepairsFencing - Guard Rail - Scaffolding - Products / Installation / Repairs
Doc2381954152Municipal Licensing & StandardsFencing, Boarding/Blocking of Doors, Windows and other openings in buildings and structures, and Draining of Swimming PoSure General Contractors Inc.$126,186.5502/01/2021
DOC2874217612 (6806-21-7069)Toronto WaterSupply, Delivery, Installation, Removal and Disposal of Temporary Fencing for Toronto WaterSure General Contractors Inc.$80,288.0007/07/2021
Hide details for Fire Equipment and ServicesFire Equipment and Services
Rejected Icon1002-16-3065Exhibition Place500 Teknion Volume Stacking Chairs and approximately 20 Chair Dollies to Exhibition Placen/an/a08/19/2021
Doc2869677939Fire ServicesRequest for Quotations for the Supply and Delivery of Fire Truck Pump PartsDependable Truck & Tank$472,75605/17/2021
Hide details for Fitness Equipment - Sporting Goods - Playground Equipment - Related ServicesFitness Equipment - Sporting Goods - Playground Equipment - Related Services
Doc3215342246Parks, Forestry & RecreationThe non-exclusive supply, delivery and warranty of recyclable, water-resistant, self-adhesive Tyvek wristbands 12/20/2021
Hide details for Furniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation ServicesFurniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation Services
Rejected Icon0115-16-0068Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationMattress Ticking n/an/a08/26/2021
Hide details for Hospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / ServicesHospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / Services
Rejected Icon0505-17-0239Purchasing & Materials ManagementLancing Devices & Finger Sticks-****CANCELLED****n/an/a08/18/2021
Rejected Icon0505-18-0287Purchasing & Materials ManagementAerochambers, HME Filters and other Medical Devicesn/an/a08/18/2021
Doc2802614639Purchasing & Materials ManagementEasy Touch SyringeThe Stevens Company$413,14503/24/2021
Doc2852112229- Choose one -Servicing of Solmetex Hg5 Amalgam SeparatorsOCTAGON MEDICAL SERVICES$32,812.5004/08/2021
Doc2904857158Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesElectric High Low Beds and Mattresses RFQSpan Medical Canada$2,638,85407/28/2021
Doc2962047211- Choose one -Dental Equipment RepairsK-Dental Inc.$627,07706/30/2021
Rejected IconDoc3031373414- Choose one -Thermal Camera Systemn/an/a10/18/2021
Hide details for Information & Technology Software/HardwareInformation & Technology Software/Hardware
Doc2930450970Information & TechnologyF5 Products Support and Maintenance ServicesOnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd.$2,640,437.4907/22/2021
Doc2481086143 (3405-20-0131)Accounting ServicesFinancial Systems Transformation ProjectDeloitte Inc.$43,645,200.0006/02/2021
Doc2886056865Information & TechnologyLarge Format Networked Engineering PhotocopierKonica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.$62,464.2007/19/2021
Doc2912627166Information & TechnologyX86 Servers and PeripheralsCompugen Inc.$798,000.0007/22/2021
Doc2939830903Information & TechnologyCheck Point Products and Maintenance ServicesHoneyTek Systems Inc.$3,356,874.99 USD07/26/2021
Doc2961601880Information & TechnologyOne (1) high-speed networked digital colour reproduction systemRicoh Canada Inc.$505,246.3710/01/2021
Doc2963148010Information & TechnologyServiceNow Cloud Subscription ServicesDeloitte Inc.$19,893,650.0009/14/2021
Doc3133954872 - Choose one -Forensic software and hardware TEEL TECHNOLOGIES CANADA INC432,630.0012/15/2021
Doc3143590185- Choose one -SecureTransport Software and Maintenance SupportDUOLOGIK SOLUTIONS77,900.0012/21/2021
Hide details for Kitchen AppliancesKitchen Appliances
Purchasing & Materials ManagementSource for Supply and Delivery of Kitchen SmallwaresDayco Distributing$1,358,15503/15/2021
Hide details for Landscaping Supplies - Equipment and ServicesLandscaping Supplies - Equipment and Services
2305234907- Choose one -Arboricultural ServicesONTARIO LINE CLEARING & TREE EXPERT$15,739,86905/05/2021
Doc2712143352Parks, Forestry & RecreationStump Grinding (Empty and Fill and Seed) for Forestry and Recreation DivisionKODIAK TREE SERVICES56,655.0003/30/2021
Doc3024704932Transportation Serviceslandscape maintenanceCSL Group Ltd.452,800.9909/22/2021
Hide details for Metals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal ProductsMetals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal Products
Doc2988548661Purchasing & Materials ManagementMagnetic LocatorWATERMARK SOLUTIONS LTD50,248.7508/12/2021
Hide details for Pipe and Pipe FittingsPipe and Pipe Fittings
Doc2906091374- Choose one -HDPE Pipes, Fittings and Fusion ServicesCAPITAL SEWER SERVICES INC75,191.5005/17/2021
Hide details for Plant and Shop EquipmentPlant and Shop Equipment
Doc2862736088Solid Waste Management ServicesHydroseeding Services$120,720.0009/23/2021
Hide details for Preventative Maintenance and ServicesPreventative Maintenance and Services
Doc3027419719Solid Waste Management ServicesPurge Well Rehabilitation ServicesLOTOWATER TECHNICAL SERVICES638,043.0012/17/2021
Rejected IconDoc3038922171Transportation Servicessupply and service for the preventive maintenance of 8 Road Weather Information Systemsn/an/a08/03/2021
Hide details for Salt - Supply and DeliverSalt - Supply and Deliver
Doc3039555785 Purchasing & Materials ManagementRock Salt, Sand and De IcerMCL - MISTER CHEMICAL LTD419,053.0009/29/2021
Hide details for SignsSigns
Doc3177503723Purchasing & Materials ManagementFabrication and Installation of SignageSteel Art Signs Corp. $663,547.0001/12/2022
Hide details for Sweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without OperatorSweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without Operator
Doc2866622784Transportation ServicesStreet Sweeping on City of Toronto Roads, Don Valley Parkway and the F.G. Gardiner ExpresswayMultiple Awards03/31/2021
Doc2897315153Solid Waste Management ServicesSweeping and Flushing of Paved RoadsGreen Maples Environmental Inc.$453,768.0010/19/2021
Hide details for Swimming Pool MaintenanceSwimming Pool Maintenance
DOC2969533303Purchasing & Materials ManagementBulk ChlorineD.H. Jutzi Limited$425,000.0008/26/2021
Hide details for Textile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and EquipmentTextile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and Equipment
0102-16-0137Purchasing & Materials ManagementChainsaw PantsNo 1 (for) Safety Supplies & Signs $171,901.5607/11/2021
0103-19-0032Purchasing & Materials ManagementToronto Fire Services TopcoatsSupply Line$92,895.6003/10/2021
Rejected IconDoc2720261820Purchasing & Materials ManagementGolf ShirtsN/AN/A11/04/2021
Doc2797513837Purchasing & Materials ManagementCrew Neck and 1/4 Zip Sweat ShirtsOutdoor Outfits Ltd.$118,702.5011/01/2021
Doc2821066651Purchasing & Materials ManagementGauntlet Style Fire Fighting Gloves Safedesign Apparel Ltd.$167,863.0001/12/2022
Hide details for Tools and Shop EquipmentTools and Shop Equipment
Doc2972673087Fire ServicesRequest for Quotations for Battery Operated Hydraulic Auto Extrication ToolsDarch Fire1,220,77809/08/2021
Hide details for Trailers - Various - Purchase / RentalTrailers - Various - Purchase / Rental
Doc2664382641Fleet ServicesEquipment Trailers J&J Trailers Manufacturers & Sales2,175,790.0004/06/2021
Hide details for Transportation EquipmentTransportation Equipment
Rejected Icon1205-17-0320Purchasing & Materials Management***CANCELLED***Polara EZ Communicator APS***CANCELLED***n/an/a08/20/2021
Doc2969271108- Choose one -Traffic Controller ComponentsMultiple Awards07/07/2021
Hide details for Transportation Services and RentalsTransportation Services and Rentals
Doc2720261805Fire ServicesRequest for Quotations for the supply, delivery, and removal of vehicles for TFS' Auto Extrication ProgramJP Towing Service & Storage$142,50008/18/2021
Hide details for Vehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / PartsVehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Parts
Doc2653442022Fire ServicesAir/Light Emergency Response VehiclesDependable Truck and Tank Ltd.$1,018,000.0005/19/2021
Hide details for Vehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / ServiceVehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / Service
Doc 2913734263Fleet ServicesOne (1) Latest Model Conventional Cab and Chassis Tri Axle Dump TruckRush Truck Centres of Canada$256,127.0008/13/2021
Doc2871224079- Choose one -Supply and Delivery of all Skilled Labour, Materials and Parts to Perform Maintenance and Repairs to Hydraulic SystemsAction Hydraulics Ltd.$278,568.5006/02/2021
Doc2920792842Fire ServicesRequest for Quotations for Body Remanufacturing, Repairs and Fabrication Work for Fire Fighting ApparatusDependable Truck & Tank$325,418.0011/07/2021
Doc3027800964Fire ServicesToronto Fire Services (TFS) Apparatus Compartment Roll up DoorsDependable Truck and Tank LTD316,716.0009/15/2021
Hide details for Vehicle - Purchase of Various Weight ClassVehicle - Purchase of Various Weight Class
Doc2711670463Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Two (2) Latest Model Truck Chassis and Conventional Cab with Various Body ConfigurationsRush Truck Centres of Canada$362,56503/04/2021
Doc2756952314Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Two (2) Latest Model Various Tow Behind Grounds Maintenance EquipmentGC Duke Equipment Ltd$165,89504/06/2021
Doc2838523121Fleet ServicesDoc2838523121 - Request for Quotations for Nine (9) Latest Model Conventional Cab and ChassisRush Truck Centres of Canada$8,654,641.0010/07/2021
Doc2985862687Fleet ServicesRequest for Quotations for Twenty-Four (24) Latest Model Utility TrucksDowntown Auto Group$7,618,866.0010/07/2021
Doc2989787544Fleet ServicesRequest for Quotations for One (1) Latest Compact Street SweeperCubex Ltd$325,133.2510/07/2021
Doc3099929980Fleet ServicesRequest for Quotation for Supply and Delivery of Five (5) Latest Model Conventional Cab And Truck Chassis Low Profile Rush Truck Centres of Canada$3,399,729.1111/22/2021
Doc3136758808Fleet ServicesRequest for Quotation for non-exclusive supply and delivery of Ten (10) Refuse Trailers$10,968,605.0001/14/2022
Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Seven (7) Latest Model Various types Compact SweepersCubex Ltd$953,55704/12/2021
Hide details for Waste Removal and HaulageWaste Removal and Haulage
3092946006- Choose one -Processing Services of Yard WasteWALKER ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP INC$3,245,445.1712/08/2021
Doc2935350240Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase, Removal and Recycling of used Motor OilSafety-Kleen Canada26,550.0009/10/2021
Hide details for Professional ServicesProfessional Services
Hide details for Architectural ServicesArchitectural Services
2485564575(9118-20-5043)- Choose one -Moss Park park RevitalizationPLANNING PARTNERSHIP LIMITED$843,000.0002/25/2021
24855648594(9118-20-5042)- Choose one -Architectural ServicesMACLENNAN JAUNKALNS MILLER ARCHITECTS$3,986,800.00 06/04/2021
28455648594(9117-20-5042)Parks, Forestry & RecreationNew John Innes CRCMaclennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects$3,986,800.0006/04/2021
Doc 2728883950Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional services for SGR at High ParkCherie Ng Architect Inc.$148,456.0007/12/2021
Doc2538734418Parks, Forestry & RecreationAllan Gardens Conservatory Palm House - Heritage Building Restoration and Functional Upgrade - Architecture and BuildingZEIDLER ARCHITECTURE INC $ 491,810.00 02/24/2021
Rejected IconDoc3154006540Affordable Housing OfficeConsulting Architect Services for 1141 Bloor Street West Redevelopment (Building F)Cancelled - failedn/a11/23/2021
Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Proposals for Professional services for the design/construction of the Davisville Aquatic Community CentreCS&P ARCHITECTS INC $2,068,700.00 02/24/2021
Hide details for Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
Doc2678413650Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ReviewRFP for OE-TA Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Project Section 2; Dufferin St to Strachan Ave, nRFP-20ECS-TI-01GEParsons Inc.13,394,886.8403/27/2021
Doc3044861985Social Development, Finance & AdministrationCommunity Crisis Support Service for Social Development Finance and Administration DivisionGerstein Crisis Centre$7,950,880.0012/16/2021
2333265407 (9118-20-5037)- Choose one -Landscape Architect ServicesHARRINGTON MCAVAN LTD$111,437.5003/26/2021
2352559689(9118-20-5038)Parks, Forestry & Recreationair refrigeration facility systems DSR SYSTEMS$296,776.8003/25/2021
2457091244 (9120-20-5041)- Choose one -engagement and communicationCREATIVE PROCESS INC$188,151.50 04/29/2021
2457091244(9120-20-5041)- Choose one -Engagement & Communication Moss Park and John Innes CRCCREATIVE PROCESS INC$188,151.50 04/29/2021
2615625499Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Proposal Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan Implementation PFS STUDIO $475,105.80 02/24/2021
2918995784- Choose one -Professional ServicesPeter T Mitches & Associates Ltd.$116,650.0008/18/2021
2984378200Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesProposals for Detailed Condition Survey for Bridges and Condition AssessmentHAGHBIN & ASSOCIATES LTD$ 204,00009/07/2021
Doc2102603646 (9119-20-5003)Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Proposal to a third party expert ("Consultant")Deloitte LLP$220,000.0003/10/2021
Doc2659801647Solid Waste Management ServicesEngineering & Consulting Services – New Organics Processing FacilityGHD LIMITED4,748,652.9712/21/2021
Doc2679841412 (9155-20-0166)Solid Waste Management ServicesBusiness Transformation and Change Management$2,084,517.6010/22/2021
Doc2972673104Social Development, Finance & AdministrationCommunity Crisis Support Service for Social Development Finance and Administration Division$6,419,963.0009/09/2021
DOC3013222213Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryCost Estimating Services for Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Integrated Pumping Station Construction Contract 3 ProjectMarshall & Murray Incorporated$254,688.0010/13/2021
Doc3084049432- Choose one -Request For Proposal - Review of Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division Organizational Structure MNP LLP$230,00001/26/2022
Doc3107794310Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional and Technical Services for Conditions Assessment for Skateparks and BMX ParksStantec Consulting$148,260.0001/06/2022
Hide details for Engineering ServicesEngineering Services
2818065583Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional and technical architectural and engineering services for Scarborough Gardens Arena SOGR projectWGD Architects Inc.$243,950.0008/12/2021
DOC2626035527 (9117-20-7006)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryPre-selection of Mixing System Equipment for the Island Water Treatment PlantSyntec Process Equipment Ltd.$408,571.9007/07/2021
Doc2661178277 (9118-21-5005)Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services for the Redevelopment of Topham Park Clubhouse Cherie Ng Architect Inc.68,789.0006/10/2021
DOC2682219130 (9117-20-7129)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Culverts at Various Locations Within the CitGHD Limited$6,687,740.0003/24/2021
DOC2784833009Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryEngineering & Consulting Services – Scarborough TS Tip Floor Resurface, Switchgear + Breaker Panel Replacement$747,497.5911/17/2021
DOC2789685328 (9117-21-7001)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Grit StudyStantec Consulting Ltd$890,434.0004/28/2021
DOC2863614355 (9117-21-7067)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryHighland Creek Treatment Plant Sludge Storage Tanks Cleaning and Biofilter UpgradesAECOM Canada Ltd.$3,685,206.0007/14/2021
DOC2913757955 (9117-21-7040)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Services for Black Creek Class EA Solution and Design, Construction and Post Construction for Phase OneBlack & Veatch Canada Company $51,601,01712/02/2021
DOC3014039700Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryPre-selection of RMF Phase 2 Dewatering Equipment for the Island Water Treatment PlantFKC Co. Ltd$214,056.0011/17/2021
Rejected IconDoc3234668279Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryAeration Blower System Upgrades at the Humber Treatment Plant (RFP-21ECS-MI-01HU)n/an/a12/09/2021
Hide details for Pest Control ServicesPest Control Services
DOC2973967145- Choose one -Integrated Pest Management10/21/2021
Hide details for Testing & Inspection ServicesTesting & Inspection Services
Doc3170748089Toronto WaterWastewater Effluent Acute Lethality Testing Services for the City's Wastewater Treatment PlantsALS, Environmental Laboratory$46,117.5010/27/2021
Hide details for Translation ServicesTranslation Services
Doc3047700959Public HealthRequest For Proposals to Select a Qualified Supplier to Provide Face-to-Face, Telephone and Group Interpretation ServiceMULTILINGUAL COMMUNITY INTERPRETER SERVICES (ONTARIO)$479,240.0012/30/2021


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