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Online call document system
 The following contracts have been awarded by the City of Toronto.  All call documents were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals. 
Tender results only are still available by calling the tender hotline at 416-397-0849.
Please contact the buyer referenced in each call for additional information relating to the award(s).
Note:  All award dollar values listed below do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Click the triangles on the left to collapse and expand the categories.Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call NumberCan be sorted ascending or descendingClient Division/ContactDescriptionCan be sorted ascending or descendingSuccessful BidderContract AmountDate awardedCan be sorted ascending or descending
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Hide details for Asphalt pavingAsphalt paving
229-2017Toronto WaterAsphalt Paving services at various locations for the City of Toronto’sBond Paving & Construction Inc.$391,771.0001/16/2018
327-2017Facilities OperationsPaving of Rear Parking Lot Area at Toronto EMS Multifunction Station Located at 1300 Wilson Avenue, Toronto.Mopal Construction Ltd.$190,200.0002/15/2018
Hide details for Bridge RepairsBridge Repairs
16-2018Transportation ServicesMINOR BRIDGE REPAIRS, BRIDGE DECK FLUSHING AND CHIPPING LOOSE CONCRETE FROM BRIDGESLima's Gardens & Construction Inc$848,944.4005/31/2018
Rejected Icon173-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRepair of Pedestrian Enclosure, Construction ServicesCANCELLEDCANCELLED09/24/2018
176-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRehabilitation of Neilson Road Bridge over CPR, south of Finch AvenueGrascan Construction Ltd.$3,307,079.6509/26/2018
195-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMultiple and Miscellaneous Bridge Repairs in Toronto2220742 Ontario Ltd. o/a Bronte Construction Ltd.$1,765,409.6210/02/2018
291-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBathurst Street Bridges Rehabilitation and ReplacementGrayscan Construction Ltd.$2,014,750.0001/29/2018
34-2018Transportation ServicesMinor Bridge RepairsMaple Krete Construction$462,825.0005/17/2018
56-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesConstruction of King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cyclist Bridge Over MetrolinxGrascan Construction Ltd.$11,436,000.0008/10/2018
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
103-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationCloverdale Park, removal and construction, parking lot, playground and landscape improvements Mopal Construction Ltd.$778,200.0009/07/2018
111-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationIrving W. Chapley Park – Complete Park Improvements Loc-Pave Construction Ltd.$955,510.0010/18/2018
Rejected Icon153-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationFundy Bay Park, Playground and Skatepark, Landscape / ConstructionCancelledCancelled11/02/2018
18-2018Economic Development & CultureSolar Panel Pedestrian PolesGuild Electric$861,487.3906/26/2018
Rejected Icon203-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationTommy Thompson Park – Park Entrance, Pavilion and Grounds, construction.CANCELLEDCANCELLED07/03/2018
221-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDon River & Central Waterfront Project - Coxwell Bypass TunnelNorth Tunnel Constructors ULC$397,269,000.0006/29/2018
227-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesTubs and Gee Gage Park Rugby Field Relocation and Parking Lot DevelopmentMidome Construction Services Ltd.$3,932,500.0001/12/2018
266-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationAllan A. Lamport Stadium – Artificial Turf Replacement39 Seven Inc.$812,025.0002/21/2018
267-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationBessarion Community Centre, New ConstructionEastern Construction Co. Ltd.$85,480,250.0006/05/2018
298-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliverySanitary Trunk Sewer Capital Sewer Services Inc.$12,557,517.0005/23/2018
3-2018- Choose one -Bermondsey Yard Garage Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) ModificationsW.S Nicholls Construction Inc.$1,059,027.0006/07/2018
307-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationGeneral ContractorsAnacond Contracting Inc.$697,313.0004/10/2018
3204-17-7324Toronto WaterConcrete Cutting & Coring Services with Operator as required by Toronto WaterCapital Utility Services Inc.$438,000.0001/30/2018
36-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationSmithfield Park Improvements Mopal Construction Ltd.$613,800.0006/27/2018
3907-18-5082Parks, Forestry & RecreationConstruction / metal fabrication, loading ramp, Onigara Ferry dockAllied Marine & Industrial / 1264250 Ontario Ltd.$114,924.6811/12/2018
3907-18-7079Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesPre-Qualification of General Contractors and Low Impact Development (LID) Subcontractors08/17/2018
4306-18-5028Parks, Forestry & RecreationRefrigeration Service ProgrammeCimco Refrigeration$1,165,732.0011/08/2018
94-2018Solid Waste Management ServicesCommissioners Stack Rehab$2,213,350.0011/23/2018
Hide details for Electrical servicesElectrical services
107-2018Transportation Servicesinstallation of new pedestrian clamp on lights Black & McDonald Ltd.$93,984.0007/24/2018
1201-17-0409Solid Waste Management ServicesSubstation Inspection/Maintenance for Electrical Substations and High Voltage Electrical Services Black & McDonald Limited $166,313.0002/28/2018
1201-18-5035Parks, Forestry & RecreationPerform Electrical Construction, Emergency/Ongoing Maintenance and Installation for Parks, Forestry and RecreationMultiple Awards09/27/2018
Rejected Icon1201-18-5073Facilities Design & ConstructionElectrical Subcontractor for the Construction of a Net Zero Energy Childcare Facility at 1234 Weston Road.Cancelled010/15/2018
169-2018Transportation ServicesSupply & Install LED Vehicle & Pedestrian Signal Display Modules, Reflective Border Backboards at existing Traffic ContrGuild Electric Ltd.$1,395,999.9909/11/2018
170-2018Transportation ServicesSCOOT Vehicular Detection Installation at Existing Traffic Control DevicesBeacon Utility Contractors Ltd.$52,350.9909/10/2018
220-2018Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control DevicesGuild Electric Ltd.$839,799.9910/29/2018
223-2018Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian SignalsBeacon Utility Contractors Ltd.$385,342.3309/20/2018
23-2018Facilities OperationsElectrical System Resiliency Project - Phase 1, Located at 100 Queen Street W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Black and McDonald Limited$4,276,205.5705/17/2018
292-2017Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Contract 17TM-13TPGuild Electric Limited$367,987.3112/21/2017
300-2017Transportation ServicesSupply And Installation Of Self-Contained, Solar-Powered, Wireless School Zone Flashing Beacons At Various School SitesGuild Electric Limited$139,849.9212/18/2017
43-2018Facilities OperationsMain Switchgear Replacement & Standby Generator Installation, Located at 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough.Black & McDonald Limited$4,535,630.0006/01/2018
51-2018Environment & Energy OfficeLED Lighting Retrofit at Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre, Located at 627 Queens Quay W, Toronto.Rogol Electric Co Ltd.$216,948.4805/15/2018
Hide details for Elevator UpgradeElevator Upgrade
3901-18-5053Facilities Design & ConstructionFlooring and CarpetsArthur L. Weaver Flooring Ltd.$628,050.0010/01/2018
Hide details for Facilities renovationsFacilities renovations
112-2018Facilities OperationsEnvironmental Control and HVAC Upgrades At City Hall, Located At 100 Queen St. West, Toronto.Ainsworth Inc3,511,477.2508/08/2018
122-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionNew Data Centres and Office Modernization Program (DCOMP), at 60 Tiffield Road, Toronto.Buttcon Limited$16,468,810.0007/23/2018
129-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionFourth Floor Upgrades at Court Services Building Located at 1530 Markham Road, Toronto.Canada Construction Ltd.$415,361.0006/27/2018
13-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationWestgrove Artificial Ice Rink, SOGR04/09/2018
14-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationBaycrest Arena Construction, SOGRFrank Pellegrino Gen. Cont. Ltd.$3,087,500.0005/15/2018
Rejected Icon145-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionExterior Masonry Remediation to EMS Station Located at 674 Markham Street.CANCELLEDCANCELLED11/14/2018
164-2018Facilities OperationsChamber Refresh Project- Interior Accessibility Upgrades at 100 Queen St. West, Toronto.Struct-Con Construction Ltd$718,214.0007/31/2018
175-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionNew Municipal Licence Office – 1530 Markham Road, Toronto.BDA Inc1,460,000.0008/28/2018
197-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionOffice Modernization Project for 4th and 5th Floors at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto.Anacond Contracting Inc.$3,383,339.4009/10/2018
261-2017Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesCastleview Wychwood Towers Roofing Replacement.Aseal Roofing & Sheet Metal$248,200.0012/29/2017
271-2017Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesSolarium Renovation, Terrace Membrane Replacement, Roofing Replacement and Brick RestorationMartinway Contracting Ltd$644,754.0012/18/2017
274-2017Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesVarious renovations at Seven Oaks, Long Term Homes & Services, Toronto.Koler Construction Inc$1,469,124.9601/11/2018
28-2018Facilities OperationsSite Ponding Repairs - Fire Hall 141Melrose Paving Co. Ltd.$196,750.6004/17/2018
293-2017Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesLaundry Upgrades for Long Term Care FacilitiesJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$1,463,200.0001/04/2018
295-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationWilliam Bolton Arena, Construction, State-of-Good RepairDuron Ontario Ltd.$2,027,120.0002/01/2018
30-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationRedevelopment of McCowan ParkDPSL GROUP$1,166,300.0007/18/2018
311-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationRoding Community Centre, construction , SOGRJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$1,171,000.0005/31/2018
312-2017Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesReception area renovations at Bendale Acres and Lakeshore Lodge, Long-Term Care Homes.Joe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$308,100.0002/26/2018
318-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationWithrow Park Artificial Ice Rink, SOGRDuron Ontario Ltd.$3,043,280.0007/03/2018
328-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationRennie Park, Tennis courts, rehabilitation Mopal Construction Ltd.$614,400.0005/31/2018
330-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationToronto Track and Field Centre: State-of-Good Repair Works, ConstructionAnacond Contracting Inc.$1,075,492.0006/26/2018
3902-17-5070Parks, Forestry & Recreation Repair/Replace Glazing Systems Components and Screen and Glazed Door, Door Operating Systems at various locations. Fairview Glass & Mirror Ltd1,968,524.0008/28/2018
6-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationButtonwood Artificial Ice RinkFrank Pellegrino Gen. Cont. Ltd.$1,659,316.0005/17/2018
89-2018Facilities OperationsRoof Replacement at Finch Yard Building “D” and “Hydro Vault” 1026 Finch Avenue West, Toronto. Dufferin Roofing Ltd.$550,000.0007/18/2018
Hide details for Heating ventilating - air handling and plumbing servicesHeating ventilating - air handling and plumbing services
189-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionBooster Pump Replacement and Installation of Backflow Preventers at 40 College Street, Toronto.Active Mechanical c/o Warren Parks$156,600.0008/30/2018
272-2017Facilities OperationsInstallation of New Stand by Gas Generator at Fire Halls 323 and 125Black & McDonald Ltd.$436,830.0001/04/2018
285-2017Facilities OperationsCooling Tower Replacement at City of Toronto Office of Emergency Management located at 703 Don Mills Road, Toronto. Bird Mechanical Ltd.$2,380,868.0001/11/2018
Hide details for Ice Rink RefrigerationIce Rink Refrigeration
4306-18-5027Parks, Forestry & RecreationRefrigeration Service programme to maintain existing INDOOR ice-making refrigeration equipment in 19 locationsCimco Refrigeration$693,954.0009/14/2018
Hide details for Landscape ConstructionLandscape Construction
174-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationMorse park, construction, splashpad, playground and landscape improvementsPine Valley Corporation$770,089.0001/12/2018
309-2017Parks, Forestry & RecreationConstruction Services / Landscape - Dundas-Carlaw Parkette ProjectFerdom Construction$1,825,854.5009/14/2018
3717-18-5023Transportation ServicesLandscape Maintenance ServicesBam Bam Construction Inc.$167,878.5009/30/2018
3907-18-5006Parks, Forestry & RecreationLandscape ConstructionFerdom Construction$57,469.5006/21/2018
52-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark Improvement Works at Rexlington Park.Mopal Construction$879,542.0007/19/2018
Hide details for Mechanical ServicesMechanical Services
323-2017Facilities OperationsFire alarm upgrade, elevator equipment modernization and exhaust fan replacement at Toronto Animal Services.Anacond Contracting Inc$496,070.0003/01/2018
Rejected Icon4305-18-5071Facilities Design & ConstructionMechanical Subcontractor for the Construction of a Net Zero Energy Childcare Facility at 1234 Weston Road.Cancelled010/15/2018
Hide details for Road - Curb - SidewalkRoad - Curb - Sidewalk
101-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesIntersection Reconstruction, Sidewalk Reconstruction and Streetscaping WorksSanscon Construction Limited$2,187,419.3008/16/2018
120-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing / Watermain Replacement Gazzola Paving Ltd.$1,834,198.8511/02/2018
125-2018Transportation ServicesRoad Maintenance, Scarborough DistrictFerpac Paving Inc.$2,693,372.3108/08/2018
136-2018Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and SidewalksMaple-Crete Inc849,252.0008/27/2018
138-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesKingston Road – Road ResurfacingFurfari Paving Co Ltd5,474,381.5508/28/2018
141-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing ProgramSanscon Construction Limited9,704,494.3108/20/2018
142-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing ProgramFurfari Paving Co Ltd9,977,629.7508/20/2018
144-2018Transportation ServicesFor The Assembly, Installation, And Removal Of Bicycle Locking Rings In Various LocationsAqua Tech Solutions Inc228,126.0008/01/2018
148-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad and Sidewalk ReconstructionSanscon Construction Limited$3,850,049.5108/21/2018
15-2018Transportation Services47 Albermarle - Excavation and Construction of a Retaining Wall in a Laneway2220742 Ontario Ltd. o/a Bronte Construction Ltd.$222,700.0008/07/2018
151-2018Transportation ServicesSurface MaintenanceSanscon Construction Limited2,412,510.3508/03/2018
156-2018Transportation ServicesSupply, Replace And Adjust Frames, Grates And Covers For Catch Basins, Maintenance Chambers, Valve Chambers And Water VaFerpac Paving Inc901,415.0008/15/2018
157-2018Transportation ServicesCustom Application And Re-Application Of Field Reacted Polymeric (Cold Plastic) Transverse, Arrows, Zebra Bars, School &Almon Equipment Ltd2,243,323.0008/17/2018
162-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement and Substandard Water Service Replacement and Roads Resurfacing2489960 Ontario Inc.$8,105,811.2009/10/2018
172-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing Sanscon Construction Limited$2,440,048.0608/31/2018
177-2018Transportation ServicesInterim Repairs and Road MaintenanceFurfari Paving Co Ltd2,495,109.2208/23/2018
178-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad ResurfacingSanscon Construction Ltd.$1,465,695.0009/12/2018
183-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Restoration Of Utility Cuts And Maintenance Repairs Of RoadsMaple-Crete Inc.$4,153,970.0008/24/2018
186-2018Transportation ServicesRemoval of Sidewalk Trip Hazard Ranging Between 10mm and 30mmSidewalks Plus Ltd.$165,343.0408/31/2018
187-2018Transportation ServicesRoadway Crackfilling Metro Asphalt Sealer & Repairs Ltd.$546,780.0009/10/2018
188-2018Transportation ServicesGuide Rail RepairsPave Krete Construction c/o 1707219 Ontario Ltd.$602,657.0008/28/2018
199-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliverySidewalk Repair Sanscon Construction$1,479,005.0010/15/2018
209-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad ResurfacingSanscon Construction$2,871,407.0010/15/2018
210-2018Transportation ServicesEmergency Repairs of RoadsRafat General Contractor Inc.$422,901.5009/30/2018
214-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad ReconstructionIl Duca Contracting Inc$3,730,084.3311/09/2018
215-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliverySidewalk Construction Sanscon Construction.$716,093.6510/10/2018
218-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsFerpac Paving Inc.$3,489,885.5009/05/2018
219-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsA & F Dicarlo Construction Inc.$3,745,137.1408/30/2018
221-2018Transportation ServicesEmergency Repairs – Toronto and East York DistrictRafat General Contractor Inc.$603,435.0010/15/2018
225-2018Transportation ServicesConstruction of Asphalt Speed HumpsAqua Tech Solutions Inc.$555,880.8209/11/2018
236-2017Toronto WaterRestoration of Roads, Sidewalks & Landscaping within Etobicoke & North YorkBevcon Construction & Paving Ltd.$2,133,000.0001/11/2018
237-2017Toronto WaterRestoration of Roads, Sidewalks & Landscaping in Toronto, East York and ScarboroughBevcon Construction &Paving Ltd.$931,050.0001/11/2018
241-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road ResurfacingFurfari Paving Co. Ltd.$6,103,649.4911/06/2018
25-2018Transportation ServicesHot-in-place Asphalt PatchingPaveseal limited$304,475.0005/02/2018
26-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesGoodview Road - Watermain Replacement, Local Road Reconstruction and Local Road Resurfacing; Yorkland Road and Yorkland 2489960 Ontario Inc.$2,637,621.2510/15/2018
Rejected Icon274-2018Transportation ServicesRepair Distressed AsphaltCancelledCancelled11/16/2018
296-2017Transportation Servicescustom application and re-application of field reacted polymeric (Cold Plastic) roadway markingsGuild Electric limited$474,699.1912/29/2017
303-2017Transportation ServicesEmergency Repairs Pave-Tar Construction Ltd.$353,877.0001/02/2018
304-2017Transportation ServicesEmergency Repairs Aqua Tech Solutions In$619,308.7501/01/2018
306-2017Transportation ServicesEmergency Repairs Pave Krete Construction$320,810.0001/05/2018
308-2017Transportation ServicesEmergency RepairsPave Krete Construction$416,565.0012/27/2017
314-2017Transportation ServicesPriority Road RepairsPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$411,187.5003/06/2018
37-2018Transportation ServicesRoad BuildingSanscon Construction Limited.$1,165,720.7004/10/2018
42-2018Transportation ServicesCatchbasin AdjustmentEdgeway Paving Ltd.$452,765.0005/04/2018
44-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing/Concrete SidewalkSanscon Construction Limited.$2,872,422.8506/20/2018
45-2018Transportation ServicesRoadway crackfillingUpper Canada Road Services Inc.$699,440.0006/06/2018
49-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsMaple-Crete Inc.$3,689,302.0006/06/2018
50-2018Transportation ServicesRepairs to Roads and SidewalksPave-Krete Construction$3,221,860.5007/23/2018
53-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing/Road Reconstruction Sanscon Construction Limited.$1,302,805.6207/23/2018
55-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering Servicesthe Major Road Resurfacing, Curb Replacement, and Sidewalk Replacement, on Bellamy Road North Sanscon Construction Limited$1,777,106.1007/09/2018
58-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsLima's Gardens & Construction Inc.$2,152,621.5007/23/2018
59-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsMaple-Crete Inc.$2,995,601.5006/22/2018
60-2018Transportation ServicesVehicular Access Ramps and Permanent RepairsA&F DiCarlo Construction Inc.$639,376.7706/06/2018
61-2018Transportation ServicesInterim Repairs & Maintenance of RoadsGazzola Paving Limited$1,479,755.2806/26/2018
63-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Reconstruction/TTC Track Allowance Midome Construction Services Ltd.$2,024,000.0005/31/2018
65-2018Transportation ServicesGrates and covers for maintenance holes, valve chambers and catch basinsMiconi Construction Ltd$764,400.0006/07/2018
66-2018Transportation ServicesRepairs to Culverts, Driveways, Ditches and ShouldersEdgeway Paving Ltd610,610.0008/13/2018
71-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsPave-Tar Construction Ltd$1,738,364.7205/30/2018
72-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsAqua Tech Solutions Inc$1,679,407.6006/05/2018
73-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsFerpac Paving Inc.$1,595,001.5606/06/2018
74-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsA&F DiCarlo Construction Inc.$1,426,496.8706/26/2018
76-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad ResurfacingD Crupi and Sons Limited$2,852,498.4909/14/2018
77-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad and Sidewalk ReconstructionSanscon Construction Limited.$3,643,643.8507/05/2018
Rejected Icon78-2018Transportation ServicesGuide Rail RepairsCANCELLEDCANCELLED07/31/2018
79-2018Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and SidewalksMaple Crete Inc$2,259,711.0005/30/2018
80-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad Resurfacing, Martin Grove Road from Eglinton Avenue West to Lavington Drive; The Westway from Martin Grove Road toSlipform Construction$5,217,945.3208/15/2018
82-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsSunrise Contrracting inc.$1,021,679.0007/26/2018
83-2018Transportation ServicesSupply, Replace And Adjust Frames, Grates And CoversBrennan Paving & Construction Ltd.$742,385.7006/15/2018
84-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsA&F DiCarlo Constrction Inc.$3,062,832.3706/13/2018
85-2018Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks Toronto & East York District, Wards 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32. Sunrise Contracting Inc.$2,352,581.0006/26/2018
87-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryTTC Track Allowance ReconstructionMidome Construction Services Ltd.$626,400.0008/31/2018
88-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing Sanscon Construction Limited.$1,300,483.8007/03/2018
Hide details for Sewer repair and maintenanceSewer repair and maintenance
Rejected Icon102-2018Toronto WaterNorth York Extension Final Connection to the West Don Sanitary Trunk Sewer and Maple Collector RehabilitationN/AN/A06/11/2018
146-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesSewer Replacement at Chipping Park, TorontoDPSL Group Limited$3,227,000.0009/27/2018
208-2018Toronto WaterConstruction of a 600 mm Diversion SewerComer Group Limited $1,236,930.0008/14/2018
305-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryThe Hogg's Hollow Phase 6, Storm Sewer and Road ReconstructionDrainstar Contracting Ltd.$6,013,828.8008/02/2018
3204-17-7331Toronto WaterHydraulic flushing, cleaning and closed circuit television inspection of sewersPipetek Infrastructure Services Inc.$1,063,985.0001/31/2018
3204-18-7095Toronto WaterCleaning and Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) Inspection Services for Sewer Sections with Abandoned CCTV SurveysOJCR Construction Ltd.$1,540,875.0006/25/2018
33-2018Toronto WaterTrenchless Rehabilitation of Existing Gravity Sewers and Related Works at Various Locations in District ACapital Sewer Services Inc.$11,723,897.2510/31/2018
39-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBasement Flooding Protection Program Phase 4 - Assignments 13-01 and 13-02Varcon Construction Corporation$26,349,246.4410/19/2018
40-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBasement Flooding Protection Program, Phase 4, Area 18614128 Ontario Ltd. / Trisan Construction$20,228,659.2808/16/2018
Hide details for Wastewater Treatment PlantsWastewater Treatment Plants
159-2017Toronto WaterCleaning and Rehabilitation of Digester 13 & 16 at Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantKenaidan Contracting Ltd.$12,527,000.0001/29/2018
19-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesHumber Treatment Plant Engineering & Construction Services Field OfficeSouth Central INC$939,550.0008/03/2018
200-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Integrated Pumping Station Site PreparationKenaidan Contracting Ltd.$23,470,000.0002/12/2018
233-2017Toronto WaterResidue Management Facility Modifications at the R. L. Clark Water Treatment PlantBennett Mechanical Installations (2001) Ltd.$4,777,000.0002/02/2018
235-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesEffluent Disinfection System – Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantGraham Construction and Engineering LP$209,363,500.0003/13/2018
239-2017Toronto WaterR.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant Ammonia and DechlorinationBennett Mechanical Installations (2001)Ltd.$1,995,700.0001/08/2018
299-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesScum and Sludge System Upgrades at the Humber Treatment PlantWS Nicholls Construction Inc.$11,766,007.4905/17/2018
6033-17-7308Toronto WaterHaulage Services for the City of Toronto's Water Treatment PlantsWaste Management $858,900.0001/01/2018
6709-17-7223Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesPre-selection of Thickening Centrifuge Equipment for TWAS System Project Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantPre-selection of Thickening Centrifuge Equipment for TWAS System Project Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant$132,451.0002/22/2018
6709-18-7048Toronto WaterPre-selection of Packaged Polymer Makedown Equipment for the City of Toronto's Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantVelocity Dynamics LLC$117,720.0010/31/2018
Hide details for Watermains - Water ServicesWatermains - Water Services
10-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining North York and Toronto and East York, Wards 27, and 35.Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$4,045,867.1007/04/2018
11-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in Scarborough District, Wards 40, 42, 44, and 46.Fer-Pal Construction Ltd$13,057,326.70 08/08/2018
12-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York District, Wards 30, 31, and 32.Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$10,654,308.5007/04/2018
123-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesJarvis Street Watermain and Road Reconstruction from Queen to Dundas, Gloucester St, Watermain from Yonge to Jarvis, TorMidome Construction Services Ltd.$3,855,500.0008/21/2018
149-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain & Water Services Replacement, Road Reconstruction & Resurfacing Midome Construction Services Ltd.$9,394,000.0009/17/2018
165-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain and substandard water service replacements on ten streets in North York district2489960 Ontario Inc.$10,696,366.6310/15/2018
166-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermains & Storm Sewer Replacement2489960 Ontario Inc.$8,011,384.2009/28/2018
167-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Finch Avenue West and Humber College Boulevard, Toronto2489960 Ontario Inc.$2,873,095.5009/21/2018
168-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Braywin Drive, Kingsview Boulevard, St. Georges Boulevard and Westhampton Drive2489960 Ontario Inc.$6,169,703.3810/03/2018
181-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Sellmar Road, Valecrest Drive, William Street, Sewer Replacement on Cordella AvenueGio Contracting Inc.$4,588,164.3710/10/2018
193-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Martin Grove Road, Toronto.Dom - Meridian Construction Ltd.$8,838,150.2010/25/2018
194-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain and substandard water service replacements on Danforth Road, Steepmaple Grove, Edenmills Drive, Gidley Road an2489960 Ontario Inc.$6,289,129.1411/01/2018
200-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement on Cluny Dr, Crescent Rd, Glencairn Av, Pape Av; Road Reconstruction Gio-Crete Construction Ltd.$5,079,304.4410/30/2018
24-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLarge Transmission Watermain, Tunnel and open-cut methods, local Watermain and Water ServicesClearway Construction Inc.$37,410,370.1710/02/2018
250-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement Midome Construction Services Ltd.$3,035,000.0102/22/2018
252-2017Toronto WaterWater Service Replacement for North York and Etobicoke York districtsUtility Force Construction Inc.$1,725,000.0004/10/2018
265-2017Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRosehill Reservoir RehabilitationBennett Mechanical Installations (2001)Ltd.$34,607,700.0003/21/2018
38-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement/ Water Services Installation Rabcon Contractors Ltd.$1,274,819.9207/05/2018
7-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in Etobicoke-York District, Wards 2, 4, 7, 9, and 11.Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$11,386,916.4005/14/2018
8-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in Etobicoke-York District, Wards 4, 5, and 6.Fer Pal Construction Ltd.$11,853,444.0006/06/2018
81-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement, Substandard Water Service Replacement, and Local Road Resurfacing Rabcon Contractors Ltd.$3,507,041.3007/10/2018
9-2018Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in in Etobicoke-York and North York DistrictsFer-Pal Construction Ltd.$15,195,702.5006/04/2018
90-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain replacement, and road resurfacing on Kipling Avenue Grascan Construction Ltd.$7,348,000.0007/09/2018
9117-18-7088Toronto WaterInspection, maintenance and cataloguing of 59 pressure reducing valves (PRV's)Devine & Associates Ltd.$320,292.5711/09/2018
Rejected Icon93-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesLocal Road Resurfacing and Watermain Replacement CancelledCancelled10/15/2018
Hide details for Goods and ServicesGoods and Services
Hide details for Aggregate Asphalt-Concrete-Stone-Gravel - Supplies/Services/TestingAggregate Asphalt-Concrete-Stone-Gravel - Supplies/Services/Testing
3919-18-0090Toronto WaterUnshrinkable FillMultiple Awards07/26/2018
Hide details for Chemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration GasesChemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration Gases
6604-18-0133Facilities OperationsChemical water treatment programChem-Aqua, Div of NCH Canada Inc. $189,326.0010/23/2018
6606-18-7203Toronto WaterLiquid Chlorine in Railway Tank Cars for the City of Toronto’s Water Division10/01/2018
6612-17-7172Toronto WaterSupply and delivery of Aqua Ammonia for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionNachurs Alpine Solutions Inc.$948,870.0001/01/2018
6612-17-7295Toronto WaterSupply and delivery of Sulphur Dioxide for City of Toronto’s Water DivisionBrenntag Canada Inc.$287,600.0001/11/2018
6612-17-7300Toronto WaterDelivery of Liquid Polyaluminum Chloride (PACl) for F. J. Horgan Treatment Water PlantKemira Water Solutions Canada Inc.$82,050.0001/01/2018
6612-17-7304Toronto WaterSupply and Delivery of Sodium Bisulphite for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionSulco Chemicals Limited Subsidiary Canada Colours & Chemicals$1,013,380.0001/12/2018
6612-17-7321Toronto WaterNon-exclusive supply and delivery of Sodium Hypochlorite for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionUBA Inc.$4,142,678.0002/02/2018
6612-17-7350Toronto WaterLiquid Polyaluminum Chloride (PACl) for the Island Water Treatment PlantKemira Water Solutions Canada Inc.$73,050.0002/02/2018
6612-18-7041Toronto WaterLiquid Polyaluminum Chloride (PACl) for F. J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant07/26/2018
6617-17-7049Toronto WaterFOR the non-exclusive supply and delivery, of Water Soluble Polyelectrolyte (dry) for Waste Activated Sludge (WAS)ThickeSNF Canada Ltd.$1,016,628.0006/22/2018
Hide details for Communications and Sound EquipmentCommunications and Sound Equipment
2104-17-0226Parks, Forestry & RecreationTwo (2)-way radios and related parts and accessoriesKellkom$207,236.0001/10/2018
2105-18-0195Fire ServicesPortable style MIMO Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Rugged Radios, accessories and chargers, including trainingNovanet Communications Ltd$72,724.0007/26/2018
Hide details for Custodial / Cleaning Goods and/or ServicesCustodial / Cleaning Goods and/or Services
0201-18-0085Purchasing & Materials ManagementJanitorial Cleaning Supplies - ConcentratesGK Chemical Specialties Co.$119,223.6106/25/2018
0203-17-0329Solid Waste Management ServicesPressure Washing of Litter + Recycle Bins in City Parks Bin Buffers Inc. $278,000.0002/09/2018
0204-18-0212Facilities Design & ConstructionInterior and exterior window cleaning services Multiple Awards08/29/2018
0208-18-0045Corporate Call - VariousGraffiti Vandalism Removal Services Multiple Awards07/26/2018
0222-18-0120Corporate Call - VariousRental Dust Mop with Handles and Dusting ClothsMultiple Awards07/26/2018
0233-17-0294- Choose one -Janitorial Products (Brushes, Brooms and other related items) MCL - Mister Chemical Ltd$92,014.8906/01/2018
0305-18-0215Fire ServicesVacuum Cleaners, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Floor Cleaners, Air Purifiers, and related accessories AAA Vacuum Centres$70,054.6910/24/2018
3707-18-7102Toronto WaterGrass Cutting, Trimming, and Litter Pick Up for Various Watercourses, Ditches, Sewer Blocks, and PondsMunicipal maintenance Inc$194,993.0006/04/2018
Hide details for Emergency Power Generators - Purchase - Rental or ServicingEmergency Power Generators - Purchase - Rental or Servicing
6701-18-0175Facilities OperationsMaintenance, repairs and testing of emergency generatorsPower Station Ltd.$701,895.5007/26/2018
Hide details for Fencing - Guard Rail - Scaffolding - Products / Installation / RepairsFencing - Guard Rail - Scaffolding - Products / Installation / Repairs
6813-17-0348Transportation ServicesDecorative Aluminum Railing/Splash GuardRacks Unlimited Manufacturing Ltd$119,600.0012/20/2017
Hide details for Fire and Smoke Alarm SystemsFire and Smoke Alarm Systems
3809-18-0025Corporate Call - VariousFire Alarm, Sprinkler and Standpipe SystemsMultiple Awards07/25/2018
Hide details for Fire Equipment and ServicesFire Equipment and Services
3803-17-0013Corporate Call - VariousFire extinguisher inspection, recharging, maintenance, hydrostatic testing and replacementFire-Alert Mobile Extinguishers$674,587.0012/28/2017
3809-18-0082Children’s ServicesFor the Inspection, Testing, Preventive Maintenance, Service and Repairs Mainline Fire Protection Inc$34,073.6203/12/2018
Hide details for Foot WearFoot Wear
0114-18-0008Corporate Call - VariousSafety Footwear, Occupational Footwear and GaloshesMultiple Awards10/18/2018
Hide details for Hardware and Tools - Purchase or RentalHardware and Tools - Purchase or Rental
6302-17-0389Purchasing & Materials ManagementShop SuppliesGuillevin International Co Toronto Industrial$418,875.6304/10/2018
Rejected Icon6321-18-0124Corporate Call - VariousRepair and Maintenance of Door Hardware CancelledCancelled07/26/2018
Hide details for Heating Ventilating - Air Handling - Equipment / SuppliesHeating Ventilating - Air Handling - Equipment / Supplies
4302-18-0115Long-Term Care Homes & Servicespower pressure cleaning services for kitchen exhaust, dishwashing, exhaust Power King Exhaust Cleaning$28,699.5807/26/2018
6604-17-0319Exhibition PlaceHVAC Chemical Treatment Program at Exhibition PlaceChem-Aqua, Div of NCH Canada Inc. $36,100.0001/08/2018
Hide details for Heavy Equipment - Purchase - Rental or ServiceHeavy Equipment - Purchase - Rental or Service
6708-18-0070Fleet Services various Elevating Work Platforms.Battlefield Equipment$175,998.9107/26/2018
Hide details for Hospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / ServicesHospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / Services
0117-17-0227Employment & Social ServicesIncontinence Supplies Ontario Medical Supply Inc. $237,290.0002/16/2018
0505-17-0293Purchasing & Materials ManagementDisposable Laryngoscope BladesBomimed Inc. $21,021.8802/16/2018
0505-17-0295Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesMedical and Personal Care SuppliesCardinal Health Canada Inc. $1,277,636.0002/28/2018
0505-17-0391- Choose one -lancing devicesAllied Medical Instruments Inc$42,187.5012/19/2017
0505-18-0019Purchasing & Materials ManagementDisposable Bag Valve Masks BLS Systems Ltd. $68,171.2506/07/2018
0505-18-0061Purchasing & Materials ManagementMedical SuppliesCardinal Health$418,015.0007/26/2018
0505-18-0114Purchasing & Materials ManagementTavish Oxygen Masks (No Substitutes) Respan Products Inc$146,966.2507/26/2018
0505-18-0258Purchasing & Materials ManagementFor the non-exclusive supply, delivery and warranty of Particulate Masks and RespiratorsTenaquip$169,567.9411/27/2018
Rejected Icon0507-17-0274Purchasing & Materials ManagementOROPHARYNGEAL and NASOPHARYNGEAL AIRWAYSCancelledCancelled01/26/2018
6613-18-0027Corporate Call - VariousMedical Grade Oxygen Ontario Medical Oxygen Services Inc.$213,191.4511/09/2018
Hide details for Information & Technology Software/HardwareInformation & Technology Software/Hardware
3405-17-0325Information & TechnologyStandard and enhanced Maintenance Support and Subscription Services for SUSE, Red hat, and Oracle Linux OSKTL GROUP INC$260,698.6012/18/2017
3405-17-0374Information & TechnologyBlue Coat Management Console and Proxy ServersHoneytek Systems Inc$364,499.3612/20/2017
3405-17-0420- Choose one -F5 Load Balancer Appliances including hardware and software, installation, configuration and professional servicesScalar Decisions Inc. $315,553.2401/08/2018
3405-18-0201Information & TechnologyLT Auditor+ 2013 products including Maintenance and SupportBlue Lance Inc.$452,402.0407/26/2018
3405-18-0306Information & TechnologySupply of MicroFocus/NetIQ Identity Manager Licenses and Maintenance Support Services Dataworld (Canada) Inc. $327,500.0010/12/2018
3412-17-0400Information & TechnologyForty-two (42) Milestone Husky M20 Network Video Recorder and forty-two (42) Axis P7216 EncoderMet-Scan Canada Ltd. $128,646.0002/22/2018
3412-17-0426- Choose one -new Checkpoint Firewalls: 15600 Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance including one (1) year Premium Direct EnterpMNP LLP$191,422.0001/08/2018
3412-18-0048City Clerk's OfficeMultitech MTSMC-LAT3 modem and Multitech ANLTE3-2HRA antenna Symmetry Electronics$300,230.0007/26/2018
3412-18-0093Information & TechnologyNetscout Hardware and SoftwareBell Canada$500,000.0006/12/2018
3412-18-7197Toronto Wateror the non-exclusive supply and delivery of Cohesity hardware, software licenses subscription, warranty and maintenance Compugen Inc.$217,440.0011/22/2018
Hide details for Landscaping Supplies - Equipment and ServicesLandscaping Supplies - Equipment and Services
3701-17-0368Solid Waste Management ServicesService of Grinding up to 5,000 tonnes annually of Asian Long-Horned Beetle (ALHB) MaterialWalker Environmental Group Inc. $137,900.0001/26/2018
3703-18-0024Parks, Forestry & RecreationHorticultural BulbsVanhof & Blokker$79,968.3504/01/2018
3704-18-0246Parks, Forestry & Recreationsupply of all labour, equipment, machinery, services, materials and incidentals necessary to prune or remove any decayedDavey Tree Expert Co of Canada$170,649.0608/10/2018
3714-18-0023Parks, Forestry & RecreationPneumatic Application of Topdressing Materials and Mulches Organic Express Inc.$159,946.5010/02/2018
3715-18-0022Parks, Forestry & RecreationMulch and Hardwood ChipsMiller Waste Systems Inc$90,200.0008/17/2018
3716-18-0172Parks, Forestry & RecreationVarious Trees and Shrubs$255,181.3106/08/2018
Rejected Icon3716-18-0245Parks, Forestry & RecreationVegetative removals, herbicide applications, soil augmentation and planting CancelledCancelled10/09/2018
Rejected Icon3717-18-7051Toronto WaterArborist Services for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionN/AN/A06/22/2018
Hide details for Lumber and PlywoodLumber and Plywood
3715-18-0057Parks, Forestry & RecreationWood Grinding Services for the Toronto Island wood compoundWalker Environmental Group Inc.$127,400.0007/26/2018
Hide details for Metals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal ProductsMetals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal Products
6407-18-0050Transportation Servicesexclusive supply, delivery, installation, removal and re-installation, and warranty of on-street bike parking stallsColumbus Ornamental Iron Inc$72,800.0007/26/2018
6810-17-7108Toronto WaterServices for Machining & Fabrication to include repairs, overhauling, and replacement partsDJ Industrial Sales and Manufacturing Inc.$366,250.0003/23/2018
9202-17-7351Toronto WaterPurchase of Mixed Scrap Metal and Uncleaned Brass from various Toronto Water locations02/02/2018
Hide details for Office Supplies - Business Equipment - Paper and StationaryOffice Supplies - Business Equipment - Paper and Stationary
6813-17-0399Purchasing & Materials ManagementNon-Medical TapesPillar Tapes Ltd. $35,031.3803/06/2018
Hide details for Overhead Doors - Supply / Repair / Maintenance / PartsOverhead Doors - Supply / Repair / Maintenance / Parts
6805-17-0229Facilities OperationsPreventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and other miscellaneous workSuperior Door & Gate Systems Ltd. $71,515.0003/28/2018
Hide details for Paint ProductsPaint Products
1101-18-0248Facilities OperationsIndoor and outdoor painting servicesMultiple Awards10/18/2018
Hide details for Plant and Shop EquipmentPlant and Shop Equipment
3713-18-0029Parks, Forestry & RecreationSupply and delivery flower/vegetable seed, rooted cuttings and plugsDe Vroomen Bulb Canada Inc$147,187.4304/03/2018
Hide details for Preventative Maintenance and ServicesPreventative Maintenance and Services
3701-18-0034Parks, Forestry & RecreationInstallation of Tree Protection HoardingInternational Landscaping Inc.$162,197.0007/26/2018
4304-17-7080Toronto WaterSupply and Delivery of All Labour and Materials Required for Boiler MaintenanceActive Mechanical c/o Warren Parks$93,925.0001/17/2018
Summary6714-18-7046Toronto WaterCranes and Lifting DevicesLiftSafe Engineering and Service Group Inc$581,500.0005/28/2018
Hide details for Protective and Safety Clothing and Related ProductsProtective and Safety Clothing and Related Products
3804-17-0353- Choose one -Safety Vests Uniform Experts North America Inc$101,759.0003/19/2018
3804-18-0190Purchasing & Materials ManagementTwenty Minute Safety FlaresLineman's Testing Laboratories Ltd.$50,197.5009/13/2018
Hide details for Publications - Books - Maps and ChartsPublications - Books - Maps and Charts
3001-18-0294Solid Waste Management Servicesfor the non-exclusive supply, printing, mail preparation and delivery to Canada Post for three (3) versions of the 2019 Millenium Printing Inc.$348,488.7110/03/2018
3008-18-0194Fire ServicesInternational Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) Textbooks/Reference BooksPower Station Ltd.$701,895.5007/26/2018
Hide details for Sewer Flushing and CCTV InspectionSewer Flushing and CCTV Inspection
3204-18-7094Toronto WaterCleaning and Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) Inspection of Approximately 514 SewersWessuc Inc.$1,489,158.0008/13/2018
Hide details for SignsSigns
9144-17-7239Transportation ServicesQuotations are invited for the non-exclusive supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and repair of the Toronto 360 WFuture Systems Inc.$85,000.0002/07/2018
Hide details for Textile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and EquipmentTextile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and Equipment
0105-17-0370Public HealthWeekly Laundry ServicesLaundry on Wheels $109,200.0004/03/2018
0116-18-0105Purchasing & Materials ManagementVARIOUS CRESTSSupply Line$34,287.5012/12/2018
Hide details for Tools and Shop EquipmentTools and Shop Equipment
6303-17-0230Toronto WaterFor the non-exclusive supply, delivery, and warranty of FastenersRacks Unlimited Manufacturing Ltd $17,512.5903/09/2018
Hide details for Toys - games - craft supplies - and sporting goodsToys - games - craft supplies - and sporting goods
0902-18-0032Children’s ServicesNon-exclusive supply, delivery, installation and warranty of Unique Child Care Products Maribay Designs$274,248.0007/25/2018
Hide details for Trailers - Various - Purchase / RentalTrailers - Various - Purchase / Rental
6016-18-0099Fleet ServicesTrailer Mounted Air Jacketed Hopper Asphalt Carrier Amaco Construction Equipment $743,150.0008/17/2018
6016-18-0295Fleet Servicesthe non-exclusive Supply and Delivery of Five (5) Latest Model Various Types Aluminum Refuse Waste Transfer TrailersTitan Sales$818,140.0011/22/2018
Hide details for Transportation EquipmentTransportation Equipment
Rejected Icon1205-18-0006Purchasing & Materials ManagementG4 APPS TS230BAT, including blip track traffic sensors with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi readers CancelledCancelled07/26/2018
1205-18-0047Purchasing & Materials ManagementSupply, delivery and warranty of Traffic Control Components Multiple Awards07/26/2018
1205-18-0213Purchasing & Materials ManagementG4 APPS TS230BAT, including blip track traffic sensors with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi readersBluicity Inc.$168,750.0007/26/2018
3804-17-0195Purchasing & Materials ManagementNon-exclusive supply and delivery of Traffic ConesBarricade Traffic Services Inc.$184,006.2501/04/2018
6816-18-0192Transportation ServicesAluminum Sign BlanksStinson Equipment LTD$377,887.0012/04/2018
Hide details for Transportation Services and RentalsTransportation Services and Rentals
6141-18-0137Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesWheelchair Accessible Bus ServiceWheelchair Accessible Transit$106,497.0007/26/2018
Hide details for Vehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / PartsVehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Parts
6001-18-0071Parks, Forestry & RecreationVarious makes and models of 2 cycle and 4 cycle small equipment and parts Kooy Brothers Lawn Equipment Ltd.$283,919.3009/14/2018
6026-17-0341Fleet ServicesTwo (2) latest model front-end articulated wheel loaders with four-wheel drive, and net HP range from 110 to 142Strongco Limited Partnership$350,188.0002/01/2018
6715-17-0436Fleet ServicesRotary Mach Series (M418 series – M618 series) Heavy Duty Mobile Column Vehicle Lifts Canadian Automotive Service Equipment$151,560.0003/16/2018
Hide details for Vehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / ServiceVehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / Service
6028-18-0069Fleet Servicesrepairs to OEM Parts$201,188.0011/23/2018
6102-18-0084Fire ServicesMachine Shop repairs, overhauling, and replacement of Main Hydraulic System ComponentsAction Hydraulics Ltd.$72,100.0007/26/2018
6125-18-0056Fleet Servicessupply, delivery and storage of non-directional tire retreading and rim refurbishing servicesMultiple Awards07/16/2018
Hide details for Vehicle - Purchase of Various Weight ClassVehicle - Purchase of Various Weight Class
6008-18-0228Fire ServicesKUBOTA RTV-X1140WL-HS UTILITY VEHICLESArend Mass84,345.9309/18/2018
6015-17-0356Fleet ServicesVehicle - Purchase of Various Weight ClassJoe Johnson Equipment$1,055,817.0003/16/2018
6019-18-0077Fleet ServicesSUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ONE (1) LATEST MODEL, TENNANT M30 SELF-PROPELLEDTennant Sales & Service Canada ULC$96,908.8505/30/2018
6027-18-0205Fleet ServicesTruck Chassis and Cab with Two (2) Hydraulic BoomsALTEC INDUSTRIES LTD$606,938.0007/26/2018
6112-17-0231- Choose one -Aerocell Transit Van Body design Truck and ChassisDonway Ford Sales LTD$73,117.0012/20/2017
6112-17-0268Fire ServicesMercedes-Benz Sprinter VanMercedes-Benz Canada Inc$68,158.6412/20/2017
6112-17-0404Fire ServicesSupply and Delivery of Twenty-Five (25) 2017 or latest model, Compact Hatchback Automobiles with 4 Doors and LiftgateDon Valley North Toyota$472,687.5001/12/2018
6112-18-0078Fleet Services3/4 Ton Regular Cab Pickup TruckEast Court Ford Lincoln$357,606.0006/14/2018
6112-18-0080Fleet Servicestwo (2) Latest Model, One Ton Regular Cab and ChassisEast Court Ford Lincoln$133,601.0006/21/2018
6113-17-0232Fire ServicesTruck Cab and Chassis with 20' Body with rear liftgateTallman Truck Centre (Toronto) LIMI$131,440.0004/06/2018
6114-17-0357- Choose one -Seven (7) Latest Model Conventional Trucks with Various ConfigurationsTallman Truck Centre (Toronto) LIMI$1,556,589.0005/11/2018
6114-18-0083Fleet ServicesFourteen (14) Latest Model Truck Chassis and Cab, 19,500 Lbs.GVWR, Dual Rear Wheels complete with various Refuse BodiesMultiple Awards07/09/2018
6126-18-0100Fleet ServicesThree (3) Latest Model Mack MRU, Cab-Over Truck Chassis, Tandem Axle Durham Truck & Equipment Sales & Service$1,268,256.0006/26/2018
6126-18-0102Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Six (6) Latest Model Truck Chassis and CabNexgen Municipal Inc$2,386,767.7607/09/2018
Hide details for Waste Removal and HaulageWaste Removal and Haulage
0515-17-0257Corporate Call - VariousSanitary Waste Collection and DisposalBiochem Environmental Solutions Inc. $191,458.0002/28/2018
6033-17-7349Toronto WaterLabour, materials and equipment necessary to load, remove, transport and dispose of fill, concrete, and asphalt materialCapital Utility Services Inc.$481,950.0003/23/2018
6908-18-0199Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase, Removal and Recycling of used Motor Oil collected through the Household Hazardous Waste ProgramSafety Kleen Canada Inc. $0.04 cents per Kilogram06/07/2018
9150-18-0003Solid Waste Management ServicesProcessing Services for up to 30,000 tonnes annually of Source Separated Organics (SSO) with or without Haulage ServicesGFL Environmental Inc.$15,134,901.0006/07/2018
Rejected Icon9201-18-0030Purchasing & Materials ManagementPurchase, Pick-up and Transport of Various Size and Conditions of SkidsCancelledCancelled07/26/2018
9202-18-0162Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase & Removal of Aluminum CansCompass Metal Trading 56.51001% 06/07/2018
9202-18-0181Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Steel CansTriple M Metal LP115.89100%06/07/2018
9202-18-0252Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Aluminum FoilTriple M Metal LP34.78500% of LME07/26/2018
9202-18-0278Solid Waste Management Servicespurchase and removal of Aluminum Cans Triple M Metal48.18% of the LME09/14/2018
9202-18-0286 Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Aluminum and Steel Scaffolding EquipmentNorthstar Scaffold$19,598.0009/19/2018
9203-18-0230Solid Waste Management ServicesCorrugated Plastic Election SignsTarget Recycling Services Inc$100.0007/26/2018
9203-18-0253Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Mixed Rigid Plastics Revital polymers Inc$172.00005 MT07/26/2018
9203-18-0277Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)Eco-Choice Recycling Inc. $463.0000109/14/2018
9203-18-0279Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of baled recyclable Aseptic and Polycoat ContainersCanada Fibers Ltd$61.2301509/14/2018
Hide details for Water MetersWater Meters
0713-17-7303Toronto WaterThe provision of Automated Meter Reading (AMR)Black & McDonald Limited$105,960.0005/10/2018
Hide details for ||
9150-18-0040Solid Waste Management ServicesExtraction and removal of Refrigerants and/or Mercury switchesTotal Home Comfort $194,679.0006/21/2018
Hide details for Professional ServicesProfessional Services
Hide details for Animals and Animal ServicesAnimals and Animal Services
7008-18-7043Municipal Licensing & StandardsFor the non-exclusive provision of Internal Veterinary Services for the City of Toronto’s Municipal Licensing anDr. Kineret Aloni-Goldman$69,300.0004/24/2018
Hide details for Architectural ServicesArchitectural Services
9118-17-5050Parks, Forestry & RecreationArchitectural Design & Contract Administration ServicesMoon-Matz Ltd.$88,498.0001/19/2018
9118-17-5056Parks, Forestry & RecreationDufferin Grove Field House, Park Improvements, Professional ServicesDTAH - DU TOIT ALLSOPP HILLIER$682,730.0009/05/2018
9118-17-5063Parks, Forestry & RecreationBirchmount Parks Yard, shed replacement, Birchmount Stadium fencing improvements, Professional Services.Peter T. Mitches & Associates Ltd.$98,800.0006/05/2018
9118-18-5001Parks, Forestry & RecreationJohn Booth Memorial Arena State of Good Repair and Accessibility Upgrades professional and technical servicesPeter T. Mitches$190,000.0009/27/2018
9118-18-5002Parks, Forestry & RecreationMary McCormick Recreation Centre, Professional and Technical Services, State-of good repair worksPeter T. Mitches & Associates Ltd.$181,000.0008/10/2018
9118-18-5016Parks, Forestry & RecreationWestern North York community Centre, professional architectural, technical and administrative servicesMacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects$2,688,750.0011/22/2018
9118-18-5021Parks, Forestry & RecreationSumach-Shuter Park and Orphans' Green Lighting Improvements, Professional Services Harrington McAvan Ltd.$106,050.0009/13/2018
9118-18-5031Parks, Forestry & RecreationFor: Accessible Baseball Field and Park Improvements at Highview Park.The MBTW Group186,696.5008/16/2018
9118-18-5034Parks, Forestry & RecreationLandscape Architectural Services Crombie ParkPlanning Partnership Limited, The$178,262.0006/06/2018
9118-18-5054Parks, Forestry & RecreationSoccer City Building ConversionCHERIE NG ARCHITECT INC.$322,000.0011/02/2018
Hide details for Auditing ServicesAuditing Services
9171-18-7016Toronto WaterCapacity Buyback Program Water Audit and Verification ServicesExergy Associates LTD$145,925.00 06/27/2018
Hide details for Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
3201-17-7011City Clerk's OfficeDisaster Recovery Services for Archival MaterialEnvironmental Response Team Inc.$300,000.0003/21/2018
9101-17-7056Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationFor: Eviction Prevention Pilot EvaluationYORK UNIVERSITY$41,453.0003/27/2018
9101-17-7151Parks, Forestry & Recreation2018 Canopy StudyBioForest Technologies Inc.$276,812.3008/01/2018
9101-17-7155- Choose one -Consultant for Parks, Forest & Recreation DivisionKPMG LLP$135,000.0002/08/2018
9101-17-7262Purchasing & Materials ManagementProfessional Services for Procurement Transformation Ernst & Young LLP$4,500,000.0007/10/2018
9101-17-7294Facilities Design & ConstructionConsultant Services for Furniture, Fixture and Equipment for the George Street Revitalization ProjectColliers Projects Leaders Inc.$196,085.0001/08/2018
9101-17-7335City Manager's OfficeEnd to End Review of the Development Review ProcessKPMG LLP$407,051.0002/20/2018
9101-17-7356City Manager's OfficeClimate Resilience within the Resilience StrategySSG - Sustainability Solutions Group Workers Coope$154,000.0005/15/2018
9101-18-7098Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationDevelop Shelter Standards and Technical GuidelinesHilditch Architect$247,035.0009/28/2018
9101-18-7101Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional Services – Evaluation of the City of Toronto's five (5) Municipally run golf course operations.Ernst & Young LLP$76,775.0008/02/2018
9101-18-7183Economic Development & CultureThe development of a city-wide Equity Plan Report for the Economic Development & Culture Division (EDC) of the City of TNGL Nordicity Group LTD.$64,950.0010/31/2018
9117-17-5071Transportation ServicesConsulting Services for Traffic Signal OptimizationParsons Inc$508,600.0006/12/2018
9117-17-5085Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Roads Resurfacing Program Management - Consulting ServicesRV Anderson Associates Ltd$18,363,471.5005/30/2018
9117-17-7041Fire ServicesLED Lighting Retrofit – Toronto Fire ServicesExergy Associates Ltd.$98,900.0007/30/2018
9117-17-7173Toronto WaterGaseous System Upgrades at all Four Drinking Water Treatment PlantsAssociated Engineering (ONT) Ltd.$1,367,221.0004/27/2018
9117-17-7186Real Estate ServicesFinancial Advisory Team - Wellington Destructor (677 Wellington St. W) Brookfield Financial Real Estate Group LP$190,025.0012/16/2017
9117-17-7237Exhibition PlaceLEED Consulting Services for EB:O&M Re-certification for Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place, TorontoRWDI Rowan Williams, Davies & Irwin$116,300.0003/07/2018
9117-17-7253Facilities Design & ConstructionConsulting Services for New Fleet Repair, Maintenance Garage and Salt Barn, Brine Facility at Ellesmere Works Yard, 105AECOM Canada Ltd$1,048,000.0002/23/2018
9117-18-5005Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryConsulting ServicesDoug Dixon & Associates Inc$2,183,850.0005/30/2018
9117-18-5043Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesContract Administration Services for Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Project Section 1-Jarvis to CherryMorrison Hershfield Inc.$14,592,635.0009/07/2018
9117-18-5048Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryConsulting Engineering Services for Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge Morrison Hershfield Ltd.$980,595.0010/15/2018
9118-17-5059Parks, Forestry & RecreationNorth-East Scarborough Community and Child Care Centre, Architectural, Design and Contract Administration Services Perkins + Will$2,218,500.0009/14/2018
9118-17-7266Facilities Design & ConstructionFeasibility Studies with Schematic Designs and Cost EstimatesRebanks Pepper Littlewood Architect$848,500.0001/19/2018
9118-17-7274City PlanningDon Mills Crossing – Cultural Heritage Resources AssessmentArchaeological Services Inc$69,800.0007/31/2018
9118-18-5007Parks, Forestry & RecreationArchitectural Consulting Services. Peter T Mitches & Associates Limited$95,000.0006/22/2018
9118-18-7037Social Development, Finance & AdministrationBuilding Performance and Benchmarking Analysis Services for the Tower and Neighbourhood Revitalization UnitENERLIFE CONSULTING INC$76,202.4204/18/2018
9118-18-7076Children’s ServicesProvision of EarlyON Child and Family Centre Design GuidelinesLGA Architectural Partners$94,700.0010/11/2018
9119-17-5062Parks, Forestry & RecreationTaylor Creek Park, Management Plan, Professional and Technical Services.Schollen & Company Inc.$119,638.3802/28/2018
9119-17-7125City Planning Pet-Friendly Design Guidelines for New Multi-unit Housing in High-density Communities Dialog Ontario Inc.$92,660.0001/02/2018
9119-17-7132City PlanningCabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District StudyArchitecture EVOQ Inc.$127,506.3003/02/2018
9119-18-5065Parks, Forestry & RecreationParkland trails, state-of-good-repair audits and assessmentsRV Anderson Associates Ltd.$327,760.0011/02/2018
9119-18-7010Public HealthCommunity Dialogue on a Public Health Approach to Drug PolicyIPSOS - REID LP$30,00003/13/2018
9119-18-7092Parks, Forestry & RecreationPublic EngagementsKPMG LLP$372,828.5008/01/2018
9126-17-7183Accounting ServicesCommodity Tax Audit and Recovery ServicesStratos Solutions Inc.$112,000.0003/09/2018
9134-17-7263Transportation ServicesSurface Transit Operational Improvement Studies Phase 3Parsons Inc.$487,159.5004/05/2018
9135-17-7181Finance and AdminCity of Toronto Investment BoardAON Hewitt Inc$115,000.0002/02/2018
9155-18-7077Social Development, Finance & AdministrationConsulting ServicesPublic Inc.$485,898.0011/06/2018
9155-18-7177Children’s Services2SLGBTQ Inclusive Early Learning Research ProjectBarnes Management Group$112,625.0012/12/2018
9177-18-7069City PlanningExhibition Place Cultural Heritage Landscape AssessmentARCHAEOLOGICAL SERVICES INC.$108,800.0007/27/2018
Hide details for Custom Broker ServicesCustom Broker Services
9141-18-7108Purchasing & Materials ManagementCustom Broker ServicesBUCKLAND CUSTOMS BROKERS LTD$142,400.0006/15/2018
Hide details for Educational and Training ServicesEducational and Training Services
9135-18-7007Human ResourcesIndigenous Cultural Competency Training for the Toronto Public Service.Nbisiing Consulting Inc.$154,000.0011/15/2018
Hide details for Engineering ServicesEngineering Services
9117-15-7122Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryEngineering Services for an Integrated Pumping Station (IPS) at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant (ABTP)Black & Veatch Canada Company$26,197,452.6012/21/2017
9117-16-7137Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatercourse Rehabilitation Engineering Design Servs. &Servs. during Construction for 2 sites at Scarboro Golf CourseEcosystem Recovery Inc.$139,528.3504/25/2018
9117-17-0182- Choose one -Provide Hydrogeological Services for the Brock West Closed Landfill SiteGolder Associates Ltd$1,172,191.1806/26/2018
9117-17-5048Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRehabilitation of the 3 Bridges SNC Lavalin Inc.$781,187.5403/08/2018
9117-17-5057Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryEngineering Design Services and Services during Construction and Post ConstructionWSP Canada Group Limited$2,582,500.0001/15/2018
9117-17-5058Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Services for Engineering Services For Prince Edward Viaduct Associated Engineering (ONT) Ltd.$989,687.0203/13/2018
9117-17-7073Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesHumber Treatment Plant Waste Gas Burners UpgradesGHD Limited$1,091,587.0012/06/2018
9117-17-7087Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesEngineering Design Services for Watercourse Restoration of East Highland Creek ValleyAquafor Beech Limited$443,910.0002/06/2018
9117-17-7100Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign/Build/Execute Cleaning of the Island Water Treatment Plant's Deep Water IntakesGalcon Marine Ltd.$3,988,627.0006/06/2018
9117-17-7114Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesEngineering Services for Duncan Creek Restoration Phases 2, 3, and 4Aquafor Beech Limited$271,632.0002/09/2018
9117-17-7198Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesThe Highland Creek Treatment Plant Fluidized Bed IncineratorCH2M Hill Canada Limited$7,340,992.00 01/09/2018
9117-17-7202Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesEngineering Services for Aeration Upgrades Study at Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantStantec Consulting LTD$809,304.0005/16/2018
9117-17-7226Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign Services for Bonar Creek Stormwater Management Facility, Legion Road Extension & Metrolinx Grade SeparationAecom Canada Ltd.$3,329,095.4504/18/2018
9117-17-7233Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesResiduals Management and Ultraviolet Treatment Facilities at the Island Water Treatment PlantAecom Canada Ltd.$3,835,493.7207/26/2018
9117-17-7238Toronto WaterToronto Water SCADA Master PlanHatch Corporation$267,169.3201/18/2018
9117-17-7279Toronto WaterEngineering Services for the Storm Sewer Renewal at Three LocationsEXP Services Inc.$479,985.4605/11/2018
9117-17-7281Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign and Construction of D Building Phase 2 at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantGHD Limited$1,774,936.0004/09/2018
9117-17-7337Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign & Engineering Services for Assignments under the Basement Flooding Protection Program Phase 4Aecom Canada Ltd$10,267,279.0007/20/2018
9117-17-7338Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesProgram Management, Engineering Design & Construction Administration Services for the Local Roads Capital Works ProgramRV Anderson Associates Ltd.$3,659,050.0005/23/2018
9117-17-7362Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign of Low Impact Development Infrastructure at Byng Avenue and in the Thornbury AreaAquafor Beech Limited $ 294,602.0005/16/2018
9117-18-0059Solid Waste Management ServicesProvide Engineering Services for Bermondsey Transfer Station Facility Upgrade Design and Contract Administration ServiceWSP Canada Inc$899,995.0011/05/2018
9117-18-5019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryThe Pre-Qualification for the Detailed Design, Contract Administration and Post Construction Services of Glen Road PedesCANCELLEDCANCELLED09/13/2018
9117-18-5026Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services Doug Dixon & Associates Inc.$414,696.0009/14/2018
9117-18-5058Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryEngineering Design Services and Services During ConstructionDoug Dixon & Associates Inc.$111,156.0010/16/2018
9117-18-7074Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesProfessional Engineering Services for Hydraulic Transients Study on the Water Distribution and Transmission SystemsWSP Canada Group Limited$552,486.8609/25/2018
9117-18-7118Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesEngineering Services for Assignments under the Basement Flooding Protection Program Phase 4Parsons Inc.$15,900,180.0008/16/2018
Hide details for Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services
7002-18-7115Public Healthfor the non-exclusive supply and application of Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis – (BTI), The Canadian Centre for Mosquito Management Inc$347,034.0006/21/2018
9117-17-0164Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBeare Landfill Hydrogeological Services (2017-2021)- Two Envelope SystemAECOM Canada Ltd.$283,208.0006/07/2018
9119-17-7023Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesTo Establish a Roster for Environmental Peer Review ServicesCambium Inc.$240,000.0001/24/2018
9121-18-7080Public HealthEnvironmental ServicesFred Victor Centre$52,203.0006/11/2018
Hide details for Financial and related ServicesFinancial and related Services
9105-17-7180Corporate FinanceInsurance Broker Services Marsh Canada Limited$525,00006/11/2018
Hide details for Information & Technology ServicesInformation & Technology Services
3405-18-7194Toronto Waternon-exclusive supply and delivery of Veeam Availability Solution including Software, Maintenance & Support and ProfessioONX Enterprise Solutions Ltd.$476,950.0011/16/2018
3907-17-7177Toronto WaterThe provision of non-exclusive SCADA Contracting Services at Toronto Water facilities Summa Engineering ltd.$195,799.1206/01/2018
9115-17-7154Information & TechnologySAP Test LeadRegan Consulting Corp$132,860.0012/21/2017
9117-17-7024Information & TechnologyThreat and Risk Assessment (TRA) for the City of Toronto's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and related InfrastrRicther Advisory Group Inc.$220,390.0004/19/2018
9144-17-7203Facilities OperationsMaintenance and Support of SAP Work Manager and SAP Mobile PlatformEvora IT Solutions Inc.$57,280.0003/20/2018
9144-17-7345Information & TechnologyIndependent Consultant - Senior Enterprise Data Governance Framework Lead944346 Canada Inc.$447,779.6405/14/2018
Hide details for Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
6613-17-7227Toronto WaterAnalysis of Drinking Water, Wastewater and/or Environmental Samples for the Various Laboratory LocationsALS Canada Ltd.$26,294.0012/19/2017
Hide details for Pest Control ServicesPest Control Services
7002-17-7230Solid Waste Management ServicesPest Management Services to various City of Toronto Divisions and TTCCANCELLEDCANCELLED03/16/2018
Hide details for Printing and Binding ServicesPrinting and Binding Services
3003-17-7208Employment & Social ServicesNon-exclusive printing and mailing of monthly client and vendor cheques and specialized forms to Ontario Works ClienFormost Mediaone$220,875.0012/18/2017
Hide details for Security ServicesSecurity Services
Rejected Icon9101-17-7286Exhibition PlaceSecurity Guard ServicesN/AN/A01/02/2018
9101-18-7001Exhibition PlaceSecurity ServicesG4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd$77,323.0012/03/2018
9101-18-7030Corporate SecurityContract Security ServicesG4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Limit$14,467,308.0006/29/2018
9101-18-7064Corporate SecuritySecurity Guard Services at St. Lawrence Market ComplexA.S.P. INCORPORATED$1,980,584.5006/27/2018
Hide details for Service ProvidersService Providers
9144-18-7045Corporate Call - VariousFor the non-exclusive supply of Document Accessibility and Remediation Services tWCAG Compliance Inc$120,315.0007/26/2018
9148-18-0217Transportation ServicesTemporary services, training, and deployment of School Crossing Guard Backfills ("Backfills") Neptune Security Service Inc.$134,640.0006/14/2018
Hide details for Testing & Inspection ServicesTesting & Inspection Services
9115-18-5024Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance TestingEnglobe Corp.$154,663.5006/14/2018
9115-18-5032Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance Tests and Project Quality Assurance Englobe Corp$690,766.2506/06/2018
9115-18-5037Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance TestingMNA Engineering Ltd.$127,415.0006/13/2018
9115-18-5061Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance TestingMNA Engineering Ltd121,200.0008/28/2018
9115-18-5072Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance TestingDS Consultants Ltd.$135,325.0010/12/2018
9115-18-7042Toronto WaterVibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Oil , Motor Current, Ultrasound AnalysisMultiple Awards06/25/2018
9115-18-7057Toronto WaterReal-Time Rainfall and Flow Monitoring Services on sewersFlowmetrix Technical Services Inc.$2,477,822.0005/25/2018
9117-18-5062Transportation ServicesVisual field inspections and non-destructive tests of Overhead Sign Support StructuresBurgess Engineering Inc.$183,380.0010/17/2018
Hide details for Translation ServicesTranslation Services
9112-17-7018311 TorontoOver the Telephone Interpretation911 Interpreters Inc.$795,064.7009/01/2018
Hide details for Waste RemovalWaste Removal
Rejected Icon9150-18-0237Solid Waste Management ServicesProcessing Services for up to 7,500 tonnes of Single Stream Recyclable MateriaCancelledCancelled10/22/2018
9154-18-7012Environment & Energy OfficeFor the collection, removal, shredding and recycling of confidential waste paper from the City of TorontoCANCELLEDCANCELLED03/26/2018
9154-18-7099Environment & Energy OfficeWaste RemovalGFL Environmental Inc$322,920.0007/27/2018


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