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 The following contracts have been awarded by the City of Toronto. All solicitations were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals. 
Please contact the buyer referenced in each solicitation for additional information relating to the award(s).
Note:  All award dollar values listed below do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Click the triangles on the left to collapse and expand the categories.Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call NumberCan be sorted ascending or descendingClient Division/ContactDescriptionCan be sorted ascending or descendingSuccessful BidderContract AmountDate awardedCan be sorted ascending or descending
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Hide details for Asphalt pavingAsphalt paving
Doc2158446922Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility CutsBEVCON CONSTRUCTION & PAVING LTD$2,106,163.0005/14/2020
Doc2388767857Transportation ServicesRepair of Distressed AsphaltA & F Di Carlo Construction Inc$538,183.1207/13/2020
Doc2402576339 (101-2020)Transportation Services‘Hot-in-Place’ Asphalt Patching at Various City of Toronto LocationsAQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC$656,880.0008/04/2020
Doc2436052899Transportation ServicesFor Resurfacing on the Don Valley Parkway, City of Toronto.D CRUPI AND SONS LIMITED$1,512,129.2007/20/2020
Hide details for Bridge RepairsBridge Repairs
Doc2241522807Transportation ServicesBridge RehabilitationGRASCAN CONSTRUCTION LTD$11,252,412.0105/21/2020
Doc2300495478Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation From West Abutment to Bent 35(20ECS-TI-01GE) CLEARWATER STRUCTURES INC$2,261,844.0005/13/2020
Doc2464802663Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRehabilitation of City Bridge ID569 Algonquin Island Bridge (20ECS-TI-17BE).2220742 ONTARIO LTD O/A BRONTE CONSTRUCTION$4,353,623.7511/03/2020
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Rejected Icon196-2018Solid Waste Management ServicesWindow Replacement and Rehabilitation @ Disco Rd Transfer Stn.Failed$0.0006/08/2020
3907-19-7027Toronto WaterWaterproofing of Underground StructuresMultiple Awards10/29/2020
6031-18-7163Toronto WaterBackhoe Services with Operators for planned, unplanned, emergency work and repair Multiple Awards10/29/2020
Rejected Icon74-2019Toronto WaterHigh Level Pumping Station Control Room Retrofit Project CancelledCancelled06/02/2020
Rejected IconDoc2074420972Transportation ServicesFor the non-exclusive supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and repair of the Toronto 360 Wayfinding SignCancelled$0.0006/15/2020
Doc2107662957Parks, Forestry & RecreationMoorevale Park Improvements Mopal Construction Ltd.$1,694,550.0005/20/2020
Doc2123286076Transportation Servicesfor the removal and disposal of the existing polesBLACK & MCDONALD LTD$804,514.2906/09/2020
Doc2125545208Transportation ServicesHot-in-Place’ Asphalt Patching at Various LocationsAqua Tech Solutions Inc.$867,235.0006/03/2020
Doc2144702530Toronto WaterCrane Services for the Western Beaches Tunnel SystemROC CORPORATION$235,560.0006/19/2020
Doc2214196838Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Minor Bridge Repair for Etobicoke York District (20TR-OM-111-EY-BR)Aqua Tech Solutions Inc.$1,190,317.2505/21/2020
Rejected IconDoc2217824914Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryInterior Office Alterations Ground Floor at 320 Bering Ave, Etobicoke OntarioCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Doc2219810394Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDuncan Creek RestorationDYNEX CONSTRUCTION INC$6,112,474.0007/02/2020
Doc2224344927Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$1,774,016.0006/11/2020
Doc2224471306Transportation ServicesDoc2224471306 - Request for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts - Toronto & East York District, Wards 10, 11MAPLE-CRETE INC$4,956,623.0005/25/2020
DOC2229053063Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryStorm Sewer Renewal at Three Locations – City Wards, 7, 8 & 18DOM-MERIDIAN CONSTRUCTION LTD$1,924,205.3007/07/2020
Doc2230548715 -Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for Summerlea Artificial Ice Rink State of Good Repair Project FRANK PELLEGRINO GEN CONT LTD$1,939,100.0005/26/2020
Doc2237868397 RFQ No. 6813-50-5008Parks, Forestry & RecreationBMX Track Maintenance & Restoration Ferdom Construction$49,226.3710/05/2020
Rejected IconDoc2251650849 Tender No. 50-2020Toronto WaterFor: Rehabilitation and Upgrades of Group 6 Sewage Pumping StationsCancelled$0.0006/30/2020
DOC2278728596Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs At Various Locations Within The City Of TorontoMultiple Awards08/06/2020
DOC2279492026Toronto WaterCathodic Protection of Existing Ductile Iron Watermain Pipes in Toronto (Ward 8,11,12,15,17,18 and 22)Global Cathodic Protection Inc.$1,425,259.0008/06/2020
DOC2279492035Toronto WaterCathodic Protection of Existing Ductile Iron Watermain Pipes in the City of Toronto (Wards 2,5,6,8 and 12)1460973 Ontario Ltd. O/A C.P. Systems$1,480,008.0008/06/2020
Doc2308541849 Tender No. 78-2020Transportation ServicesPermanent repair of utility cuts, Scarborough District, Ward 23Pave-Tar Construction Ltd.$1,471,404.1506/17/2020
Doc2313212115 (86-2020)Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts, Scarborough District, Ward 25Pave-Tar Construction Ltd.$1,856,000.0006/18/2020
DOC2314829258Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs At Various LocationsMultiple Awards06/18/2020
DOC2316571969Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBasement Flooding Protection Program, Phase 4, Assignment 9-01614128 Ontario Ltd. o/a Trisan Construction$21,482,935.0008/06/2020
DOC2320476658Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryPrequalification of General Contractor and Marine Sub-Contractor for Zebra Mussel Control and Lake Current MonitoringMultiple Awards08/06/2020
Doc2354759448 (96-2020)Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts and Installation of Vehicular Access RampsA&F DICARLO CONSTRUCTION INC$1,500,001.4908/13/2020
Doc2361967646Transportation ServicesRoadway Crackfilling In The North York District.MULTISEAL INC$ 1,122,400.00 06/26/2020
Doc2372339867Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for St. Andrew’s Playground Park ImprovementsLOC-PAVE CONSTRUCTION LTD 2,454,551.40 09/25/2020
Doc2401515363 (16-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRequest for Tender -Reconstruction at Roncesvalles Avenue, Queen Street West & King Street West (20ECS-TI-19SP, 16-2020)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$25,018,223.5508/04/2020
Doc2418616008 (106-2020)Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tender - Wilson Village Business Improvement Area, Located at Wilson Ave. and Ancaster Road.od PINE VALLEY CORPORATION 760,890.90 10/25/2020
DOC2434786528Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement and Water Service Replacement on Dovercourt Road (Road Reconstruction and Road Resurfacing) and WaCRCE Construction Ltd.5,798,897.0009/09/2020
Doc2480556963 (146-2020)Facilities Design & ConstructionAsphalt and Concrete Replacement Located at Fire Station 315, 132 Belleveue Avenue and Fire Station 413IL DUCA CONTRACTING INC$468,750.0011/03/2020
Doc2487585402 (151-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works Delivery Major Road Resurfacing on Ellesmere Road from Orton Park Road to Markham RoadFermar Paving Limited$2,079,387.0009/11/2020
Doc2493126839 (143-2020)Parks, Forestry & RecreationClubhouse and Park ImprovementsFrank Pellegrino General Contracting Limited6,330,000.0011/30/2020
Doc2509473952 (164-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad resurfacing and TTC track removalSanscon Construction Ltd$3,326,247.1109/17/2020
DOC2549084075 (175-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRehabilitation of High Level Interceptor (HLI) – MH101-003 to the HLI Diversion ChamberCapital Sewer Services Inc.$10,276,279.0012/16/2020
Doc2573652859Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesTrue Davidson Acres – Boiler ReplacementVANGUARD MECHANICAL INC $ 407,000.00 11/24/2020
Doc2580066602Economic Development & CultureHydro Bunker Termite Remediation at Fort York National Historic SiteJOE PACE & SONS CONTRACTING INC $459,100.0011/09/2020
Doc2594247934Transportation ServicesFor the supply and installation of four (4) Static Sign Support Structures on the Gardiner Expressway.CLEARWATER STRUCTURES INC*895,200.0012/01/2020
DOC2611519655 (196-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryZebra Mussel Control System and Lake Current Monitoring Upgrades at R.L. Clark and F.J Horgan WTP for Prequalified GC'sAlberici Constructors Limited$23,259,299.0001/11/2021
Doc2639396991Real Estate ServicesConstruction Services for Building Capital Improvements at 1535 Albion Road, EMS Station 12ANACOND CONTRACTING INC $ 621,916.20 02/25/2021
Doc2641626735 (204-2020)Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark RenovationMopal Construction Ltd.$968,150.0003/23/2021
DOC2659962761 (201-2020)Transportation ServicesConstruction and Installation of Eight (8) (5m x 8m x 1.7m deep, each) Soil Cell PlotsPine Valley Corporation$491,891.6212/15/2020
Rejected IconDoc2696108387 / 213-2020Real Estate ServicesMechanical Equipment Upgrades at North York Civic Centre – 5100 Yonge Street, TorontoCancelledCancelled04/01/2021
Doc2711670400Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRoad Resurfacing on Spanbridge Road, St. Dennis Dr and Wynford Dr; Road Reconstruction on Linkwood Ln and Wynford Dr RVIOLA MANAGEMENT INC $ 3,507,882.00 03/15/2021
Rejected IconDOC2758717563 (236-2020)Toronto WaterChemical Mixing Channel Baffle Retrofit at the F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plantno bids receivedcall failed02/02/2021
Doc2790015767Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMajor Road Resurfacing on Mt.Pleasant Road from Dawlish Avenue to Roehampton Ave.D Crupi and Sons$ 1,926,352.73 04/27/2021
Hide details for DemolitionsDemolitions
Doc2126028369- Choose one -Request for Tender for Decommissioning of small buildings at Keele Valley LandfillTri-Phase Environmental Inc. $118,980.0009/25/2020
Hide details for Electrical servicesElectrical services
237-2019Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control Devices.GUILD ELECTRIC LIMITED$2,387,295.0005/28/2020
270-2018Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (five (5) locations)06/03/2020
Doc1984107803Transportation ServicesRFSQ for electrical contractors for Traffic Control Devices and Traffic Management ALLTRADE07/09/2020
Doc2061365648Transportation ServicesSupply & Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (19TM-18TP)BLACK & MCDONALD LIMITED$404,228.3308/20/2020
Doc2132389384Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesEmergency Power Upgrade at Bendale Acres at 2920 Lawrence Ave. E, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 2T8Anacond Contracting Inc.$2,690,071.7605/26/2020
Doc2249404941Real Estate ServicesElectrical Resiliency Project-Phase 3 – Life Safety Generators Replacement.AQUA TECH SOLUTIONS INC1,190,317.2505/21/2020
Doc2505123013Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control Devices 20TR-TS-005-TSDBEACON UTILITY CONTRACTORS LIMITED$2,213,211.6201/05/2021
Doc2505134006Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control Devices 20TR-TS-006-TSDTM3 Inc.$2,213,011.0302/02/2021
Hide details for Facilities renovationsFacilities renovations
Rejected Icon301-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Doc1941663842Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRequest for Tender - Progress House Shelter Retrofit Located at 705 Progress Avenue, Toronto.Struct-Con Construction Ltd.$11,513,619.0006/05/2020
Doc2190370119Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Construction of a Net Zero Energy Childcare Facility, Located at 1234 Weston RoadMJ DIXON CONSTRUCTION$15,423,000.0006/04/2020
Rejected IconDoc2385663085Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for Leaside Curling Club Foundation Waterproofing, Roof and Site Drainage System Repairs.Postponed to 2021Postponed to 202112/04/2020
Doc2402848185 (102-2020)Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Accessibility Upgrade and MAU Replacement, Located at 843 Eastern AveROSSCLAIR CONTRACTORS INC1,377,700.0008/17/2020
Doc2404834453 (103-2020)Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Homeless Shelter Renovation Located at 101 Placer Court, TorontoSTRUCT-CON CONSTRUCTION LTD10,181,607.0009/10/2020
Doc2456263190 (135-2020)Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Building Renovation and AODA Upgrade, Located at 185 5th Street, TorontoJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc$2,294,600.0008/31/2020
Hide details for Heating ventilating - air handling and plumbing servicesHeating ventilating - air handling and plumbing services
Doc2262837877Economic Development & CultureNeilson Park Creative CentreTriumph Aluminum & Sheet Metal Inc.$751,600.0007/10/2020
Doc2729988932Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesFudger House- Kitchen cooling / Heating upgrades and all associated mechanical, electrical and architectural scopeSERVOCRAFT LIMITED $ 481,500.00 02/03/2021
Hide details for Ice Rink RefrigerationIce Rink Refrigeration
Doc2681010301Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Tender - Malvern and Heron Park Community Centre, Chiller Replacement pre-qualified under RSFQ 3907-20-5019JOE PACE & SONS CONTRACTING INC 1,809,000.0002/16/2021
Doc2798734732 Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Tenders for Park Lawn and Long Branch Arena, Chiller Replacement This tender is open to firms pre-qualifiedFRANK PELLEGRINO GEN CONT LTD$1,441,900.0004/28/2021
Hide details for Landscape ConstructionLandscape Construction
Doc2313040377 Tender No. 61-2020Economic Development & CultureConstruction Services of Lee Avenue and Hammersmith Avenue Parkettes in the Beach Village BIASOUTH CENTRAL INC$184,794.3007/21/2020
Doc2504041478 (3717-20-5040)Parks, Forestry & RecreationConstruction Services for General Landscape ImprovementsMultiple Awards03/18/2021
Hide details for Mechanical ServicesMechanical Services
Doc2256830717 (5-2020)Parks, Forestry & RecreationFor The Toronto Botanical Gardens Building Mechanical Upgrades Black & McDonald LImited$998,445.0001/20/2021
Hide details for Road - Curb - SidewalkRoad - Curb - Sidewalk
Rejected Icon198-2019Transportation ServicesThe work includes Guide Rail Repairs, Etobicoke York District Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.Call Failed$0.0006/08/2020
Doc2155284733Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryFor: Local Road Resurfacing Program – 20ECS-TI-13LR, in Wards 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, and 15.D Crupi and Sons Limited$28,136,229.2906/01/2020
Doc2155392775Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing Program – 20ECS-TI-14LR, in Wards 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22Sanscon Construction Limited$32,902,158.0106/04/2020
Doc2180320268Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Roadway Crack Repairs Area 1METRO ASPHALT SEALER & REPAIRS LTD$1,625,900.0005/20/2020
Rejected IconDoc2180797838Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Guide Rail Repairs within Area 1 and Area 2Cancelled$0.0006/09/2020
Doc2235581218Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road ReconstructionSanscon Construction Limited$12,603,648.2005/26/2020
Doc2235581218 Tender No. 36-2020Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryFor: Major Road Reconstruction Program – 20ECS-TI-22MR, in Wards 20, 21 Sanscon Construction Limited$12,603,648.2005/26/2020
Doc2241509014Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility CutsMAPLE-CRETE INC$2,281,112.7306/08/2020
Doc2243401328Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permeant Utility Cut Repairs (20TR-OM-100-EY-TU)FERPAC PAVING INC$2,307,537.5005/27/2020
Doc2243972507Transportation ServicesMinor Bridge Repairs at various locations Aqua Tech Solutions Inc.$442,390.0006/05/2020
Doc2262411399Transportation ServicesThe Construction of Asphalt Speed Humps in the City of Toronto (20TR-OM-109-TEYVaughan Paving Ltd$536,070.0006/08/2020
Doc2264605778Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-102-NY-TU)FERPAC PAVING INC$2,701,890.0005/25/2020
Doc2270602531Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-103-NY-TU)VAUGHAN PAVING LTD$2,570,950.0006/15/2020
Doc2270602544Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-101-NY-TU)A&F DiCarlo Construction Inc.$2,981,430.2206/15/2020
Doc2271330238Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks in the North York District (20TR-OM-116-NY-TM)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$2,711,750.0006/09/2020
Doc2274765547Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain & TTC Track replacement and Intersection modification workMIDOME CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD$1,125,306.9805/19/2020
Doc2289505355Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-106-NY-TU)Ashland Paving Ltd.$2,515,204.6406/03/2020
Doc2289784949Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-101-EY-TU)ASHLAND PAVING LTD$2,539,596.9705/27/2020
Doc2289923116Transportation ServicesRepairs to Roads and Sidewalk Etobicoke York Area (20TR-OM-112-EY-RS)Sanscon Construction$4,858,070.0006/03/2020
Doc2300075322 - Tender No. 71-2020Transportation ServicesRepairs to Culverts, Driveways, Ditches and Shoulders, Etobicoke York Area, Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 IL DUCA CONTRACTING INC$1,017,948.0007/20/2020
Doc2310297574 Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts Toronto & East York District, Wards 04, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 19 (20TR-OM-102-TEYA&F DICARLO CONSTRUCTION INC$1,571,000.4507/28/2020
Doc2320672371 (87-2020)Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance Including Repairs to Roads and SidewalksMaple Crete Inc$1,836,055.0007/03/2020
Doc2327198176Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent Utility Cuts (20TR-OM-122-SC-TU)$1,658,790.0005/20/2020
Doc2338563603Transportation ServicesPermanent Utility Cuts- Builders Files,(20TR-OM-109-SC-TU)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED$889,870.0006/09/2020
Doc2426812524Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks, in the Toronto & East York DistrictMAPLE-CRETE INC$734,256.0007/22/2020
Doc2428145626 (109-2020)Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Emery Village Business Improvements Located at Fenmar Dr and Weston Rd, Toronto ASHLAND CONSTRUCTION GROUP LTD $206,592.45 08/10/2020
DOC2456332859Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs At Various Locations Within The City Of Toronto Multiple Awards09/09/2020
DOC2459229790Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Reinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs At Various Locations Within The City Of Toronto Maple Crete Inc.2,182,000.0009/02/2020
Doc2501087042Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance and Guild Rails Scarborough and Etobicoke York District 20TR-OM-104-SC-TMSANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED10/21/2020
Doc2515417717Transportation ServicesInterim Repairs and Road Maintenance, North York District 20TR-OM-111-NY-TRPAVE-TAR CONSTRUCTION LTD$1,373,475.7510/05/2020
Doc2519292994Transportation ServicesPermanent Utility Cut Repair 20TR-OM-120-SC-TUASHLAND CONSTRUCTION GROUP LTD1,111,943.8311/04/2020
Doc2530454132 (169-2020)Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks MAPLE-CRETE INC684,491.0010/02/2020
Doc2537724274 (168-2020)Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts and Milling and Paving, in the Toronto and East York District (20TR-OM-110-TEY-TU)SANSCON CONSTRUCTION LIMITED $932,942.9710/13/2020
Doc2884289579/73-2021 Transportation ServicesPermanent restoration of utility cuts and maintenance repairs of roads, sidewalks, curbs, dr PTR PAVING INC $1,805,576.0005/04/2021
Notice36-2020Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road Reconstruction Program – 20ECS-TI-22MR, in Wards 20, 21Sanscon Construction Ltd$12,603,648.2005/26/2020
Hide details for Sewer repair and maintenanceSewer repair and maintenance
Doc2118337433Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabiliation of Small Diameter Gravity Sewers and Related Works Clean Water Works Inc.$17,373,150.7505/26/2020
Doc2118337433Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabilitation of Small Diameter Gravity Sewers and Related WorksClean Water Works Inc.$17,373,150.7505/26/2020
DOC2539121640 (3205-20-7088)Toronto WaterHydraulic Flushing, Cleaning And CCTV Inspection Of Service Lateral Drains And Main-Line Sewers For Planned Work In VariAqua Tech Solutions Inc.$2,909,665.0010/28/2020
DOC2580066590 (174-2020)Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Circular and Non Circular Gravity Sewers and Related Works Clean Water Works Inc.$2,591,000.0012/16/2020
DOC2602452558 (190-2020)Toronto WaterRepairs of Sewer Systems and Appurtenances for Various Locations within the City of TorontoMultiple Awards11/10/2020
DOC2606490192 (3205-20-7089)Toronto WaterHydraulic Flushing, Cleaning And CCTV Inspection Of Service Lateral Drains And Main-Line Sewers For Emergency Work Aqua Tech Solutions Inc$4,284,480.0011/10/2020
DOC2608915057 (192-2020)Toronto WaterRepairs of Water Systems and Appurtenances for Various Locations within the City of TorontoMultiple Awards11/10/2020
DOC2629175955 (195-2020)Toronto WaterRepairs of Sewer Service Connections, Catchbasins and Appurtenances for Various LocationsMultiple Awards11/10/2020
Hide details for Watermains - Water ServicesWatermains - Water Services
Rejected Icon0701-19-5014Toronto WaterSupply, Delivery, Installation and Warranty of Water Meters and Various AppurtenancesCancelledCancelled06/02/2020
12-2020, Ariba Doc No. 2200837730Toronto WaterNotice of Intended Procurement for Watermain CIPP Lining in North York and Etobicoke York District, Ward 5, 6, 7, 8, 15,Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$16,454,886.7805/26/2020
20-2020, Ariba Doc No. 2201203353Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York & Scarborough District, Ward 15, 16, 20, 22, and 24Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$16,497,550.3005/22/2020
25-2020 (Doc 2201872432)Toronto WaterNotice of Intended Procurement for Watermain CIPP Lining in Ward 3, 11, 14, 15ROBERT B SOMERVILLE, A DIVISION OF ROBERT MCALPINE LTD$16,299,563.5006/11/2020
Doc2167712756Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York District, Ward 18Fer Pal Construction Ltd.$19,482,400.5805/20/2020
DOC2373695353Toronto WaterReplacement of Sewage Forcemains at Baby Point SPS614128 Ontario Ltd. o/a Trisan Construction$4,575,665.0012/02/2020
DOC2689636701 (212-2020)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement, Sewer Replacement and Road Resurfacing at Various Locations East of University Avenue and Bloor S2489960 Ontario Inc.$11,644,340.0001/13/2021
DOC2761569508 (216-2020)Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York and Scarborough Districts, Wards 08, 15, 17, 18 & 21 (21TW-CTS-04CWD)Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$19,028,432.0003/31/2021
DOC2761569521 (217-2020)Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York and Scarborough Districts (21TW-CTS-05CWD)Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited$18,950,736.0003/31/2021
Hide details for ||
Doc2670064102Solid Waste Management ServicesDrainage and Ramp Improvements at Scarborough Transfer StationDuron Ontario Ltd.$473,110.0002/26/2021
Doc2724994392Real Estate ServicesGeneral Contractors for Construction, Renovation and Restoration of City Buildings and PropertiesMultiple Awards05/03/2021
Hide details for Goods and ServicesGoods and Services
Hide details for Chemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration GasesChemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration Gases
9117-19-7060Toronto WaterPre-selection of Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Equipment for the Toronto Island Water Treatment PlantTrojan Technologies$320,290.0005/11/2020
Rejected Icon6103-18-0079Purchasing & Materials ManagementAnti-freezeFailed$0.0006/08/2020
Rejected Icon6103-19-0181Purchasing & Materials ManagementAnti-FreezeFailed$0.0006/08/2020
6612-18-7068Toronto WaterLiquid Polyaluminum Chloride (PACl) for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionKemira Water Solutions Canada Inc$434,281.0010/29/2020
Rejected Icon6626-18-0321Purchasing & Materials Managementsupply and delivery of Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Failed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Communications and Sound EquipmentCommunications and Sound Equipment
Doc2682009056Parks, Forestry & RecreationSupply, Delivery, Programming and Warranty of 2-Way Radios and Related Parts and AccessoriesKelcom$61,833.0004/01/2021
Hide details for Construction and Maintenance EquipmentConstruction and Maintenance Equipment
6031-18-7129Toronto WaterRepair and maintenance of City of Toronto's Owned Small EquipmentLans Construction & Contracting Ltd.$1,076,693.0010/29/2020
Rejected Icon6713-18-0256Fleet ServicesShop and Welding ToolsFailed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Custodial / Cleaning Goods and/or ServicesCustodial / Cleaning Goods and/or Services
Rejected IconDoc2021245800- Choose one -Various Cloths and Wiping RagsCancelled$0.0006/11/2020
Doc2675216197Fleet ServicesVehicle Cleaning and Disinfecting ServicesFirst Response$453,29304/15/2021
Hide details for Furniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation ServicesFurniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation Services
9108-18-0283Facilities OperationsLarge and Small Moves for Asset Management and Furniture Installation ServicesGuardian Van Lines Limited$5,400,000.0006/08/2020
Doc2526387450- Choose one -Resident Over Bed TablesCardinal Health Canada Inc. $424,495.0010/27/2020
Hide details for Hospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / ServicesHospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / Services
0505-18-0018Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationPrescription Drugs and ServicesCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
0505-18-0018Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationPrescription Drugs and ServicesCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Rejected IconDOC1941854245- Choose one -FERNO OEM Parts and equipment (No substitutes allowed) for Patient Carrying/Extraction DevicesFailed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Information & Technology Software/HardwareInformation & Technology Software/Hardware
Rejected Icon3405-18-7740Toronto WaterSolarwinds Software Maintenance Renewal for the City of Toronto, Toronto Water DivisionCall Failed$0,0006/08/2020
Rejected Icon3405-19-0123Information & TechnologyAtlassian Suite of Cloud-based Software Development ToolsCall Failed$0.0006/09/2020
3405-19-0301- Choose one -311 TORONTO CRM SOLUTIONCATALYST CONSULTING GROUP$4,888,840.0006/15/2020
Rejected Icon9142-18-0382Information & TechnologyOffsite Media Storage ServicesFailed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Kitchen AppliancesKitchen Appliances
Rejected Icon0306-19-0049- Choose one -Supply Delivery and Maintenance and Repair of Various AppliancesFailed$0.0006/08/2020
Purchasing & Materials ManagementSource for Supply and Delivery of Kitchen SmallwaresDayco Distributing$1,358,15503/15/2021
Hide details for Landscaping Supplies - Equipment and ServicesLandscaping Supplies - Equipment and Services
3717-18-7150Toronto WaterArborist Services for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionKuntz Forestry Consulting Inc.$638,966.0010/29/2020
DOC2235044909- Choose one -Hazardous Vegetation ControlLEUSCHNER'S LAWN & LANDSCAPE$35,468.4009/28/2020
Doc2250971923- Choose one -Tree PIck-up Services and Planting and Watering ServicesROYAL OAK TREE SERVICES INC$704,775.0009/28/2020
Doc2308021372- Choose one -Hydro Corridor Trail Grass CuttingJIMRICK'S PROPERTY SERVICES LTD$71,604.9809/28/2020
Doc2308737090- Choose one -Supply and Delivery of Grass SeedsQUALITY SEEDS LTD$202,290.0009/28/2020
DOC2320785834- Choose one -Tree Injection ServicesGREENLAWN LTD$739,125.4509/28/2020
DOC2322488391- Choose one -Baseball Diamond Infield MixMAR-CO CLAY PRODUCTS INC$77,369.0509/28/2020
Doc2324895073- Choose one -RFQ for supply and delivery of FertilizersTARGET SPECIALITY PRODUCTS$24,649.9009/28/2020
Doc2712143352Parks, Forestry & RecreationStump Grinding (Empty and Fill and Seed) for Forestry and Recreation DivisionKODIAK TREE SERVICES56,655.0003/30/2021
Hide details for Metals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal ProductsMetals (Iron - Steel - Others) - or Manufactured Metal Products
Rejected Icon4102-18-0092Purchasing & Materials ManagementWater FittingsCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Office Supplies - Business Equipment - Paper and StationaryOffice Supplies - Business Equipment - Paper and Stationary
Doc2272041817- Choose one -EnvelopesENVELOPPE LAURENTIDE INC$726,635.0009/28/2020
Hide details for Paper Bags - Paper Cups and Related Disposable ItemsPaper Bags - Paper Cups and Related Disposable Items
Rejected Icon0202-18-0343Purchasing & Materials ManagementSupply & Delivery of Disposable Dining SuppliesCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Plumbing SuppliesPlumbing Supplies
Rejected Icon4202-18-0269- Choose one -NSF/ANSI-53 Certified Faucet Mounted Water FiltersCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Portable Toilets - Rental and ServicingPortable Toilets - Rental and Servicing
Doc2305198436- Choose one -Portable Chemical ToiletsSuper Save Toilet Rentals Inc.$1,201,534.3107/22/2020
Hide details for Records ManagementRecords Management
Rejected IconDOC2220885156Corporate Call - VariousNon-Exclusive Supply And Delivery Of Certified Corporate And Business Documents For The City Of TorontoCancelled - call failed$010/29/2020
Hide details for Sweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without OperatorSweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without Operator
Doc2866622784Transportation ServicesStreet Sweeping on City of Toronto Roads, Don Valley Parkway and the F.G. Gardiner ExpresswayMultiple Awards03/31/2021
Hide details for Swimming Pool MaintenanceSwimming Pool Maintenance
Rejected Icon6626-19-0121Purchasing & Materials ManagementSwimming Pool ChemicalsCall Failed$0.0006/09/2020
Doc2289709889 (0904-20-0003)- Choose one -Repair of WaterslidesACAPULCO POOLS LTD$96,927.5010/20/2020
Hide details for Textile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and EquipmentTextile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and Equipment
0103-19-0032Purchasing & Materials ManagementToronto Fire Services TopcoatsSupply Line$92,895.6003/10/2021
Hide details for Trailers - Various - Purchase / RentalTrailers - Various - Purchase / Rental
Doc2664382641Fleet ServicesEquipment Trailers J&J Trailers Manufacturers & Sales2,175,790.0004/06/2021
Hide details for Vehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / PartsVehicle - Off Road - Utility - Turf - All Terrain - Golf - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Parts
Doc2054464268- Choose one -Supply, delivery and removal of vehicles for Auto Extrication Training ProgramCall Failed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Vehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / ServiceVehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / Service
Rejected IconDOC1589276433Fleet ServicesSqueegee Kits for buckets on rubber tire loadersCall Failed$0.0006/05/2020
Doc2452063787- Choose one -Fire Suppression Systems Inspections, Certifications and RepairsLevitt-Safety Limited$284,858.2409/11/2020
Hide details for Vehicle - Purchase of Various Weight ClassVehicle - Purchase of Various Weight Class
Rejected Icon6112-19-0128Fleet ServicesUpfitting of Four (4) Existing New 2019 Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van with Custom Interior.Cancelled$0.0006/09/2020
Doc2525968951Fire Servicesone (1) Heavy Rescue Squad TruckDependable Truck and Tank Ltd$855,495.0012/03/2020
Doc2711670463Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Two (2) Latest Model Truck Chassis and Conventional Cab with Various Body ConfigurationsRush Truck Centres of Canada$362,56503/04/2021
Doc2756952314Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Two (2) Latest Model Various Tow Behind Grounds Maintenance EquipmentGC Duke Equipment Ltd$165,89504/06/2021
Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of Seven (7) Latest Model Various types Compact SweepersCubex Ltd$953,55704/12/2021
Hide details for Waste Removal and HaulageWaste Removal and Haulage
6033-19-0109Solid Waste Management ServicesWaste Transport ServicesLAIDLAW CARRIERS BULK LP$86,767,244.0005/12/2020
Rejected Icon9201-18-0296- Choose one -Pick-Up and Transport of Various Size and Conditions of SkidsCancelled$0.0006/08/2020
Doc2488161554Solid Waste Management ServicesOld Large Appliances (white goods) and Scrap SteelTriple M Metal LP121.34150%07/28/2020
Doc2540073982 (9150-20-0159)Solid Waste Management ServicesProcessing Services to recycle up to 600 tonnes of Porcelain for the City of Toronto's Solid Waste Management Try Recycling Inc. $223,748.7210/13/2020
Hide details for Professional ServicesProfessional Services
Hide details for Architectural ServicesArchitectural Services
Ariba Doc No. 2243638006 RFP NO. 9118-20-5024Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark Master Plan - Landscape Architecture DTAH$505,748.0009/17/2020
Rejected IconDOC1836895681Parks, Forestry & RecreationGuild Parks Compound UpdgradeCancelled$0.0006/09/2020
Doc1912696087Facilities Design & ConstructionMulti-Use Roster for the Provision of Professional Architectural and Engineering ServicesMultiple Awards10/29/2020
Doc2206280247Parks, Forestry & RecreationGoulding CC State of Good Repairs CHERIE NG ARCHITECT INC$113,488.0006/10/2020
Doc2538734418Parks, Forestry & RecreationAllan Gardens Conservatory Palm House - Heritage Building Restoration and Functional Upgrade - Architecture and BuildingZEIDLER ARCHITECTURE INC $ 491,810.00 02/24/2021
Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Proposals for Professional services for the design/construction of the Davisville Aquatic Community CentreCS&P ARCHITECTS INC $2,068,700.00 02/24/2021
Hide details for Auditing ServicesAuditing Services
Doc2241368326 RFQ No. 9162-20-5011Parks, Forestry & RecreationFinal Audit Services for Block 31 Welch LLP$15,000.0009/04/2020
Hide details for Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
Doc2678413650Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ReviewRFP for OE-TA Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Project Section 2; Dufferin St to Strachan Ave, nRFP-20ECS-TI-01GEParsons Inc.13,394,886.8403/27/2021
2615625499Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Proposal Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan Implementation PFS STUDIO $475,105.80 02/24/2021
Rejected Icon9121-19-7068Public HealthTraffic-Related Air Pollution Best Practice Guidance DocumentCall Failed$0.0006/08/2020
9148-19-7223City PlanningFeasibility study for the City of Toronto's City Planning DivisionARUP CANADA INCORPORATED$124,261.5006/22/2020
Ariba Doc No. 2245446840 RFP No. 9120-20-5025Parks, Forestry & RecreationFor: Toronto Island Park Master Plan – Public Engagement and CommunicationsSwerhun Inc$389,687.5009/17/2020
Doc No. 2243638002 (RFP No. 9115-20-5026)Parks, Forestry & RecreationFor: Toronto Island Business StrategyFS Strategy Inc$109,900.0008/24/2020
Doc2088036806City Clerk's OfficeRequest for Proposals for Voter Information Cards for 2022 Municipal ElectionR.E. Gilmore Investments Corp$846,600.0005/26/2020
Doc2102603646 (9119-20-5003)Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest for Proposal to a third party expert ("Consultant")Deloitte LLP$220,000.0003/10/2021
Rejected IconDOC2144065806Fire ServicesDoc2144065806- Request for Proposal for Professional Services to Complete a Facilities Needs Assessment Cancelled Canelled05/20/2020
Doc2246814155Parks, Forestry & RecreationYonge St. Linear Parks Improvements (George Hislop and Norman Jewison) and Alexander St. Parkette ImprovementsPMA Landscape Architects $481,924.00 06/23/2020
Hide details for Engineering ServicesEngineering Services
Rejected Icon9117-18-0391Solid Waste Management ServicesFor: Bermondsey Transfer Station Compactors #3 and #4 Performance Study Two-Envelope SystemFailed$0.0006/08/2020
9117-18-7018Toronto WaterEngineering Services for Rehabilitation/Upgrade of eight (8) Pumping Stations WSP Canada Group Limited$3,501,725.0010/29/2020
9117-19-7165Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDetailed Design and Construction Administration Engineering Services for Assignments under the Basement Flooding ProtectHatch Ltd.$28,214,181.0005/21/2020
9117-19-7216Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesPriority Sanitary Infrastructure At-Risk ProgramGHD Limited$445,204.0005/26/2020
9118-19-5058Environment & Energy OfficeComprehensive Energy Retrofit Project for the Emergency Services Headquarters, Located at 4330 Dufferin St., Toronto.ECOSYSTEM ENERGY SERVICES INC$5,272,800.0006/15/2020
DOC2054697996Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain and Sewer Improvements in Downtown Toronto Area (Yonge Street and Front Street)MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE GROUP LTD$2,217,835.2005/14/2020
Doc2113494479 (9118-20-5004)Parks, Forestry & RecreationProfessional and technical architectural and engineering services for Herbert H. Carnegie Arena State-of-Good Repair ProPeter T. Mitches & Associates Limited$172,000.0008/25/2020
Doc2278656726 (9117-20-0092)- Choose one -Supply of the Engineering ServicesGHD LIMITED$6,204,996.0009/28/2020
DOC2279421586Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services for Upsizing 900m Of Existing 900mm Watermain On Rowanwood AvenueEXP Services Inc.$2,801,094.0008/06/2020
DOC2310649092Toronto WaterF.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Valves UpgradesCIMA CANADA INC$462,814.0006/29/2020
DOC2418885520Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesSubsurface Utility Location (SUL) Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) servicesMultiVIEW Locates Incorporated$2,051,266.0008/06/2020
Doc2515933710Parks, Forestry & RecreationRequest For Proposal - Ledbury Community Centre State-of-Good Repair Project Julie Mitches$142,000.0012/03/2020
DOC2524262920 (9117-20-7072)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services for the Restoration of the North Toronto Treatment Plant Outfall, SubmergedAquafor Beech Ltd$640,787.0011/04/2020
DOC2604028867 (9117-20-7104)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services for Local Roads Resurfacing ProgramR.V. Anderson Associates Limited$28,331,737.0001/11/2021
DOC2682219130 (9117-20-7129)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Culverts at Various Locations Within the CitGHD Limited$6,687,740.0003/24/2021
DOC2687492742 (9117-20-7139)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProvision of Professional Services for P Building Upgrades and Odour Control Construction ClaimsAltus Group Limited$234,728.0012/24/2020
DOC2789685328 (9117-21-7001)Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Grit StudyStantec Consulting Ltd$890,434.0004/28/2021
Hide details for Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services
Doc2259600870Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesInterceptors Real Time Control System Implementation. Tetra Tech Canada Inc.$4,235,985.0008/06/2020
Hide details for Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
0503-18-7157Toronto WaterOne Gas Chromatograph Mass SpectrometerAqilent Technologies Canada Inc.$200,310.3610/29/2020
0503-18-7158Toronto WaterInductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) InstrumentThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.$177,330.0010/29/2020
0503-18-7159Toronto WaterIon Chromatograph System (IC) with associated Autosampler system and the buy-back of existing equipmentThermo Fisher Scientific (Mississauga) Inc. for$229,829.9310/29/2020
0503-19-7177Toronto WaterSolvent Evaporation System For The City Of Toronto's Toronto Water DivisionVWR International Co$88,520.0810/11/2020
Rejected IconDoc1761392140Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesLaboratory and Inspection Services for the City of Toronto’s Long Term Care Homes and Services DivisionFailed0.0006/08/2020
DOC2647034315 (9116-20-7127)Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesOn-Site Mobile Laboratory Services for the City of Toronto's Long-Term Care DivisionLifeLabs LP$1,0101,530.0012/02/2020
Hide details for Real Estate ServicesReal Estate Services
Rejected Icon9146-18-7219Exhibition PlaceDevelopment of and Tenancy within the former Parking Offices located in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition PlaceCall Failed$0.0006/08/2020
Hide details for Security ServicesSecurity Services
2047288479Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesSecurity Upgrades at Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant WSP Canada Group Limited$1,201,418.8005/20/2020
Hide details for Service ProvidersService Providers
Rejected IconDoc1937773889Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesNon-exclusive supply of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) for supplementary staffing.CancelledCancelled05/27/2020
Hide details for Testing & Inspection ServicesTesting & Inspection Services
3903-19-7026Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesAnnual Inspections and Maintenance of Roof Anchor Systems, Various Types of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint SystemsLiftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc.$26,280.2605/22/2020


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