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 The following contracts have been awarded by the City of Toronto. All solicitations were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals. 
Please contact the buyer referenced in each solicitation for additional information relating to the award(s).
Note:  All award dollar values listed below do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Click the triangles on the left to collapse and expand the categories.Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call NumberCan be sorted ascending or descendingClient Division/ContactDescriptionCan be sorted ascending or descendingSuccessful BidderContract AmountDate awardedCan be sorted ascending or descending
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
Hide details for Asphalt pavingAsphalt paving
161-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionFull-Depth Asphalt Replacement-Northwest, Southeast and South west Parking Lots and Driveways at 399 The West MallSouth Central Inc.$3,028,940.6508/27/2019
3905-19-5062Parks, Forestry & RecreationAsphalt & Concrete ServicesMultiple Awards12/31/2019
58-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionASPHALT AND CONCRETE REPLACEMENT AT 895 EASTERN AVENUE, TORONTOLoc-Pave Construction Ltd1,558,217.5006/04/2019
Hide details for Bridge RepairsBridge Repairs
158-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDonino Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation and Superstructure replacement including watermain replacement.Soncin Construction Corporation$1,989,741.9008/15/2019
183-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryCrescent Town Pedestrian Bridge Structural RehabilitationBob Hendricksen Construction$2,345,135.4009/09/2019
54-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRehabilitation of Bridges over the Don Valley Parkway (Bridge ID. 112), (Bridge ID 191), (Bridge ID.149) Grascan Construction Ltd./ Torbridge Construction Ltd.$26,520,000.0006/11/2019
54-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRehabilitation of Bridges over the Don Valley Parkway (Bridge ID.109) and (Bridge ID.149)Grascan Construction Ltd./ Torbridge Construction Ltd.$26,520,000.0006/11/2019
63-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesRehabilitation of Bridge ID615 Rathburn Road over Mimico Creek,Bridgecon Construction Ltd.$2,943,954.3706/28/2019
82-2019Transportation ServicesMinor Bridge Repairs in the North York DistrictPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$565,220.0006/06/2019
Doc2295529803Transportation ServicesResurfacing on Eastbound and Westbound Sections of the F.G. Gardiner ExpresswayCoco Paving Inc.$2,493,561.6105/05/2020
Notice125-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationCedar Brook Park Pedestrian Bridges RehabilitationMopal Construction Ltd.$1.182,400.0009/06/2019
Hide details for Construction ServicesConstruction Services
10-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationCoronation Park Heritage Restoration and Trail ImprovementMopal Construction Ltd.$1,040,000.0008/22/2019
1002-19-5006Economic Development & CultureSupply, Manufacture, Delivery, Assembly and Installation of Oglive artist designed themed custom benches, or approved eqHank Deenen Landscaping Limited$139,023.5007/24/2019
103-2019Transportation ServicesResurfacing on Bridletowne Circle (southeast loop), Agincourt Drive, Bushby Drive, Grangeway Avenue, Collingwood Street Gazzola Paving Ltd4,149,873.5306/28/2019
105-2019Economic Development & Culturethirty (30) Emery Village BIA banner polesBlack & McDonald Ltd1,012,319.2707/17/2019
106-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark Improvements and Environmental Remediation - Northern Linear ParkHawkins Contracting Services Limited$612,192.6607/10/2019
109-2019Transportation ServicesDeployment of a traffic management system for the Lower Don River Area to mitigate flood impact to public. Bids will onlGuild Electric$3,566,270.0010/23/2019
11-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationState-of-good repair improvements to the Westgrove Artificial Ice RinkDuron Ontario Ltd.$2,313,925.0006/03/2019
112-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationSt. James Park Improvements.Mopal Construction Ltd.$2,455,510.0007/08/2019
113-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRehabilitation of Dufferin Street Bridge under Beltline TrailAnscon Contracting Inc.$955,384.8006/26/2019
117-2019Transportation ServicesSurface Maintenance including Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks, Concrete Curb Repairs, and Tactile Walking Surface IndicatSanscon Construction Limited$967,407.5004/09/2020
12-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBasement Flooding Protection Program, Phase 4, Assignment 19-13GFL Infrastructure Group Inc.$34,502,813.6310/01/2019
Rejected Icon122-2019Transportation ServicesGuide Rail Repairs, Etobicoke York District Wards 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7CancelledCancelled04/09/2020
123-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryReplacement of Culvert No. 267 – Albion Road over Albion Creek, Replacement of Culvert No. 274 – Islington Avenue over HEBC INC.$7,273,750.0007/19/2019
128-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryThe rehabilitation of the Ellesmere Road (Site 291) single cell box culvert over Massey Creek (West of Warden Avenue). IAnscon Contracting Inc.$1,774,205.0507/19/2019
13-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDorset Pumping Station Replacement (SAP DOC No. 1756028993)Torbear Contracting Inc.$2,788,086.0009/26/2019
133-2019Transportation ServicesRepair of distressed asphalt at various locations within the Toronto and East York District.Bevcon Construction & Paving Ltd.$560,800.0008/13/2019
137-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationTrace Manes Park Playground and Waterplay UpgradesLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$1,751,307.0010/23/2019
139-2019- Choose one -Reconstruction of TTC track allowance at the intersection of Queen Street East and Kingston Road, including the TTC loopSanscon Construction Ltd.$3,867,731.9808/12/2019
14-2019Toronto WaterControl Room Relocation at R.C. Harris Water Treatment PlantBennett Mechanical Installaltions (2001) Ltd.$1,608,160.0010/08/2019
140-2019Economic Development & CultureThe construction of a ParketteSouth Central Inc.$374,803.0510/24/2019
143-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryReconstruction of Willowdale Avenue from Finch Avenue to Empress AvenueBrennan Paving & Construction$3,515,428.8107/03/2019
146-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBirchmount Road – Road Resurfacing from Finch Avenue East to South of McNicoll AvenueD. CRUPI AND SONS LIMITED$2,640,978.1207/17/2019
150-2019Transportation ServicesMinor bridge repairs for roads and expressways in the Toronto East York DistrictRafat General Cntractor Inc.$220,420.0008/13/2019
168-2019Economic Development & Cultureconstruction of The Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area Parkettes Wessuc Inc.$430,042.5012/23/2019
178-2019Toronto WaterCatch Basins and Maintenance Holes in Toronto East York & Scarborough DistrictsMaple Crete Inc.$1,646,805.0010/21/2019
179-2019Toronto WaterSupply, Replace and Adjust Frames, Grates and Covers for Catch Basins and Maintenance HolesMaple Crete Inc.$1,681,313.0010/29/2019
189-2019Economic Development & CultureThe Iron Horse Sculpture and Lighting Hawkins Contracting Services Limited$270,697.0209/12/2019
19-2019Toronto WaterARIBA Doc1739654468 - Toronto Water Supply Valve and Metering AutomationBlack & Mcdonald Limited$6,061,082.0008/26/2019
190-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals.Black & McDonald Limited$216,260.2810/04/2019
199-2019- Choose one -Keele Valley Landfill Gas Flare System Upgrades WS Nicholls Construction Inc.$4,676,747.6702/18/2020
20-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDundas Street West from McMurray Avenue to Annette Street - Major Road ResurfacingSanscon Construction Limited$2,067,081.5008/13/2019
23-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationParking lot Rehabilitation at Tom Riley ParkLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$531,164.0006/05/2019
232-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesPegah Construction Ltd.$7,969,000.0001/22/2020
Rejected Icon240-2019Transportation ServicesVision Zero Improvements on Deauville Lane at Grenoble Drive.CANCELLEDCANCELLED10/10/2019
241-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationGrand Ave. Park ConstructionHawkins Contracting Services Ltd.$6,444,291.4702/19/2020
Rejected Icon242-2019- Choose one -Construction services CancelledCancelled04/09/2020
249-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesThe Construction Of Rehabilitation Of The Wilket Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer and The North York Trunk SewerCapital Sewer Services Inc.$23,250,087.3003/06/2020
269-2018Toronto WaterAmmonia, Fluoride, and Dechlorination Systems Upgrades at the Island Water Treatment Plant Alberici Constructors ltd.$11,995,000.0004/14/2020
282-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationRedevelopment of Fundy Bay ParkPine Valley Corporation$937,159.2906/04/2019
Rejected Icon286-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction of New Fire Station 144, Located at 2945 Keele Street, Toronto.CancelledCancelled04/14/2020
30-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain and water services replacement and road rehabilitationDirect Underground Inc.$7,501,869.1006/29/2019
300-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionNorth Facing Dock Wall Reconstruction in the Western Channel, 5 Eireann Quay, Toronto.Soletanche Bachy Canada Inc.$7,406,786.0009/17/2019
319-2018Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction of the New Building St. Lawrence Market North Building Located at 92 Front Street East, Toronto.The Buttcon Ltd/ The Atlas Corporation$91,800,000.0006/07/2019
32-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesWS Nicholls Construction Inc651,832.2206/05/2019
324-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesLiquid Train Upgrades - Highland Creek Treatment PlantBennett Mechanical Installations (2001) Ltd$89,827,000.0010/09/2019
35-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryFilter No. 2 Rehabilitation for the R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant.Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.$673,325.0006/28/2019
37-2019Toronto WaterAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Integrated Pumping Station Construction Contract No.2 Ariba Doc No. 1722208722Strabag Inc$141,715,035.2010/04/2019
Rejected Icon3907-18-5098Facilities Design & ConstructionMinor Building RepairsCancelledCancelled04/09/2020
Rejected Icon3907-19-5009Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesTHE SELECTION OF GENERAL CONTRACTORSCancelledCancelled04/08/2020
49-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryHuntingwood Drive – Road Resurfacing D Crupi and Sons Ltd.$4,154,005.3006/21/2019
Rejected Icon52-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDon Valley Parkway Noise Wall at Spanbridge Road - (Design Build)CancelledCancelled04/14/2020
59-2019Toronto WaterRenovation of 2126 Kipling Avenue, North Kipling Yard.Rossclair Contractors Inc.$6,280,350.0209/03/2019
Rejected Icon66-2019Transportation ServicesROADWAY CRACK FILLING AND REPAIR - WARDS 1, 2, 3, 5, AND 7 IN ETOBICOKE YORK DISTRICT, CITY OF TORONTO.CancelledCancelled04/14/2020
67-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRoof Rehabilitation Program at Eastview Community Centre, Located at 86 Blake Street, Toronto.Triumph Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.$804,500.0007/08/2019
70-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesR.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant Filter Upgrades for Prequalified ContractorsBennett Mechanical Installations ( 2001) Ltd.$10,827,250.0008/16/2019
83-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road ResurfacingSanscon Construction Ltd.$884,254.5506/04/2019
9115-19-5071Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance Testing, Project Quality Assurance Services in the Toronto and East York DistrictWood Canada$208,860.0010/31/2019
9118-18-5064Facilities Design & ConstructionComprehensive Energy Retrofit Project at Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto.Trane Canada ULC$2,772,084.0008/08/2019
92-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationDemolition and reconstruction of the existing Tennis Courts and removal and replacement of the asphalt walkwayMopal Construction Ltd.$754,500.0007/19/2019
94-2019Transportation ServicesChipping loose concrete from bridges at various locations on City of Toronto roads and expressways in the Toronto East YPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$829,575.0007/11/2019
96-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProgress Avenue Underpass (at McCowan Road) - Replacement of Barrier Wall End Treatments and Miscellaneous RepairsMarbridge Construction Ltd.$762,007.2006/19/2019
DOC1885959049Toronto WaterRestoration of Staircase at High Level Pumping StationTrinity Custom Masonry Limited$133,353.0009/04/2019
DOC1886668356Toronto WaterRepairs/Replacement Of Water Services in Various DistrictsOntario Excavac Inc.$1,645,796.2411/28/2019
Doc1939888532Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDoc. 1939888532 - Weston Road: Storm Sewer ReplacementCRCE Construction Ltd$3,544,068.0012/10/2019
Doc2069269349Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Priority and Emergency Repairs for Area 1 and Area 2Multiple Awards04/06/2020
Doc2073121300Parks, Forestry & RecreationInterior Alterations to the Etobicoke Olympium.373044 Ont. Ltd. o/a Trans Canada Construction$4,573,062.0003/04/2020
Doc2098187033Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for chipping loose concrete from bridges at various locations on roads and expresswaysPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$597,855.0002/13/2020
Doc2100298490Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Minor bridge repairs at various locations in the Toronto and East York DistrictRafat General Contractor Inc.$255,600.0002/12/2020
Doc2107662957Parks, Forestry & RecreationMoorevale Park Improvements Mopal Construction Ltd.$1,694,550.0005/20/2020
Doc2111172160Parks, Forestry & RecreationKempton Howard Park Improvements Mopal Construction Ltd.$900,896.6004/07/2020
Rejected IconNotice124-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationConstruction of Grand Avenue Park Phase One Park Improvements and Environmental Remediation CancelledCancelled04/20/2020
Notice138-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionTechnology Upgrades for Livestreaming and video conferencing at Committee of Adjustment MeetingsSolotech Inc. Toronto$961,846.1607/22/2019
Notice177-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationJean Augustine Park Fountain Improvements Wessuc Inc.$665,990.0009/25/2019
Notice1790294516Parks, Forestry & RecreationHighview ParkLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$2,938,146.0911/06/2019
Notice1824640220Parks, Forestry & RecreationMcCowan District Park (Phase 2 Part 3 of development)Loc-Pave Construction Ltd.$683,950.0001/01/2020
Notice71-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationAllan Gardens Conservatory Renovation and ExpansionROSSCLAIR CONTRACTORS INC.$4,569,914.0010/18/2019
Notice84-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionAsphalt and Concrete Replacement at the Purchasing Material Stores Building, located at 799 Islington Avenue.Ashland Paving Ltd649,309.1306/21/2019
Hide details for DemolitionsDemolitions
Doc1877796194 Facilities OperationsInterior Demolition and Abatement Services at 2299 Dundas St W, City of Toronto.Anacond Contracting Inc.$811,229.3309/25/2019
Hide details for Electrical servicesElectrical services
102-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian SignalsBLACK & MCDONALD$304,573.3509/25/2019
118-2019Transportation ServicesNon-intrusive Vehicular Detection Installation, Replacement or Repair of existing traffic control devices at various locBeacon Utility Contractors Limited$157,947.3007/12/2019
119-2019Transportation ServicesIntrusive Vehicular Detection Installation, Replacement or Repair of existing traffic control devices at various locatioBeacon Utility Contractors Limited$124,225.9607/12/2019
120-2019Transportation ServicesInstallation of New Traffic Control DevicesBeacon Utility Contractors Limited$2,473,914.9108/14/2019
Rejected Icon1201-19-5007Long-Term Care Homes & Servicesselection of Electrical ContractorsCANCELLEDCANCELLED04/08/2020
1201-19-5073Transportation ServicesThe non-exclusive repair and delivery of various Electronic Traffic Signal Equipment/Components as and when required by Econolite Canada Inc.$11,325.0001/14/2020
Rejected Icon1205-19-5025Transportation ServicesThe Establishment of a Qualified Products List of non-intrusive detection systems for use in traffic signal control applCancelledCancelled04/20/2020
1217-19-7176Toronto WaterElectrical, Mechanical, and Instrumentation Services for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionTrade Mark Industrial Inc.$2,367,000.0003/19/2020
134-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionElectrical System Resiliency ProjectState Group Inc9,044,070.0006/11/2019
151-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian SignalsBeacon Utility Contractors Limited$286,453.7604/09/2020
152-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals.Guild Electric Limited$196,800.0007/24/2019
227-2019Transportation ServicesDeployment of turn prohibition LED Blank-Out Signs at existing signalized intersectionsBlack & McDonald Ltd.$280,761.0512/09/2019
27-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian SignalsBlack & McDonald Limited$345,571.4306/04/2019
28-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian SignalsBlack & McDonald Limited$274,300.2106/04/2019
72-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionInstallation of New Standby Gas GeneratorsWS Nicholls Construction Inc507,088.9906/05/2019
86-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Traffic Control Devices (eight (8) locations)Black & McDdnald Limited$1,277,462.2606/20/2019
88-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals:Black & McDonald Limited$381,226.3707/12/2019
95-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionSSHA Elevator Modernization Project, Located at 674 Dundas Street West, Toronto.Joe Pace & Sons Contracting1,121,595.6006/28/2019
98-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionInstallation of New Standby Gas Generators at Fire WS Nicholls Construction Inc642,862.4006/05/2019
Doc2120076345Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tenders for Electrical Resiliency – Standby Generator at EMSSutherland-Schultz Ltd.$3,959,887 .9003/04/2020
Notice174-2019Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Supply and Installation of Traffic Control Devices ay six (6) intersectionBeacon Utility Contractors Limited$505,703.7801/06/2020
Notice175-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionInstallation of Stand By Gas Generators at Fire Halls 215, 222, 226 and 233Black & McDonald ltd.$789,367.0008/06/2019
Notice180-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionInstallation of Standby Generators at Fire Halls 311, 322 and 324Black & McDonald Ltd.$594,391.0008/07/2019
Notice182-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Installation of a Stand By Gas Generator at Fire Hall 443Robert B Somerville$201,773.0008/07/2019
NoticeDoc1937246494Transportation ServicesDoc1937246494 – Request for Quotation for Traffic Sign Maintenance and Vision Zero Device Installation and Maintenance.Guild Electric Limited$8,775,861.7712/31/2019
Hide details for Facilities renovationsFacilities renovations
Notice226-2019Facilities Design & Construction To construct this project at Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) meeting rooms located at 325 Milner Ave, 70Pegah Construction Ltd.$180,055.8811/12/2019
101-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationState of Good Repair at Alexandra Park Pool and Change Room Facility.Joe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$1,615,000.0006/25/2019
104-2019Facilities OperationsInterior Renovations for AODA Requirements for Fire Hall 115 and EMS Station 23 Located at 115 Parkway Forest Drive, TorJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$1,079,010.0007/09/2019
115-2019Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesElevator Modernization at Lakeshore Lodge Long Term Care Home, Located at 3197 Lake Shore Blvd. West.Duron Ontario Ltd.$675,686.4006/27/2019
121-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationFor: High Park Playground and Wading Pool Upgrades.Vaughan Paving Ltd.$1,408,223.0008/23/2019
129-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRoof Replacement at Fire Station 226 Located at 87 Main Street, Toronto.Triumph Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc260,386.0007/10/2019
144-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRoof Replacement at 1631 Queen Street East, Toronto.Triumph Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.$657,350.0010/01/2019
153-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionDoc 1854281986 - The Renovation of a Seniors Shelter at 2671 Islington AveMJ Dixon Construction$8,293,000.0010/17/2019
Rejected Icon176-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationThe Toronto Botanical Gardens Building Mechanical UpgradesCancelledCancelled01/10/2020
212-2019Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesRoofing replacement Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation$1,815,586.1011/14/2019
3907-19-5020Facilities Design & ConstructionGeneral Contractors for New Construction, Renovation and Restoration Stantec Consulting Ltd.$1,927,303.3609/19/2019
Rejected Icon3907-19-5051Facilities Design & ConstructionMinor Building Repairs at various locations throughout the City of TorontoCancelledCancelled04/06/2020
50-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationState of Good Repair Work at John Booth Memorial ArenaDuron Ontario Ltd4,211,000.0006/05/2019
62-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationCentennial Park StadiumLAYCON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INC$1,685,000.0008/09/2019
Doc1846525621Toronto WaterAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Administration Building Upgrades - Doc1846525621Brook Restoration Ltd.$3,755,300.0004/17/2020
Doc1846525621Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Administration Building UpgradesBrook Restoration Ltd.$3,755,300.0004/16/2020
Rejected IconDoc2007683718Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Construction of a Net Zero Energy Childcare Facility, Located at 1234 Weston RoadCancelledCancelled04/16/2020
Doc2072986331Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tenders for Elevator Modernization Project, Located at 703 Don Mills Road373044 Ont Ltd o/a Trans Canada Construction$787,500.0002/28/2020
Doc2103217885Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesServery Renovation at Cummer Lodge and Seven OaksJoe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.$779,000.0003/03/2020
Notice153-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDoc 1854281986 - The Renovation of a Seniors Shelter at 2671 Islington AveMJ Dixon Construction$8,293,000.0010/17/2019
Rejected IconNotice154-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionBids are requested for the George Street Shelter Renovation.CancelledCancelled04/21/2020
Notice165-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender for Warehouse Renovation at 8270 Sheppard Avenue EastPegah Construction Ltd.$885,100.0008/14/2019
Notice167-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionAccessibility Upgrade at 86 Blake Street- Eastview Community CenterJoe Pace & Sons Contracting inc.$2,095,750.0008/26/2019
Notice186-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationMary McCormick Recreation Centre373044 Ontario Ltd O/A Trans Canada Construction$2,741,327.5010/31/2019
Notice192-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Interior renovations to Classroom Space at EMS Headquarters, Located at 4330 Dufferin Street, ToronRossclair Contractors Inc.$335,000.0008/27/2019
Rejected IconNotice211-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Second Floor Interior Renovations at City Hall, Located at 100 Queen Street WestCancelledCancelled04/20/2020
Notice235-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionSkylight, Curtain Wall Replacement at 4331 Lawrence Ave E and Re-Roofing, Truck Deck and Waterproofing at 240 Howland AvBrook Restoration Ltd.$329,800.0001/20/2020
NoticeDoc1995864345Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Renovations to Construct New Office and Payment Counters at Old City Hall, Located at 60 Queen St. BDA Inc.$597,700.0012/13/2019
Hide details for Heating ventilating - air handling and plumbing servicesHeating ventilating - air handling and plumbing services
4201-19-5037Parks, Forestry & RecreationPlumbing and related Mechanical ServicesActive Mechanical Services$568,850.0010/31/2019
4201-19-5043Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationPlumbing/Drain Repairs and Services at various City of Toronto's SheltersGorbern Mechanical Contractors$410,591.0010/04/2019
4301-19-7198Toronto WaterPreventative Maintenance Service and Repairs, including modifications and upgrades, to Heating, Ventilation and Air CondSuperior Air Systems Ltd.$494,525.0001/01/2020
4305-19-5011Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesHVAC Preventive Maintenance and Repair ServicesDunlis Mechanical Services Ltd.$1,715,577.5007/24/2019
4305-19-5044Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationHVAC Preventative Maintenance Services and Emergency Repairs at various City of Toronto's SheltersCarmichael Engineering Ltd.$456,700.0011/19/2019
Doc2190483786Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Installation of Stand-By Gas Generator at Fire Hall 227, Located at 1904 Queen St E, TorontoSutherland-Schultz Ltd.$173,652.0803/30/2020
Notice200-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Installation of Stand-By Gas generator at Toronto Police Forensic Identification Services located aW S Nicholls Construction Inc.$562,689.0308/27/2019
Notice214-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Installation of Standby Generator Reconnection, Located at 40 Toryork Drive, Toronto.Sutherland-Schultz Ltd.$173,943.1209/12/2019
Notice244-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Installation of New Standby Gas Generator at Fire Hall 421, Fire Hall 444, Quarter Master Stores anBlack & McDonald Ltd.$850,735.7611/26/2019
Hide details for Ice Rink RefrigerationIce Rink Refrigeration
4306-19-5036Parks, Forestry & RecreationRefrigeration Service programme, to maintain existing indoor/outdoor ice-making refrigeration equipment.Cimco Refrigeration$888,695.0009/25/2019
Hide details for Landscape ConstructionLandscape Construction
Rejected Icon6806-19-5035Parks, Forestry & RecreationSupply, fabrication, installation, warranty of an ornamental metal fence at the Toronto Music GardenCANCELLEDCANCELLED10/16/2019
Notice185-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationCanoe Landing Playground and Associated WorkWESSUC INC.$683,720.0010/09/2019
Hide details for Mechanical ServicesMechanical Services
297-2018Toronto WaterOperations Control Centre Rehabilitation and Upgrade at Humber Treatment Plant (THR)Alberici Constructors Ltd.$29,533,310.9009/11/2019
298-2018Toronto WaterBlower Building Rehabilitation and Upgrades at Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant (TAB).Steelcore Construction Ltd$11,459,750.0009/26/2019
4305-19-0073Exhibition PlaceMaintenance of BAS at Enercare CentreJohnson Controls Ltd$102,562.4106/10/2019
Rejected Icon4305-19-5008Long-Term Care Homes & Servicesthe selection of Mechanical ContractorsCANCELLEDN/A04/08/2020
4305-19-5057Facilities Design & ConstructionPreventative Maintenance and Technical Support Services for Environmental Control Systems and Building Automation SystemEnergy Concepts Inc.$88,977.8608/29/2019
4305-19-5061Facilities Design & ConstructionPreventative Maintenance & Technical Support Services for Environmental Control Systems and Building Automation System.Johnson Controls Ltd.$352,801.1212/12/2019
Doc1964348702Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesTemporary and permanent restorations to repairs performed to the City's infrastructureBevcon Construction & Paving Ltd.$945,850.0012/11/2019
Doc2043285508Facilities Design & ConstructionRequest for Tender - Server Room - AC Units Replacement at EMS Headquarters, Located at 4330 Dufferin St., TorontoBlack & McDonald Limited$690,310.0002/14/2020
Doc2110572593Facilities Design & ConstructionMechanical ServicesAutomated Controls and Energy Solutions Group Inc.$345,41 1.9503/10/2020
Hide details for Painting servicesPainting services
Doc2021198607Transportation ServicesPavement Markings and Acrylic Pavement CoatingGuild Electric Limited$2,026,025.7212/12/2019
Hide details for Road - Curb - SidewalkRoad - Curb - Sidewalk
107-2019Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks, Toronto & East York DistrictMaple-Crete Inc$1,756,149.0008/20/2019
108-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road Resurfacing on Royal York Road from Lawrence Avenue West to Summitcrest DriveBrennan Pavin & Construction$2,913,795.5906/17/2019
126-2019Toronto WaterPERMANENT SURFACE RESINSTATEMENT TO TORONTO WATER REPAIRSPave Tar Construction Ltd.$4,521,569.0007/03/2019
127-2019Toronto WaterPermanent Surface Resinstatement To Toronto Water Repairs614128 Ontario Ltd. o/a Trisan Construction$4,706,970.0006/27/2019
130-2019Transportation ServicesThe work includes undertaking repairs to roads and sidewalks in North York District, Wards 6, 8, 15, 16, 17 and 18A&F DiCarlo Construction Inc3,020,358.0007/30/2019
131-2019Transportation ServicesThe work includes Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts and Grinding and Paving on Bloor Street East, in Toronto & East YorkGazzola Paving Limited$879,271.6007/08/2019
141-2019Transportation ServicesRepairs to Culverts, Driveways, Ditches and Shoulders, Etobicoke York DistrictIl Duca Contracting Inc.$782,973.9907/23/2019
147-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMilner Avenue West from Progress Avenue to Neilson Road – Major Road Reconstruction.Grascan Construction Ltd.$3,982,300.8810/30/2019
148-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing Work and Sizewalk on Arlstan Dr, Barse St, Castlefield Ave, Elise Terrace and Maxwell Street, Sanscon Construction Ltd.$2,851,798.3907/19/2019
155-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing of York Mills Road from Leslie Street to Don Mills RoadSanscon Construction Limited$1,765,589.9908/29/2019
156-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDanforth Road – Road Resurfacing and Intersection ImprovementsBrennan Paving & Construction Ltd.$6,307,565.2609/18/2019
159-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Resurfacing Maple-Crete Inc.$2,765,039.7810/11/2019
160-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts - Toronto & East York District, Wards 9, 10 and 11.Aqua Tech Solutions Inc$2,448,730.0001/20/2020
162-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts - Toronto & East York District, Wards 8 and 12A&F Dicarlo Construction Inc.$2,153,983.3508/30/2019
163-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts - Toronto & East York District, Wards 11, 12, 14 and 15. A&F Dicarlo Construction Limited$1,398,230.5508/26/2019
164-2019Transportation ServicesFor: Permanent Repairs to Utility Cuts –Toronto & East York District, Wards 14, 16 and 19.Maple Crete Inc.$1,254,650.0009/13/2019
166-2019Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks, Toronto & East York DistrictMaple Crete Inc.$1,530.164.0008/19/2019
169-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliverySherbourne St. Road Resurfacing from Bloor St E. to Carlton St. Sheppard Street Watermain Replacement from Adelaide St W2489960 Ontario Inc.$4,011,010.3008/21/2019
187-2019Transportation ServicesThe Construction of Asphalt Speed Humps in the Toronto & East York, Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough DistrictVaughan Paving Ltd.$330,481.0008/27/2019
188-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain & Substandard Water Service Replacement Il Duca Contracting Inc.$3,617,793.3011/01/2019
195-2019Transportation ServicesLaneway Reconstruction Calgie Ln, Callaghan Ln, Drovers Ln, Ln E Lippincott N Nassau, Ln E Yonge S Price, Ln N DavenportIl Duca Contracting Inc.$2,140,754.0010/16/2019
197-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts and Milling & Paving on Adelaide Street East, Lake Shore Blvd East and Bond Street, ToPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$791,974.2510/07/2019
206-2019Transportation ServicesThe work includes Interim Repairs and Road Maintenance, North York District & Etobicoke Districts Wards 3, 5, 6, 8, 15, Brennan Paving and Construction$2,645,488.2508/21/2019
209-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road ResurfacingSanscon Construction Ltd.$7,762,029.0012/03/2019
210-2019Transportation ServicesMilling and Paving to Utility Cuts - Toronto & East York DistrictGazzola Paving Limited$818,889.0010/15/2019
221-2019Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance to Roads and Sidewalks, Toronto & East York DistrictMaple Crete Inc.$726,427.0010/07/2019
228-2019Transportation ServicesRepairs to roadway, laneway, curb and sidewalk, and lay-by in Toronto & East York DistrictA&F DiCarlo Construction$632,075.8712/09/2019
Rejected Icon287-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryReconstruction of TTC Track allowance, road, sidewalk, watermain, sewer, streetscaping and TTC platformsCANCELLEDCANCELLED04/14/2020
Rejected Icon291-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDundas St. E and Coxwell Ave Intersection Improvements and StreetscapingcancelledCancelled04/14/2020
309-2018Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts – Toronto and East York DistrictFerpac Paving Inc.$834,982.9004/15/2020
321-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing Program – 19ECS-TI-13LR, in Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, and 19Sanscon Construction Ltd.$24,520,876.1606/03/2019
3923-19-5050Transportation ServicesRoadway Crackfilling in Etobicoke York District.Multiseal Inc.$473,630.0008/19/2019
3923-19-5054Transportation ServicesRoadway Crackfilling in North York District.Metro Asphalt Sealer & Repairs Ltd$509,240.0008/23/2019
4-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesLocal Road Reconstruction and Replacement of Substandard Water Services 614128 Ontario Ltd. o/a Trisan Construction$7,862,444.2806/06/2019
60-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionAsphalt and Concrete ReconstructionMopal Construction Ltd.$590,600.0007/01/2019
73-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad resurfacing of Birchmount Road, Eglinton Ave to Lawrence Ave. and intersection improvements at 2231 Lawrence AvenueD.Crupi and Sons Limited$2,746,593.6207/08/2019
85-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts on Arterial Roads – North York DistrictA & F DiCarlo Construction Inc.$3,465,781.6506/20/2019
Rejected Icon97-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRoad Reconstruction CancelledCancelled09/11/2019
Doc1969360603 Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDoc. 1969360603 - Laneway Reconstruction, Major Roads Resurfacing and Watermain Replacements on various streets in the 2489960 Ontario Inc.$12,021,613.7112/04/2019
Doc2014427668 Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing Gazzola Paving Limited$3,025,044.5504/21/2020
Doc2235581218 Tender No. 36-2020Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryFor: Major Road Reconstruction Program – 20ECS-TI-22MR, in Wards 20, 21 Sanscon Construction Limited$12,603,648.2005/26/2020
Rejected IconNotice136-2019Transportation Servicesfor the assembly, installation, and removal of Bicycle Locking RingsCancelledCancelled04/21/2020
Rejected IconNotice142-2019Transportation Servicesfor Installation of vehicular access ramps & permanent repairs to municipal road damageCancelledCancelled04/21/2020
Notice2-2019Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for Permanent repairs to Utility Cuts on arterial, collector and local roads within Ward 1, 2, and 3 Pave-Tar Construction Ltd.$2,702,876 9706/06/2019
Notice6810-19-5046Transportation ServicesOffsite Build and Installation of two Sidewalk Extensions - Ariba Document Number Doc1803788750Wessuc Inc.$73,151.0011/22/2019
Hide details for Sewer repair and maintenanceSewer repair and maintenance
111-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesMendota,Queensway and Long Branch Sanitary Trunk Sewers RehabilitationCapital Sewer Services Inc.$14,829,888.0010/03/2019
111-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMendota, Queensway And Long Branch Sanitary Trunk Sewers RehabilitationCapital Sewer Services Inc.$14,829,888.0010/03/2019
15-2019Toronto WaterReplacement of Sewage Forcemains at Various Locations in the City of TorontoDrainstar Contracting Ltd.$9,927,071.0006/26/2019
196-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationBASEMENT FLOODING PROTECTION PROGRAM, PHASE 4, ASSIGNMENT 16-22Comer Group Limited$9,599,618.1112/12/2019
3204-18-7229Toronto Waterthe non-exclusive provision of hydraulic flushing, cleaning and closed circuit television inspection of both service latAqua Tech Solutions Inc.$698,214.0006/22/2019
323-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesStorm Sewer Rehabilitation on West Humber River Trail, Toronto,Michels Canada Co$2,666,547.4007/30/2019
34-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesSewer Rehabilitation Program Project 2 – Tender 1Capital Sewer Services Inc.$21,704,081.3012/23/2019
3919-19-7123Toronto WaterCatch Basin Inspection and Cleaning Services on Arterial and Collector RoadsFlow Keen Technology Ltd.$1,452,593.1007/19/2019
44-2019Toronto WaterMainline Large Diameter (non-circular) Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Activities CIPPClean Water Works Inc.$5,089,380.5301/22/2020
75-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain and Water Service Replacements GFL Infrastructure Group Inc.$13,114,199.2208/13/2019
9117-17-7015Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDetailed Design Contract Administration, Site Inspection and Post Construction Services Multiple Awards10/02/2019
9117-19-7180- Choose one -Pre-Qualification of General Contractors for East Don River Sewer Crossing and River Stabilization – 1240 Sheppard AvenuCH2M Canada Limited$2,154,350.4004/21/2020
DOC2004114451Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMendota, and Queensway Sanitary Trunk Sewers RehabilitationClean Water Works Inc.$13,221,000.0004/06/2020
Doc2118337433Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabiliation of Small Diameter Gravity Sewers and Related Works Clean Water Works Inc.$17,373,150.7505/26/2020
Doc2118337433Toronto WaterFull Length Trenchless Rehabilitation of Small Diameter Gravity Sewers and Related WorksClean Water Works Inc.$17,373,150.7505/26/2020
Hide details for Watermains - Water ServicesWatermains - Water Services
114-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement, Road Resurfacing, Cycle Track and Side-Street Parkette ConstructionSanscon Construction Limited$12,526,613.0006/05/2019
145-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain & Water Services Replacement and Permanent Road Restoration on Richmond Street West from Bathurst Street to Midome Construction Services Ltd.$9,405,000.0007/17/2019
149-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain ReplacementCRCE Construction Ltd.$5,786,330.9507/17/2019
17-2019Toronto WaterCathodic Protection of Existing Ductile Iron Watermain Pipes in Etobicoke York District, Wards 1, 2, and 31460973 Ontario LImited o/a C.P. Systems$2,807,589.4006/27/2019
172-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement at various locations across North York.614128 Ontario Ltd., o/a Trisan Construction$11,424,787.2710/17/2019
18-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryFor: Cathodic Protection of Existing Ductile Iron Watermain Pipes in Etobicoke York, North York, and Scarborough Distric1460973 Ontario Limited O/A CP Systems$1,043,117.9009/16/2019
20-2020, Ariba Doc No. 2201203353Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York & Scarborough District, Ward 15, 16, 20, 22, and 24Fer-Pal Construction Ltd.$16,497,550.3005/22/2020
205-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain Replacement at various locations across Etobicoke and North York.2489960 Ontario Inc.$8,798,604.8210/17/2019
Rejected Icon21-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryToronto Albion Sanitary Trunk Sewer (STS) Abandonment and Rehabilitation between MH332-45 and MH332-01CancelledCancelled04/14/2020
29-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryLocal Road Resurfacing and Watermain Replacement Timbel Ltd.$4,299,900.0007/18/2019
40-2019Toronto WaterInstallation Of New Residential Water And Sewer Connections And Associated Works Within The North York DistrictUtility Force Inc.$3,848,800.0010/23/2019
4204-19-5019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement Program2489960 Ontario inc.$56,686,028.0007/29/2019
43-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement2489960 Ontario Inc.$6,103,727.3008/01/2019
46-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBERMONDSEY TRANSFER STATION STORMWATER MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENTSCapital Sewer Services Inc$2,949,235.0009/04/2019
47-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryWatermain Replacement on Brown’s Line and Twenty Seventh Street.2489960 Ontario Inc.$9,674,493.3904/14/2020
5-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesWatermain, and substandard water service replacements2489960 Ontario Ltd.$11,666,571.3108/08/2019
9117-19-7089Toronto WaterWatermain Rehabilitation and Cathodic Protection Program ManagementWSP Canada Group Limited$6,337,006.0301/27/2020
Doc1995846175Facilities OperationsOn Demand Water Service Replacement for Various Locations Within TorontoOJCR Construction Ltd.$1,986,550.0001/31/2020
Doc2167712756Toronto WaterWatermain CIPP Lining in North York District, Ward 18Fer Pal Construction Ltd.$19,482,400.5805/20/2020
Notice132-2019Toronto WaterFor: Replacement of Watermain and Substandard Water Services for Various Roads, Toronto, OntarioGio-Crete Construction Ltd.$8,629,141.6004/20/2020
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13-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDorset Pumping Station Replacement (SAP DOC No. 1756028993)Torbear Contractig Inc.$2,788,086.0009/26/2019
Hide details for Goods and ServicesGoods and Services
Hide details for Absorbent MaterialAbsorbent Material
0213-18-0043Purchasing & Materials ManagementAbsorbing MaterialsGuillevin International$185,415.0001/16/2020
Hide details for Aggregate Asphalt-Concrete-Stone-Gravel - Supplies/Services/TestingAggregate Asphalt-Concrete-Stone-Gravel - Supplies/Services/Testing
3920-19-0177Corporate Call - VariousQuarried Crushed Stone Aggregates, Sand and GravelMultiple Awards08/09/2019
Hide details for Chemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration GasesChemicals and Process / Maintenance / Calibration Gases
3925-19-7137Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesQuotations are requested for the non-exclusive supply, delivery and installation of replacement Carbon Media'sAAF Canada Inc.$387,937.9502/12/2020
3926-19-5072Toronto WaterDisinfection, De-chlorination, Disposal, Flushing and all related services for the watermains, reservoirs, elevated tankTarpon Contracting$173,375.0011/19/2019
9117-19-7130Toronto WaterWater Soluble Polyelectrolyte for Biosolids Dewatering and Waste Activated Sludge ThickeningSNF Canada Ltd.$6,805,200.0003/25/2020
Hide details for Construction and Maintenance EquipmentConstruction and Maintenance Equipment
DOC1886668274Toronto WaterNon-Exclusive Supply And Deliver Of Various Types Of Shoring BoxesCos Shore Inc.$100,000.0010/11/2019
Hide details for Construction / Building Materials and SuppliesConstruction / Building Materials and Supplies
6808-19-0219Solid Waste Management ServicesFencing with Removable PanelsM & E General Contracting Inc.$109,250.0011/07/2019
Hide details for Custodial / Cleaning Goods and/or ServicesCustodial / Cleaning Goods and/or Services
0202-18-0403Purchasing & Materials ManagementSupply & Delivery of Toiletries Including Paper Wipers, Paper Towel, Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue & DispensersMister Chemical Ltd. 2,660,594.3106/24/2019
Rejected Icon0203-19-0115Solid Waste Management ServicesPressurized Washing, Degreasing & Aluminum Brightening of Mobile Equipment, Vehicles & Transfer StationsCancelledCancelled04/07/2020
0222-19-0056Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesDishwashing Chemicals, Food Service Cleaning Supplies, Dishwasher Service/MaintenanceEcolab Co Compagnie Ecolab$129,420.0011/01/2019
0223-19-0105Purchasing & Materials ManagementSupply & Delivery of Custodial SuppliesMCL Mister Chemical Ltd.$172,939.7301/20/2020
Doc2079914799Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesHousekeeping and Laundry ChemicalsMCL - Mister Chemical Ltd.$116,995.0002/21/2020
Hide details for Electrical SuppliesElectrical Supplies
1201-19-7199Toronto WaterElectrical Supplies and Components for the City of Toronto’s Water DivisionPowertrade Electric Ltd.$480,322.8004/17/2020
Hide details for Fire Equipment and ServicesFire Equipment and Services
3804-19-0022Fire ServicesFire Fighting Equipment and related EquipmentAJ Stone Company$225,399.0006/24/2019
3808-19-0283Fire ServicesRemote Controlled Firefighting Monitor SystemM & L Supply, Fire & Safety$167,610.0012/27/2019
Hide details for Fitness Equipment - Sporting Goods - Playground Equipment - Related ServicesFitness Equipment - Sporting Goods - Playground Equipment - Related Services
0901-18-0276Purchasing & Materials ManagementFitness EquipmentAdvantage Fitness Sales Inc.$602,425.0004/14/2020
Hide details for Foods and BeveragesFoods and Beverages
0606-18-0110Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesMilk and Related Dairy ProductsGordon Food Sevices1581003.7106/24/2019
0609-18-0204Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationSupply & Delivery of Wine & BeerColio Estate Wines Inc.$130,204.0008/22/2019
0613-18-0154Children’s ServicesMeal Plan Development & Catering for City of Toronto Child Care CentresYummy Catering Services 10,497,846.9506/24/2019
Rejected Icon0613-19-0046- Choose one -Snack FoodsCancelledCancelled07/03/2019
Doc2200823752- Choose one -Food Catering Services Mission Works Ltd.$11,074.6303/25/2020
Hide details for Furniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation ServicesFurniture - Various - Supply / Storage / Removal / Installation Services
0302-18-0399Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationMattressesSlumber Sleep Products of Canada Ltd.$290,885.0001/06/2020
0302-19-0014Fire ServicesSupply and Delivery of Mattresses, Box Springs, and Heavy Duty Bed FramesPioneer Bedding Ltd115,850.0006/24/2019
1004-19-0068Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesFurniture for Long Term Care HomesSpecialty Furniture Inc.$1,157,380.0009/05/2019
Hide details for Heating Ventilating - Air Handling - Equipment / SuppliesHeating Ventilating - Air Handling - Equipment / Supplies
Rejected Icon4307-19-5030Parks, Forestry & RecreationAir Handling Unit at Birchmount Community CentreCANCELLEDCANCELLED04/02/2020
Hide details for Heavy Equipment - Purchase - Rental or ServiceHeavy Equipment - Purchase - Rental or Service
9117-19-7114Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesScreen Equipment for the Integrated Pumping Station at Ashbridges Bay Fairfield Servce Co of Indiana ILL$134,725.6903/23/2020
Hide details for Hospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / ServicesHospital - Medical - Dental - Supplies / Equipment / Services
0505-18-0014Purchasing & Materials ManagementVarious Oxygen Masks and TubingAllied Medical Instruments Inc$45,028.1309/19/2019
Rejected Icon0505-18-0287Purchasing & Materials ManagementAreochambers, HME Filters and other Medical DevicesCancelledCancelled04/15/2020
0505-19-0099- Choose one -Oropharyngeal and/or Nasopharyngeal AirwaysMultiple Awards09/26/2019
0505-19-0132Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationPrescription Drugs and ServicesWeel and Good Pharmacy$74,400.0001/13/2020
1669593040Purchasing & Materials ManagementSharps ContainerStevens Company Ltd$228,473.0009/19/2019
6034-19-0067- Choose one -Provision of Biohazardous Waste Removal Services and Biohazardous Waste ContainersMultiple Awards10/08/2019
DOC2003659604- Choose one -Multi-Speed SplintEquipment Medical Rive Nord (EMRN)$9,975.0001/06/2020
Doc2020584183- Choose one -Cervical CollarsEquipment Medical Rive Nord (EMRN)$155,662.5001/01/2020
Doc2061258520- Choose one -FERNO OEM Parts and EquipmentFerno Canada$82,721.4101/15/2020
Hide details for Information & Technology Software/HardwareInformation & Technology Software/Hardware
3401-16-3008Information & TechnologyFor: CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PROCESSING SERVICES FOR THE CITY OF TORONTOMoneris Solutions$14,825,659.0006/24/2019
3401-16-3030Information & TechnologyWestbury SMI11 & SMI12 Software Licenses Sumo IT Solutions Inc.$155,329.8706/24/2019
3401-16-3127Information & TechnologyPanasonic Toughbook rugged devices and accessories,Compugen Inc.$1,408,283.0006/24/2019
3405-16-3105- Choose one -Aruba-HP Network equipmentRDEL Technologies Inc$1,880,000.0006/24/2019
3405-16-3107Information & TechnologyEmbarcadero ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition Software and SupportSHI Canada95,301.5606/24/2019
3405-16-3142Information & TechnologyVeritas Licenses and Maintenance Support Services ONX Enterprise Solutions1,566,388.0006/24/2019
3405-16-3212Information & TechnologyCheck Point Appliance GatewayMNP LLP538,571.9006/24/2019
3405-17-0019Information & TechnologyAmazon Web Services Cloud Subscription ServicesITMethods379,000.0006/24/2019
3405-17-0034Information & TechnologySpace Tracking Software as a Service (SaaS)FM Systems Inc165,050.0006/24/2019
3405-17-0035- Choose one -Mobile Dispatch SoftwareFM Systems Inc165,050.0006/24/2019
3405-17-0041Information & TechnologySecurity Incident and Investigation Management SolutionResolver Inc.287,910.0006/24/2019
3405-17-0064Information & TechnologyProgram Registration and Recreation Facilities/Space Booking SystemLegend Recreation Software Inc1,142,125.8806/24/2019
3405-17-0147Social Development, Finance & AdministrationOnline Grants Management SystemSmartSimple279,787.0006/24/2019
3405-17-0165Information & TechnologyElectronic Health Care Records ApplicationPointClickCare Technologies Inc596,552.1206/24/2019
3405-17-0411- Choose one -Bomgar Remote Support licensesNorthern Micro Inc.288,552.7706/24/2019
3405-18-0041Information & TechnologyCommercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Enterprise Classification (Common Search Terms) SolutionMondeca$881,786.0006/25/2019
Rejected Icon3405-18-0049Municipal Licensing & StandardsSaaS Licensing and Enforcement Cloud Solutioncancelledcancelled06/25/2019
3405-18-0081Information & TechnologyAutomated Solution to Support Toronto Public Health Research Ethics ReviewProcess Pathways Inc.$131,714.0006/25/2019
3405-18-0320Information & TechnologyCheck Point Products renewal and maintenance servicesMNP LLP$877,667.7306/25/2019
3405-18-0334Information & TechnologyVMware Licenses and Maintenance Support ServicesOnx Enterprise Solutions$4,646,983.5006/25/2019
3405-18-0353Information & TechnologyElectronic Medical Records Solution- Two-Envelope SystemIntrahealth Canada Limited$495,480.0009/16/2019
3405-18-0356Information & TechnologyHP ESMI SuitOnx Enterprise Solutions Ltd.$5,493,611.7506/25/2019
3405-18-0357Information & TechnologyIBM DataPower Gateway hardware, software licenses and implementation support servicesGlasshouse Systems$390,987.0706/25/2019
3405-18-7194Toronto WaterFor: non-exclusive supply and delivery of Veeam Availability Solution including Software, Maintenance & Support and ProfOnx Enterprise Solutions$476,950.0006/25/2019
3405-19-0075Information & TechnologyEntrust Public SSL Certificate and ServicesDLS Technology Corporation$54,771.0506/25/2019
3405-19-0149Information & TechnologyNovell Client Access Licenses (OES user license)Acrodex DBA PCM Canada466,252.5006/24/2019
3405-19-0163Information & TechnologySupply of F5 ProductsTeramach Technologies Inc.$204,184.8706/09/2019
3405-19-0164- Choose one -Supply of Qualys ProductsHerjavec Group37,373.5606/24/2019
3405-19-0189Information & TechnologySupply of Netwitness Support and Maintenance ServicesComplytec Inc.$36,617.0410/01/2019
3405-19-0190- Choose one -Fotoware Licenses and Support ServicesCanDAM74, 409.6906/24/2019
3405-19-0194Information & TechnologyAtlassian SoftwareDragonagile Consulting Inc.$46,920.0009/06/2019
3405-19-0271Information & TechnologySPLUNK LicensesRsolutions$335,200.0002/18/2020
3405-19-0272Information & TechnologyFireEye Web Malware ProtectionRsolutions$389,645.1001/16/2020
3407-19-0087City Clerk's OfficeSupply of High Speed Black and White PrintersKonica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.$2,820,960.0008/01/2019
Rejected Icon3409-18-0254Information & TechnologyMulti and Single Function Printers and the Managed Print ServicesCancelledCancelled04/09/2020
3409-19-0079Information & TechnologyMulti and Single Function Printers and the Managed Print ServicesHP Canada Co$16,617,984.2802/07/2020
3409-19-0088Information & TechnologyManaged Print Services for Legacy DevicesXerox Canada Limited$6,761,312.2507/17/2019
3412-17-0324- Choose one -Cisco and Cisco-Meraki Network Equipment and ProductsOnx Enterprise Solutions$20,000,000.0006/24/2019
3412-17-0381Information & TechnologyCheck Point Appliances including Hardware and Software SupportMNP LLP$397,212.3506/24/2019
3412-18-0265Information & TechnologyCisco Branded SmartNet Care for Cisco network productsOnx Enterprise Solutions$5,100,000.0006/24/2019
3412-18-0377Long-Term Care Homes & Services6th Gen Apple iPads and iPod touch devicesCDW Canada Inc.$245,515.5006/24/2019
3412-19-0093Information & TechnologyHDS Storage and related supportOnx Enterprise Solutions$4,445,35606/12/2019
3412-19-0160- Choose one -Nutanix hardware and supportONX Enterprise Solutions881, 250.0006/24/2019
3412-19-0232Information & TechnologyPanasonic ToughbooksCompugen Inc.$11,085,419.2610/30/2019
3412-19-0233- Choose one -Supply of Desktops, Notebooks, Tablet PC's and related Products and ServicesCompuco Canada Co$18,543,916.8110/08/2019
3412-19-0273Information & TechnologyAssembled IBM ServersONX Enterprise Solutions Ltd.$7,745,412.0003/10/2020
9119-19-0225Information & TechnologyRequest for Consulting Services for a Reference Architecture PlanErnst & Young LLP$335,000.0009/25/2019
Hide details for Kitchen AppliancesKitchen Appliances
0306-19-0259Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesHigh Temperature Dish MachinesDayco Distributing Ltd.$76,737.5110/10/2019
Rejected Icon4302-19-0112- Choose one -Inspect and clean kitchen hood exhaust systemscancelledcancelled04/07/2020
Hide details for Landscaping Supplies - Equipment and ServicesLandscaping Supplies - Equipment and Services
3704-19-0104- Choose one -Trees and ShrubsMultiple Awards10/10/2019
3710-19-0037- Choose one -Sod, Sod Installation, Topsoil and Other Related Products and ServicesMultiple Awards09/20/2019
3721-19-0159Parks, Forestry & RecreationTo perform Watering and Tree Pit/Planter Maintenance ServicesForest Ridge Landscaping Inc.$181,376.0008/26/2019
3723-19-0158- Choose one -Forestry SuppliesUniversal Field Supplies Inc.$152,764.0010/10/2019
DOC2214138883- Choose one -Tree Planting ServicesMultiple Awards04/22/2020
Hide details for Lumber and PlywoodLumber and Plywood
3601-19-0023- Choose one -Various Lumber Items$674,664.9010/04/2019
Hide details for Petroleum ProductsPetroleum Products
6907-19-0145Fleet ServicesVarious Fuel Type ProductsMultiple Awards01/01/2020
Hide details for Plumbing SuppliesPlumbing Supplies
Doc2037214860- Choose one -Plumbing and Heating ComponentsMultiple Awards01/20/2020
Hide details for Preventative Maintenance and ServicesPreventative Maintenance and Services
0801-19-7009Facilities OperationsFor non-exclusive service delivery of equipment inventory, equipment tagging & Preventive Maintenance Angus Consulting Management Ltd.$612,803.0009/12/2019
Hide details for Protective and Safety Clothing and Related ProductsProtective and Safety Clothing and Related Products
0501-19-0012Corporate Call - VariousPrescription Safety EyewearMultiple Awards02/13/2020
3804-19-0025Fire ServicesVarious Hazmat ConsumablesHazmasters513,673.0006/24/2019
DOC1669551201- Choose one -Poly/Wool SocksSupply Line$130,815.0008/01/2019
Hide details for Salt - Supply and DeliverSalt - Supply and Deliver
6619-19-0010Transportation Servicessupply, delivery and unloading of bulk, crushed, coarse, common rock salt Multiple Awards09/06/2019
Hide details for SignsSigns
3804-19-0100Purchasing & Materials ManagementSafety Signs and TagsGuillevin Iternational Company$26,566.8810/21/2019
Doc1803680660- Choose one -Safety Signs and TagsGuillevin International Co$26,568.8810/21/2019
Hide details for Sweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without OperatorSweeper/Scrubber - Purchase / Rental / Maintenance / Service - with or without Operator
6019-19-0129Fleet ServicesSupply and Delivery of fourteen (14) latest model various type sidewalk sweepersHolder Tractors Inc.$929,954.8004/01/2020
Hide details for Testing and Monitoring Equipment and SuppliesTesting and Monitoring Equipment and Supplies
Rejected Icon0709-19-0106Solid Waste Management ServicesGAS MONITORING SYSTEMSCancelledCancelled04/08/2020
Rejected Icon3202-18-0319Corporate SecurityAccess control systems, video surveillance systems, audio/visual systems and intercoms. CancelledCancelled04/14/2020
Rejected Icon3202-18-0319Corporate SecuritySecurity Systems at Union StationCancelledCancelled04/09/2020
Hide details for Textile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and EquipmentTextile Products - Clothing - Uniform Materials - and Equipment
0102-19-0031Purchasing & Materials ManagementTactical ShirtsCIMA LTCI Corporation$75,235.3103/04/2020
0102-19-0035Purchasing & Materials ManagementSupply of Coveralls and OverallsOutdoor Outfits Ltd$38,642.5010/01/2019
0103-19-0095Purchasing & Materials ManagementToronto Fire Services ParkasOutdoor Outfits Ltd.$68,903.1308/23/2019
0105-19-0041Emergency Medical ServicesDry Cleaning, Laundering, Pressing Services and Alterations of Uniform Clothing2145128 Ontario Inc. O/A Cadet Cllean$285,985.0001/15/2020
Doc1950322735Purchasing & Materials ManagementParks, Forestry & Recreation ClothingFive Star Enterprise$191,404.3803/02/2020
Hide details for Tools and Shop EquipmentTools and Shop Equipment
Rejected Icon6302-19-0229Toronto WaterVarious Industrial SuppliesCancelledCancelled04/20/2020
Hide details for Transportation EquipmentTransportation Equipment
6029-19-0064- Choose one -Traffic Control EquipmentMultiple Awards06/06/2019
9148-19-0048Transportation ServicesProvision of Automated Speed Enforcement ServicesRedflex Traffic Systems (Canada) Ltd.$12,619,448.1511/26/2019
Hide details for Transportation Services and RentalsTransportation Services and Rentals
6141-19-0156Parks, Forestry & RecreationBus Charter Services for Summer CampsFirst Canada ULC$146,730.9106/20/2019
9148-19-0114Transportation ServicesProvision of School Crossing Guards Services Carraway Inc.$28,326,240.0007/18/2019
Doc1912232124- Choose one -Single Axle, Tandem and Tri Axle Dump Trucks with OperatorsRafat General Contractor Inc.$5,366,000.0011/07/2019
Hide details for Vehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / ServiceVehicle - Parts / Tires / Repair / Maintenance / Service
6102-19-0142Fire ServicesRepairs and Maintenance for Cummins Diesel EnginesMississauga Bus, Coach & Truck Repairs$107,50006/10/2019
Doc1808735584Fire ServicesSpartan OEM Parts for Fire TrucksDependable Emergency Vehicles$330,988.0009/19/2019
Hide details for Vehicle - Purchase of Various Weight ClassVehicle - Purchase of Various Weight Class
6113-19-0147Fleet ServicesTwenty Three (23) Latest Model Truck Cab and Chassis with Various Cab and Body ConfigurationsDowntown Auto Group$2,133,252.0010/01/2019
6114-19-0018Fire ServicesCanteen Supply VehiclesPK Welding & Fabricators Inc.$656,000.0006/24/2019
6114-19-0166Fleet ServicesTwenty Three (23)latest model conventional cab and Four (4 )chassis dump trucksTitan Sales $658,800.0009/18/2019
6114-19-0244Fleet ServicesLatest Model Conventional Cab and Chassis with Various Body Configurations.Multiple Awards01/16/2020
Hide details for Waste Removal and HaulageWaste Removal and Haulage
0211-19-0053- Choose one -Waste Removal Services for Various locations within the City of TorontoStan Johnson & Sons MTCe$147,727.5006/24/2019
6032-19-0236Transportation ServicesMechanical Leaf CollectionMunicipal Maintenance Inc.$1,547,900.0010/03/2019
Rejected Icon6033-19-0002Fleet ServicesRemoval and Disposal of Industrial Waste CancelledCancelled04/06/2020
6033-19-0187Solid Waste Management ServicesMechanical Litter RemovalMunicipal Maintenance Inc.$9,061,221.0011/18/2019
6037-18-0250Facilities OperationsClean out of grease traps, holding tanks, and interceptorsGFL Environmental Inc.$732,700.0009/19/2019
9150-19-0126Solid Waste Management ServicesProcessing Services for up to 15,000 tonnes annually of Source Separated Organics (SSO)Renewi Canada Ltd$4,650,000.0007/15/2019
Doc1898605309Solid Waste Management ServicesOld Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)Multiple Awards09/15/2019
Doc1909537375Solid Waste Management ServicesPolyethylene Terephthalate (PET)Eco-Choice Recycling Inc.$320.33128/MT09/16/2019
Doc2116520877Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase of HDPE Bottles from the City of TorontoRevital Polymers Inc$493.0123101/06/2020
Doc2126115626Parks, Forestry & RecreationWood and Wood ChipsWalker Environmental Group Inc.$2.50/Cubic Metre for lines 1, 4, 6, 7, 9-11 of Schedule A02/21/2020
Hide details for Water MetersWater Meters
0713-19-7126Toronto WaterWater Meters and Various Appurtenances for Installation in the City's Water Distribution SysteNeptune Technology Group08/02/2019
Doc2012300062Facilities OperationsSource for Annual Testing, Service and Certification of Backflow Prevention Devices Ocean Mechanical Inc.$42,242.5004/16/2020
Hide details for ||
0505-19-0138- Choose one -Needles and SyringesStevens Company Ltd$288,551.1009/11/2019
3412-17-0380Information & TechnologyEnterprise Class Network Attached Storage devices for unstructured file repository, with industry recognition Scalar Decisions Inc.$693,500.0006/24/2019
Doc1998301243Solid Waste Management ServicesPurchase and Removal of Aluminum CansCompass Metal Trading Inc. (for 6 month period) at 35.41010% of the London Metal Exchange (LME).11/01/2019
Hide details for Professional ServicesProfessional Services
Hide details for Advertising ServicesAdvertising Services
Doc2004539933Strategic CommunicationsAdvertising Agency Search Services Publicis Canada$1,357,965.0001/29/2020
Hide details for Animals and Animal ServicesAnimals and Animal Services
7003-19-0136Municipal Licensing & StandardsVeterinary Prescription Diets and Maintenance Canned Diets for Dogs and CatsNestle Purina Petcare Can$26,896.9509/16/2019
Hide details for Architectural ServicesArchitectural Services
2047055153Parks, Forestry & Recreation Request for Proposal for Green Line Implementation Project – Development of Geary Avenue and MacPherson Ave. Parks.DTAH - DU TOIT ALLSOPP HILLIER$605,751.9602/18/2020
9118-19-5017Parks, Forestry & RecreationEdwards Gardens – Toronto Botanical Garden New Maintenance YardAecom Canada Architects Ltd360,790.0006/12/2019
9118-19-5018Parks, Forestry & RecreationNew Wabash Community CentreDIAMOND & SCHMITT ARCHITECTS INCORPORATED $2,043,438.68 12/13/2019
9118-19-5022Parks, Forestry & RecreationSt. Andrew’s Playground ImprovementsDTAH - DU TOIT ALLSOPP HILLIER$260,736.5006/05/2019
9118-19-5031Parks, Forestry & RecreationGord and Irene Risk Community CentreCarvajal Structural Engineers Inc.$88,500.0001/06/2020
9118-19-5033Parks, Forestry & RecreationPhase One implementation of the Humber Bay Park Master PlanDTAH-DU TOIT ALLSOP HILLIER$381,229.5012/12/2019
Rejected Icon9118-19-5040Parks, Forestry & RecreationToronto Island Park Master PlanCancelledCancelled10/11/2019
9118-19-5052Parks, Forestry & RecreationCentennial Park Master Plan Update and Implementation PlanPMA Landscape Architects Ltd.$175,139.0010/23/2019
9118-19-5053Parks, Forestry & RecreationComplete Professional and Technical Services for the Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract AdministrationPeter T Mitches & Associated Ltd.$92,800.0010/16/2019
9118-19-7041Children’s ServicesArchitectural Services for Children's Services Division Multiple Awards01/13/2020
9118-19-7081Children’s ServicesDesign, Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract Administration for the renovation of the Ancaster Child Care CentreVentin Group (Toronto)Ltd, The$18,350.0008/14/2019
Rejected Icon9118-19-7109Economic Development & CultureJunction BIA – Professional Design Services CancelledCancelled11/26/2019
Hide details for Auditing ServicesAuditing Services
9158-19-0170Solid Waste Management ServicesThe purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select a qualified Consultant (Consultant or Vendor) to undertake aErnst & Young LLP$260,012.5012/27/2019
DOC2004629990Municipal Licensing & StandardsRegulatory and Compliance Audits for Vehicle-for-Hire and Short-Term Rentals in the City of TorontoKPMG LLP$180,000.0002/11/2020
Notice9150-19-0003Solid Waste Management ServicesFor: Seasonal Waste Audits of Multi-Residential BuildingsWaste Reduction Group Inc$166,595.0003/01/2020
Hide details for Consulting ServicesConsulting Services
9101-19-7159City PlanningScarborough Centre Focused ReviewGladki Planning Associates Inc.$489,226.3812/20/2019
9117-18-5099Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesFor the Rehabilitations of Reid Manor Pedestrian Bridge and Van Dusen Pedestrian Bridge Associated Engineering (ONT) Ltd.$866,077.8709/12/2019
9117-18-7247Toronto WaterProfessional Consulting Services for 30 Dee Avenue Consolidation AECOM Canada Ltd.$3,088,996.0009/05/2019
9117-19-7051Toronto WaterProfessional Services for Biosolids Agricultural Land Application Inspection and Due Diligence ReviewGHD Limited$741,170.0006/10/2019
9117-19-7098Toronto WaterContract Administration Services for the New Beechgrove Influent ChamberAecom Canada Ltd.$832,600.0008/08/2019
9117-19-7169Toronto WaterProfessional Services for the Development of a Geomorphic Systems Master Plan for Yellow CreekGHD Limited$288,864.1302/19/2020
9117-19-7215Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesConsulting Services for Green Infrastructure in the Right-of-WayArup Canada Incorporated$453,870.7004/29/2020
Rejected Icon9119-18-0349Legal ServicesLegal Services Organizational ReviewCancelledCancelled04/15/2020
9119-18-0369Solid Waste Management ServicesConsulting Services for Annual Monitoring of the Upper and Lower Riverwood Landfill Sites and the Brimley Landfill SlopeGolder Associates Limited$400,848.7306/20/2019
Rejected Icon9119-18-7234Children’s ServicesEarlyON Special Needs Inclusion Model Research ProjectCancelledCancelled04/09/2020
9119-19-0137Solid Waste Management ServicesWorkflow and Business Process Analysis ConsultantDeloitte LLP$302,500.0012/16/2019
9119-19-0162Facilities OperationsDesign, Program Management and Contract Administration Services for Accessibility UpgradesIBI Group Professional Services Canada Inc.$24,120,856.0008/29/2019
Rejected Icon9119-19-7001City PlanningMount Dennis Planning Framework StudyCANCELLEDCANCELLED04/08/2020
9119-19-7011Real Estate ServicesLease Audit ServicesMultiple Awards10/21/2019
9119-19-7030Economic Development & CultureFor the provision of detailed professional and technical landscape design servicesPlant Architect Inc.$74,491.2509/13/2019
9119-19-7110Toronto BuildingToronto Building Program Review and Cost Allocation Methodology ProjectKPMG LLP$515,571.6404/01/2020
9119-19-7136City PlanningMount Dennis Planning Framework StudyPerkins Will Canada Corporation$525,667.0501/28/2020
9119-19-7168City PlanningRental Market Listings AnalysisCanadian Urban Institute$26,782.0012/18/2019
9119-19-7185Facilities OperationsConsulting services to develop procurement documents for Life Safety Systems, Services and MaintenanceJensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd.$161,700.0011/20/2019
9119-19-7187Facilities OperationsConstruction Management ServicesCentury Group Inc.$17,201,652.6303/12/2020
9119-19-7187Facilities OperationsConstruction Management Services at the East Wing of Union Station Century Group Inc.$17,201,652.6303/12/2020
9120-19-7062City Manager's OfficeFor: Professional Services for the Communications ReviewEdelman PR Worldwide Canada Inc.$127,963.0008/20/2019
9121-19-7003Transportation ServicesTransportation Infrastructure Studies and ProjectsDillon Consulting Limited$893,847.3508/08/2019
9121-19-7099Environment & Energy OfficeThe Development of an Emissions Reduction Policy Strategy for Existing BuildingsIntegral Group$339,950.0008/22/2019
9126-19-7057Corporate FinanceRFP for Vacant Home Tax - ConsultantKPMG LLP$172,420.0001/17/2020
9148-18-7214Transportation ServicesTo develop a Freight and Goods Movement Strategy (FGMS) for the City of Toronto. WSP Canada Group Limited$581,494.5007/16/2019
9148-19-7032Transportation ServicesDon Mills Crossing: Wynford Drive Extension and Grade-Separated Rail CrossingLea Consulting Ltd.$540,627.6509/13/2019
9148-19-7148Transportation ServicesTransit Design Guide Directions StudyPerkins + Will Canada Corporation$74,630.0009/09/2019
9157-19-7004City PlanningWind Studies Terms of Reference UpdateRWDI - Rowan, Williams, Davies & Irwin$57,300.0009/17/2019
9157-19-7120City PlanningDanforth Avenue Planning and Complete Street StudyDillon Consulting Limited$298,615.3810/24/2019
Doc1870243636City Clerk's OfficeOption Analysis for Offset PrintingProcurity Group$55,000.0011/28/2019
Doc1878555097Real Estate ServicesNathan Phillips Square Indian Residential School Survivors Restoration of Identity ProjectGow Hastings$1,749,825.0011/12/2019
Doc2007753935Facilities OperationsWorkplace Optimization Plan (the “Office Plan”)Deloitte LLP$598,504.0002/12/2020
Notice1898813573Parks, Forestry & RecreationProposals are invited for State of Good Repair Condition Assessment for Outdoor Recreation FacilitiesMcIntosh Perry Ltd.$222,235.0012/31/2019
Hide details for Educational and Training ServicesEducational and Training Services
9155-18-7093Human ResourcesEducational and Training ServicesMultiple Awards09/26/2019
9155-19-7127Employment & Social ServicesToronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) Multiple Awards01/01/2020
Hide details for Engineering ServicesEngineering Services
2132746512- Choose one -Request for Proposal for Professional and Technical Design and Contract Administration services for the Ted Reeve Arena Cherie NG Architect Inc.$199,888.0004/16/2020
3925-19-7155Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesNon-Exclusive Supply, Delivery, Installation, Warranty Of SXL Acid Gas Adsorbent and PA 8 Adsorbent Media for the City OENV Treatment Systems Inc.$98,987.0007/19/2019
6038-19-7162Toronto WaterVacuum Excavation Services - Doc1840280132 - Request for QuotationAqua Tech Solutions Inc.$1,580,796.0009/18/2019
Rejected Icon6714-19-7118Toronto WaterServices for the Western Beaches Tunnel System CancelledCancelled04/07/2020
87-2019Toronto WaterHVAC Rehabilitation and Upgrades at the R.C. Harris and the Island Water Treatment Plant Ariba Doc1844251415Alberici Constructors Ltd.$19,588,275.3204/14/2020
9117-18-5092Transportation ServicesProfessional Engineering Services HDR Corporation$1,796,627.0007/08/2019
9117-18-5093Transportation ServicesProfessional Engineering Services CIMA Canada$351,550.0008/16/2019
9117-18-7173Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesDesign & Construction for Heating & Air System Upgrades at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment PlantAssociated Engineering (ONT) Ltd.$1,550,283.7506/22/2019
9117-18-7202Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesFor:Fluidized Bed Incinerator (FBI) Equipment Pre-Purchase and Design at Highland Creek Treatment PlantSuez Water Technologies & Solutions Canada$40,932,000.0006/28/2019
9117-18-7211Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryThe Basement Flooding Remediation Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Studies – Study Areas 42, 44 and 62Cole Training and Operations Div Cole Engineering Group Ltd.$7,755,204.2506/22/2019
9117-18-7752Toronto WaterThe Provision of Basement Flooding Protection Program(BFPP) Area 46-61& 63-67WSP Canada Group Limited$8,583,090.4610/08/2019
Rejected Icon9117-19-0125Solid Waste Management ServicesProfessional Engineering ServicesCancelledCancelled04/08/2020
9117-19-0165Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ReviewConsulting ServicesGolder Associates Ltd.$464,754.61, $2,266,748.37, $231,148.24, $197,227.8002/14/2020
9117-19-5002Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProfessional Engineering Services Morrison Hershfield Ltd.$9,664,125.0007/25/2019
9117-19-5015Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProposals are invited for the Dufferin Sanitary Trunk Sewer Improvements. Stantec Consulting Ltd.$1,927,303.3609/19/2019
9117-19-5065Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryEngineering Services for Prince Edward Viaduct and Bloor Street over Rosedale Valley Road Inspection Assignment.Associated Engineering (ONT) Ltd.$1,402,233.9002/25/2020
9117-19-7037 Toronto WaterPM6A for Coordinated Toronto Water and Transportation Services ProgramMultiple Awards03/23/2020
9117-19-7052Toronto WaterEngineering Services for Design and Construction Administration Services for Rehabilitation of Treated Water MainRV Anderson Associates Ltd.$1,417,160.0009/20/2019
9117-19-7085Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBurke Brook EA Addendum and West Don River Geomorphic Impact to Toronto Water Infrastructure AssessmentGeo Morphix Ltd.$478,164.8001/22/2020
9117-19-7091Toronto WaterRehabilitation of Scarborough Pumping Station and Construction of New Atmospheric Surge Tank Two-Envelope SystemAssociated Engineering (Ont) Ltd.$1,605,141.5012/16/2019
9117-19-7112Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesTrunk Sewers Rehabilitation Project 5 Engineering Services for St.Ives CTS and Morningside STS RehabilitationWSP Canada Group Limited$1,673,375.6010/08/2019
9117-19-7170Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesElectrical Design and Inspection for 2020 Major Roads CWPMoon-Matz Ltd.$442,175.0002/19/2020
9117-19-7172Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesScheduling Consulting Services for Liquid Train Upgrades. Two-Envelope SystemMGAC Canada Ulc$1,385,482.0012/19/2019
9117-19-7173Toronto WaterAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Eastern Bypass and Wet Weather Flow Study Stantec Consulting Ltd.$716,546.6002/12/2020
9117-19-7179Toronto WaterPM6B for Coordinated Toronto Water and Transportation Services ProgramMultiple Awards03/23/2020
9117-19-7186Toronto Waterfor Toronto Water Content Server Re-Configuration Phase ILocus Systems Inc.$385,170.9912/05/2019
9117-19-7216Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesPriority Sanitary Infrastructure At-Risk ProgramGHD Limited$445,204.0005/26/2020
9117-19-7221Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBlack Creek Relief Trunk Sewer Geotechnical, Hydrogeological and Environmental Investigation Wood Environment & Infrastructure$1,625,848.4002/24/2020
9118-19-7043Toronto BuildingStructural Engineering Services for Emergency or Unsafe Conditions for Individual ProjectsThornton Tomasetti Canada Inc.$50,000.0012/02/2019
9119-19-7124Facilities Design & ConstructionHUSAR Building Expansion Project at 21 Old Eglington Avenue, Toronto Aecom Canada Ltd.$338,605.0008/01/2019
9127-19-7125Facilities Design & ConstructionProfessional Design and Contract Administration Services for Roof Replacement and Building Envelope RepairsStephenson Engineering Ltd.$317,050.0011/13/2019
Doc1756455531Parks, Forestry & RecreationProvide Design Services for the Royalcrest and Rivercrest AIR SGR Upgrades Project.Moon-Matz Ltd.$149,680.0011/12/2019
Doc1842661677Transportation ServicesAgincourt North-South Street and Grade Separation Doc1842661677WSP Canada Group Limited$1,353,185.7404/16/2020
Doc2158292400Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesProfessional Engineering Services for South Facility Rehabilitation at Highland Creek Treatment PlantCH2M Hill Canada Limited$2,154,350.4004/21/2020
Hide details for Financial and related ServicesFinancial and related Services
9144-19-7045Accounting ServicesQualified Security Assessor Professional ServiceControl Gap Inc.$238,750.0009/30/2019
Hide details for Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
0503-19-7163Toronto WaterAutomated Flow System Analyzer and Digestion Block System Folio Instruments Inc.$129,450.0009/12/2019
0503-19-7177Toronto WaterSolvent Evaporation System For The City Of Toronto's Toronto Water DivisionVWR International Co$88,520.0810/11/2020
Hide details for Photographic Supplies and EquipmentPhotographic Supplies and Equipment
3203-19-0092Information & TechnologyAerial PhotographyFirst Base Solutions Inc.$99,889.0006/07/2019
Hide details for Printing and Binding ServicesPrinting and Binding Services
3001-19-0172- Choose one -Supply, printing, mail preparation and delivery to Canada Post of the 2020 Waste Management CalendarsSt. Joseph Printing Ltd$352,852.3009/05/2019
DOC2050291085Parks, Forestry & RecreationSupply, Printing And Delivery Of The Toronto Fun Recreation GuideMetroland Media Group Ltd.$141,889.0012/18/2019
Hide details for Real Estate ServicesReal Estate Services
9119-19-7055Parks, Forestry & RecreationProperty Management Services for a Multi-Use Facility for Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre / Bishop Macdonell CKipling Realty Management Inc.$996,482.1508/01/2019
Hide details for Security ServicesSecurity Services
2047288479Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesSecurity Upgrades at Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant WSP Canada Group Limited$1,201,418.8005/20/2020
9101-19-0198Corporate SecuritySecurity Guard Services for Respite, Refugee and Shelters.ASP Inc.$14,179,377.0001/06/2020
Hide details for Service ProvidersService Providers
Rejected Icon0105-18-7739Toronto WaterProvision of Work Garment Cleaning ServicesCancelledCancelled04/09/2020
6815-18-7217Shelter, Support & Housing AdministrationThe Provision of Short Term Accommodations for Clients through the use of Hotel/Motel and Approved Equivalent Operators Multiple Awards09/13/2019
9144-19-7158Toronto WaterGIS Digitization and Data Entry ServicesQSP Geographics Inc.$207,492.0002/12/2020
Rejected Icon9145-19-7096Social Development, Finance & AdministrationTo establish a “Vendor List” of Indigenous-led Not-for-Profit Organizations CANCELLEDCANCELLED04/03/2020
Rejected IconDoc1937773889Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesNon-exclusive supply of Personal Support Workers (PSWs) for supplementary staffing.CancelledCancelled05/27/2020
Rejected IconDOC2021446240Municipal Licensing & StandardsData Discovery Services for Vehicle-for-Hire and Short-Term Rentals in the City of TorontoCancelledCancelled04/16/2020
Hide details for Special EventsSpecial Events
0613-19-7115Economic Development & CultureSupply and Management of Event Catering ServicesRevolution Events Inc.$91,822.3510/01/2019
1218-19-7222Economic Development & CultureGeneral and Specialized Entertainment LabourSnap Hoek Productions Inc$122,460.0010/02/2019
DOC1896556774Economic Development & CultureREBUILDING AND MAINTENANCE OF A REPLICA TORONTO SIGNUnit 11 Inc.$761,841.5301/03/2020
Hide details for Testing & Inspection ServicesTesting & Inspection Services
0904-19-7171Children’s ServicesNon-exclusive supply of all labour, materials and equipment to provide inspections and reports for play spacesAt Home & Play Inspections Inc.$33,732,6004/01/2020
3903-19-7026Long-Term Care Homes & ServicesAnnual Inspections and Maintenance of Roof Anchor Systems, Various Types of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint SystemsLiftsafe Engineering and Service Group Inc.$26,280.2605/22/2020
6604-18-7107Toronto WaterBoiler Water Testing, Heating Loop Glycol (Ethylene and Propylene) Testing Rochester Midland Canada Corp$1,450.0009/23/2019
8003-18-7755Toronto WaterDiving Services for the City of Toronto’s Water Division.General Diving Contractors Inc.$489,775.0006/18/2019
9115-18-5107Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance TestingWood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions$116,572.0002/20/2020
9115-19-7152Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesCollect Samples and Carry Out Material Specification Compliance Testing and Project Quality Assurance ServicesWood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions$73,000.0008/19/2019
Rejected Icon9117-18-7731Toronto Water non-exclusive supply and delivery of services for the complete removal and disposal of the existing ethylene propylenCancelledCancelled04/21/2020
Rejected IconDoc1885959034Toronto WaterCertification of DBI Sala and few other Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)Cancelled Cancelled11/26/2019
Doc2075367616Solid Waste Management ServicesSample Collection, Analysis and Reporting of Biogas and Landfill GasRWDI Air Inc.$198,420.0002/24/2020
Doc2116024496Toronto WaterSmoke and Dye Testing of the City's Sewer SystemThompson Flow Investigations Inc.$161,136.0004/16/2020
Hide details for Waste RemovalWaste Removal
9150-19-7161Real Estate ServicesRemoval and disposal of recyclable materials, mixed office waste, paper towels and garbageWASTECO$117,325,5010/07/2019


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