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 The following contracts have been awarded by the City of Toronto. All solicitations were publicly advertised in accordance with Chapter 195, Purchasing By-law.  Contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder meeting specifications for Request for Quotations and Tenders, and the highest scoring proponent in the case of Request for Proposals. 
Please contact the buyer referenced in each solicitation for additional information relating to the award(s).
Note:  All award dollar values listed below do not include Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).
Click the triangles on the left to collapse and expand the categories.Rejected icon (Call Document cancelled) indicates Cancelled
Call NumberCan be sorted ascending or descendingClient Division/ContactDescriptionCan be sorted ascending or descendingSuccessful BidderContract AmountDate awardedCan be sorted ascending or descending
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100-2019Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance including Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks, Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Repairs, Wheelchair Ramp, ConcrPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$3,874,850.0005/15/2019
1002-19-5006Economic Development & CultureSupply, Manufacture, Delivery, Assembly and Installation of Oglive artist designed themed custom benches, or approved eqHank Deenen Landscaping Limited$139,023.5007/24/2019
103-2019Transportation ServicesResurfacing on Bridletowne Circle (southeast loop), Agincourt Drive, Bushby Drive, Grangeway Avenue, Collingwood Street Gazzola Paving Ltd4,149,873.5306/28/2019
106-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationPark Improvements and Environmental Remediation - Northern Linear ParkHawkins Contracting Services Limited$612,192.6607/10/2019
109-2019Transportation ServicesDeployment of a traffic management system for the Lower Don River Area to mitigate flood impact to public. Bids will onlGuild Electric$3,566,270.0010/23/2019
11-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationState-of-good repair improvements to the Westgrove Artificial Ice RinkDuron Ontario Ltd.$2,313,925.0006/03/2019
110-2019Transportation ServicesResurfacing including Shoulder Repairs, Crack Sealing, Guide Rail Repairs, Crash Attenuator System Repairs, Culvert CleaD Crupi and Sons Limited$2,039,689.2505/09/2019
112-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationSt. James Park Improvements.Mopal Construction Ltd.$2,455,510.0007/08/2019
113-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryRehabilitation of Dufferin Street Bridge under Beltline TrailAnscon Contracting Inc.$955,384.8006/26/2019
117-2019Transportation ServicesSurface Maintenance including Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks, Concrete Curb Repairs, and Tactile Walking Surface IndicatSanscon Construction Limited$967,407.5004/09/2020
12-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesBasement Flooding Protection Program, Phase 4, Assignment 19-13GFL Infrastructure Group Inc.$34,502,813.6310/01/2019
123-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryReplacement of Culvert No. 267 – Albion Road over Albion Creek, Replacement of Culvert No. 274 – Islington Avenue over HEBC INC.$7,273,750.0007/19/2019
128-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryThe rehabilitation of the Ellesmere Road (Site 291) single cell box culvert over Massey Creek (West of Warden Avenue). IAnscon Contracting Inc.$1,774,205.0507/19/2019
13-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDorset Pumping Station Replacement (SAP DOC No. 1756028993)Torbear Contracting Inc.$2,788,086.0009/26/2019
133-2019Transportation ServicesRepair of distressed asphalt at various locations within the Toronto and East York District.Bevcon Construction & Paving Ltd.$560,800.0008/13/2019
137-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationTrace Manes Park Playground and Waterplay UpgradesLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$1,751,307.0010/23/2019
139-2019- Choose one -Reconstruction of TTC track allowance at the intersection of Queen Street East and Kingston Road, including the TTC loopSanscon Construction Ltd.$3,867,731.9808/12/2019
14-2019Toronto WaterControl Room Relocation at R.C. Harris Water Treatment PlantBennett Mechanical Installaltions (2001) Ltd.$1,608,160.0010/08/2019
140-2019Economic Development & CultureThe construction of a ParketteSouth Central Inc.$374,803.0510/24/2019
143-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryReconstruction of Willowdale Avenue from Finch Avenue to Empress AvenueBrennan Paving & Construction$3,515,428.8107/03/2019
146-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryBirchmount Road – Road Resurfacing from Finch Avenue East to South of McNicoll AvenueD. CRUPI AND SONS LIMITED$2,640,978.1207/17/2019
150-2019Transportation ServicesMinor bridge repairs for roads and expressways in the Toronto East York DistrictRafat General Cntractor Inc.$220,420.0008/13/2019
168-2019Economic Development & Cultureconstruction of The Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area Parkettes Wessuc Inc.$430,042.5012/23/2019
178-2019Toronto WaterCatch Basins and Maintenance Holes in Toronto East York & Scarborough DistrictsMaple Crete Inc.$1,646,805.0010/21/2019
179-2019Toronto WaterSupply, Replace and Adjust Frames, Grates and Covers for Catch Basins and Maintenance HolesMaple Crete Inc.$1,681,313.0010/29/2019
189-2019Economic Development & CultureThe Iron Horse Sculpture and Lighting Hawkins Contracting Services Limited$270,697.0209/12/2019
19-2019Toronto WaterARIBA Doc1739654468 - Toronto Water Supply Valve and Metering AutomationBlack & Mcdonald Limited$6,061,082.0008/26/2019
190-2019Transportation ServicesSupply and Installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals.Black & McDonald Limited$216,260.2810/04/2019
199-2019- Choose one -Keele Valley Landfill Gas Flare System Upgrades WS Nicholls Construction Inc.$4,676,747.6702/18/2020
226-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesScale Pits Wall Rehabilitation, Curb Replacement & Pavement Resurfacing @ Victoria Park Transfer Stn.Martinway Contracting Ltd$1,430,944.0005/01/2019
23-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationParking lot Rehabilitation at Tom Riley ParkLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$531,164.0006/05/2019
232-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesPegah Construction Ltd.$7,969,000.0001/22/2020
241-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationGrand Ave. Park ConstructionHawkins Contracting Services Ltd.$6,444,291.4702/19/2020
249-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesThe Construction Of Rehabilitation Of The Wilket Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer and The North York Trunk SewerCapital Sewer Services Inc.$23,250,087.3003/06/2020
25-2019Transportation ServicesMajor Road ReconstructionMidome Construction Services Ltd.$4,768,500.0005/28/2019
26-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationRoof Replacement and Repair at East York Curling ClubTriumph Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.$781,167.0005/31/2019
282-2018Parks, Forestry & RecreationRedevelopment of Fundy Bay ParkPine Valley Corporation$937,159.2906/04/2019
31-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesRobert B Somerville752,580.0005/29/2019
32-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesWS Nicholls Construction Inc651,832.2206/05/2019
3204-18-7249Toronto WaterConcrete Cutting and Coring Services complete with Operator as required by Toronto Water Distinct Concrete Cutting Inc.$ 313,900.0004/16/2019
324-2018Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesLiquid Train Upgrades - Highland Creek Treatment PlantBennett Mechanical Installations (2001) Ltd$89,827,000.0010/09/2019
37-2019Toronto WaterAshbridges Bay Treatment Plant Integrated Pumping Station Construction Contract No.2 Ariba Doc No. 1722208722Strabag Inc$141,715,035.2010/04/2019
48-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryF.G. Gardiner ExpresswayGrascan Construction Ltd8,520,000.0005/02/2019
49-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryHuntingwood Drive – Road Resurfacing D Crupi and Sons Ltd.$4,154,005.3006/21/2019
51-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionConstruction ServicesRobert B Somerville 744,473.0005/30/2019
56-2019- Choose one -Rooftop Glazing Replacement, Exterior Window Replacement and Rehabilitation @ Disco Rd Transfer StationDuron Ontario Ltd.$1,132,350.0005/16/2019
64-2019Transportation ServicesInterim Repairs and Maintenance of roads- Etobicoke York DistrictGazzola Paving Limited2,083,422.5405/16/2019
70-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Engineering ServicesR.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant Filter Upgrades for Prequalified ContractorsBennett Mechanical Installations ( 2001) Ltd.$10,827,250.0008/16/2019
77-2019Transportation ServicesPermanent Repairs to Utility Cuts on Arterial, Collector and Local Roads-Builders Files-North York District, City of TorRafat General Contractor Inc3,344,412.0005/17/2019
83-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryMajor Road ResurfacingSanscon Construction Ltd.$884,254.5506/04/2019
89-2019Transportation ServicesREPAIRS TO ROADS AND SIDEWALKS IN ETOBICOKE YORK DISTRICTRafat General Contractor Inc6,084,963.0705/16/2019
9115-19-5071Transportation ServicesMaterial Specification Compliance Testing, Project Quality Assurance Services in the Toronto and East York DistrictWood Canada$208,860.0010/31/2019
9118-18-5064Facilities Design & ConstructionComprehensive Energy Retrofit Project at Etobicoke Olympium, Toronto.Trane Canada ULC$2,772,084.0008/08/2019
92-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationDemolition and reconstruction of the existing Tennis Courts and removal and replacement of the asphalt walkwayMopal Construction Ltd.$754,500.0007/19/2019
96-2019Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryProgress Avenue Underpass (at McCowan Road) - Replacement of Barrier Wall End Treatments and Miscellaneous RepairsMarbridge Construction Ltd.$762,007.2006/19/2019
99-2019Transportation ServicesGeneral Maintenance including Repairs to Roads and Sidewalks, Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Repairs, Wheelchair Ramp, ConcrPave-Tar Construction Ltd2,421,222.0005/15/2019
Doc1939888532Engineering & Construction Services - Capital Works DeliveryDoc. 1939888532 - Weston Road: Storm Sewer ReplacementCRCE Construction Ltd$3,544,068.0012/10/2019
Doc2073121300Parks, Forestry & RecreationInterior Alterations to the Etobicoke Olympium.373044 Ont. Ltd. o/a Trans Canada Construction$4,573,062.0003/04/2020
Doc2098187033Transportation ServicesRequest for Tender for chipping loose concrete from bridges at various locations on roads and expresswaysPave-Tar Construction Ltd.$597,855.0002/13/2020
Notice177-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationJean Augustine Park Fountain Improvements Wessuc Inc.$665,990.0009/25/2019
Notice1790294516Parks, Forestry & RecreationHighview ParkLoc-Pave Construction Ltd.$2,938,146.0911/06/2019
Notice1824640220Parks, Forestry & RecreationMcCowan District Park (Phase 2 Part 3 of development)Loc-Pave Construction Ltd.$683,950.0001/01/2020
Notice71-2019Parks, Forestry & RecreationAllan Gardens Conservatory Renovation and ExpansionROSSCLAIR CONTRACTORS INC.$4,569,914.0010/18/2019
Notice84-2019Facilities Design & ConstructionAsphalt and Concrete Replacement at the Purchasing Material Stores Building, located at 799 Islington Avenue.Ashland Paving Ltd649,309.1306/21/2019
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