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Commodity:Professional Services, Architectural Services
Description:South Parkland Improvements at Ivan Forrest Gardens
To provide full professional and technical services for the design and implementation of the parkland improvements in the southern part of Ivan Forrest Gardens

Questions about this Tender should be directed in writing to Martin Suits at e-mail For more information, please refer to Section 4.4 Deadline for Questions. The last day for questions with respect to this tender is four (4) working days prior to closing.
CANCELLED - January 15, 2019
Call AwardCall number: 9118-18-5051
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Date awarded:Cancelled
Client division:Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Divisional contact:Cancelled
Issue date:July 30, 2018Closing date:August 28, 2018
at 12:00 Noon
Notes:2 Addenda
9118-18-5051 - Viewing Copy.pdf (2267 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/30/2018 03:37:42 PM
9118-18-5051 NOIP.pdf (147 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/30/2018 03:38:09 PM
9118-18-5051 Addendum No. 1.pdf (746 Kbytes) - Posted on 08/15/2018 12:46:44 PM
9118-18-5051 Addendum No. 2.pdf (642 Kbytes) - Posted on 08/23/2018 10:03:33 AM
Pre-bid meeting:Interested Proponents are required to attend a mandatory site visit and information meeting to be held on Thursday August 9th, 2018 commencing at 2:00 pm. Proponents will meet with the City Representative at the Site. The meeting is expected to be one hour in duration.

Bidders must sign in with the City’s Representative at the Mandatory Site meeting during the designated date and time for their Bid to be considered

Bidders submitting bids that do not attend the Mandatory site meeting shall be declared informal.
Buyer:Suits, MartinPhone number:416-392-7172
Email:Martin.Suits@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:
$100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00

Security deposit:


Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:

Experience and Qualifications
(a) the Proponent should complete Form 4 (provided in Appendix D of this RFP and make copies if necessary) to submit minimum of four (4) project references in the last ten (10) years. The project references must include a combination of the following components:
 Design and implementation of significant revitalization projects in existing passive parklands within the TRCA regulated area, including sequencing and staging the construction while maintaining existing park access, use and recreational programs
 Design and Implementation of Public Realm revitalization projects where City's offices of BIA and Public Realm are involved.

The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the following:

Description of Work
The aim of this project is to design and oversee the implementation of park and streetscape improvements in the southern part of Ivan Forrest Gardens that enhances the park's presence on Queen Street, increases opportunities for ongoing and additional activities, and preserves the character and history of the park. The design will be developed through a series of consultations with City staff, TRCA, the public, and external stakeholders such as The Beach BIA, local focus groups, the local residents association, and the Councillor's office.
The successful proponent will need to work with the above-mentioned stakeholders in order to clarify the extent of improvements in terms of what is the most effective use of the available budget.
The goals of the improvement work are as follows:
- Create a welcoming, beautiful, comfortable and inclusive public space.
- Knit the park and street into a unified, cohesive place.
- Create a resilient space that can withstand regular use while remaining beautiful, functional, green, and welcoming.
- Create a safe and beautiful after-dark park space that can accommodate nightlife – with features such as lighting, seating, etc. – while protecting the ravine and natural features within the park from unnecessary noise, light, and environmental pollution.
- Design with all seasons in mind.
- Reflect the history and culture of the neighbourhood, bearing in mind that the re-design area is the terminus of a quiet ravine and trail.
- Create a safe, attractive, and primarily passive-use environment that can also, at times, lend itself to community gatherings such as movies in the park, etc.
- Establish a link between the retail areas to the east and west of the park by creating an attractive, engaging streetscape that employs quality materials, horticultural displays, and encourages walking from one side to the other.
Please refer to the Specifications included in the RFQ document for a detailed description.

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