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Commodity:Professional Services, Architectural Services
Description:Complete Professional and Technical Services for the Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract Administration
BIDS ARE REQUESTED FOR: Complete Professional and Technical Services for the Design, Preparation of Tender Documents and Contract Administration for the Proposed State of Good Repair work to the Oriole CRC, at 2975 Don Mills Road, Toronto, M2J 3B7

Questions about this RFQ should be directed in writing to Alma Salcedo At E-Mail The last day for questions with respect to this RFQ is three (3) working days prior to closing.
Call AwardCall number: 9118-19-5053
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Peter T Mitches & Associated Ltd.
Date awarded:October 16, 2019
Client division:Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Divisional contact:Mabruck MengeleContact phone: 416-392-1927
Issue date:July 12, 2019Closing date:July 31, 2019
at 12:00 Noon
Notes:1 Addendum
NOIP RFQ 9118-19-5053.pdf (384 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/12/2019 01:33:14 PM
9118-19-5053 - Viewing Copy.pdf (1947 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/12/2019 01:36:19 PM
Addendum No. 1 for RFQ No. 9118-19-5053.pdf (4977 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/25/2019 02:14:28 PM
9118-19-5053 - Mechanical Drawings.pdf (9750 Kbytes) - Posted on 07/25/2019 02:18:01 PM
Pre-bid meeting:Mandatory Site Meeting

a) Bidders must attend a mandatory site meeting at Oriole Community Recreation Centre, 2975 Don Mills Road, Toronto on July 19, 2019 commencing at 11:00am. Bidders will meet in main lobby. Site meetings may not be available at any other times. Separate meetings with Bidders will not be held.

b) Bidders MUST attend the site meeting to familiarize themselves with the work and ascertain the full extent of the Deliverables required.

c) Bidders must sign in with the City’s representative at the mandatory site meeting and clearly indicate on the sign-in sheet the name of the firm they are representing for their Quotation to be considered.

d) A record of questions and answers as deemed relevant from the site meeting will be distributed in the form of an Addendum and posted on the City's online call document system. The City reserves the right not to answer questions at the Site Meeting but will answer questions that arise at the site meeting as part of an Addendum.

Bidders submitting Quotations that do not attend the mandatory site meeting SHALL be declared Non-Compliant.
Buyer:Salcedo, AlmaPhone number:416-392-6057
Email:asalced@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:
$100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00

Security deposit:


Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:

The scope of work for this RFQ includes: schematic design, design development, contract documents, tender and construction contract administration services (including warrantee period services), as required by the Parks Forestry and Recreation (PF&R) Division of the City of Toronto.

Phases of Work
The work as described above shall be divided into six phases:
.1 Investigation & Schematic Design Phase
.2 Design Development Phase
.3 Contract Document Phase
.4 Bidding & Tender Review Phase
.5 Contract Administration/Construction Phase (including Commissioning & Warranty Period Review)
.6 Fundamental Commissioning

Investigation & Schematic Design Phase

The Vendor will develop schematic plans. The Vendor will:
 Review and familiarize themselves with any project related documents (available to the Vendor from the project manager);
 Undertake a thorough audit and review of the existing conditions;
 Identify and plan around interference of existing infrastructure, including co-ordinating utility locates;
 Review engineering considerations with your design team;
 Consult with all authorities having jurisdiction over the site;
 Review and comment on the budget;
 Develop a minimum of 2 design schemes
 Develop the selected scheme, to the schematic design level, creating a cost effective option, acceptable to the Staff Work Group;
 Provide a Class "C" cost estimate of that design option, and confirm that costing is within the approved construction budget;
 Define scope for and coordinate all pre-design investigations
 Attend and record all meetings as required, including but not limited to design meetings with the City project team and the Staff Work Group.
 Present and defend the schematic design and make suggested refinements as directed by the City Staff Work Group

Design Development Phase

The Vendor will prepare detailed design drawings based on the approved option and feedback resulting from the Schematic Design Phase. Design materials shall include:
 Plans, elevations, sections, perspective(s) of the design;
 Outline specification;
 Summary of assemblies, materials and finishes;
 Summary of building structure and systems;
 Mechanical and Electrical design briefs;
 Application to determine zoning compliance and confirm compliance with all other applicable law.
 Provide a Class "B" cost estimate, and confirm that costing is within the set construction budget;
 Provide cost effective options for construction;
 Attend and record all meetings as required, including but not limited to design meetings with the City project team and the Staff Work Group.
Present and defend the design development and make suggested refinements as directed by the City Staff Work Group.

Contract Document Phase
The Vendor will undertake completion of working drawings and specifications in accordance with applicable codes and by laws, and provide drawings (AutoCAD and PDF) and specifications in digital
format (MS Word and PDF), as well as three (3) bound copies for staff review. The Vendor will also act as the owner’s agent when obtaining and applying for all necessary approvals (including Building Permit) that may be required.
The Vendor will:
 Review all drawings and specification ensuring compliance with all codes and by-laws;
 Ensure drawings and specifications meet the requirements of the City of Toronto's Barrier Free Design Guidelines;
 Coordinate all drawings ensuring that the documents are coordinated between sub-consultants;
 Ensure that interference with existing building elements are identified and addressed in the contract documents;
 Apply for and secure all required approvals including but not limited to the building permit (permit fees will be paid by the City), where required;

Provide a Class 'A' (Pre-Tender) cost estimate of the project at 90% contract document completion and adjust contract documents if required to suit the budget

Bidding and Tender Review Phase

Contractors submitting tenders on this project will be solicited through the tender process administered by the PMMD. Specifications and all addenda must be issued by the PMMD. A purchase order will be generated by the PMMD to the successful bidder.
The Vendor will:
 arrange printing of tender documents;
 attend any mandatory bidders' meeting;
 respond to bidder's request for clarification through issuance of addenda to PMMD for issuance to bidders;
 evaluate submitted tenders and make a recommendation to the appropriate City staff on a successful bidder, following the appropriate City processes and procedures in coordination with the PMMD.
The printing cost for contract documents needed for tendering and construction sets will be paid by the City. Do not include this cost in your fee quotation.

If tenders received exceed the construction budget established by the City, the Vendor shall, without extra charges, revise the scope and quality of the work to bring the cost within the approved budget and make changes, as approved by the City, to the drawings and specifications accordingly for the purposes of re-tendering.

Contract Administration/Construction Phase (including Commissioning & Warranty Period Review)

The Vendor will be required to act as the owner's agent throughout the construction phase as set out in the standard form Client/Architect Agreement (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Document)/ standard Agreement for Professional Engineering Services between Client and Engineer as per PEO
The responsibilities of the Vendor and professional design team will include but not be limited to the following:
 Prepare an "Issued for Construction" set of drawings and specifications, updated to include all addenda revisions;
 Attend regular bi-weekly site meetings during construction;
 Review the progress and compliance of the work;
 Prepare written field review reports as required;
 Prepare necessary clarifications and site instructions in written and graphic form;
 Review and approve all shop drawings, samples and submissions for conformance with the general design;
 Prepare change orders as necessary;
 Define scope for and coordinate independent inspection and testing, including any required specialist testing deemed appropriate by the City. (Testing & Inspection fees are to be paid out of the Vendor's Testing & Inspection Cash Allowance);
 Review and approve payment draws, claims and issue progress certificates;
• Provide Contract Closeout services in accordance with the activities described for the role of the Consultant in OAA/OGCA Take-Over Procedures, Document 100 (December 2007);
• Prepare and follow up on deficiency reports and coordinate the completion of the work;
 Determine the date of substantial performance of the work;
 Verify the contractor’s application for final payment;
 Receive from the contractor, review, comment on and forward the written warranties and related documents to City of Toronto;
 Prior to end of the two (2) year general warranty, the Vendor shall review the work for defects or deficiencies and notify the contractor in writing of any;

 During the two (2) year general warranty period, the Vendor may be called upon to advise on any possible warrantee issues that may arise during that time, and ensure that these items are satisfactorily resolved with the general contractor.
 Provide one (1) complete hardcopy set of “as-built” drawings, one (1) set in AutoCAD, one (1) set in PDF, and one (1) hardcopy set of 11” x 17” base building plans;
On completion, submit electronic files and scanned images of all documentation, including but not limited to: specifications, drawings, shop drawings, minutes of meetings, site instruction, change orders, invoices, certificates, progress images, warrantees, close out documentation, manuals etc. The files are to be submitted on a labelled CD accessible by standard readers, organized in folders. File formats to be; text in MS Word, scanned documents in PDF, digital images in JPG and scanned drawings in TIF format.

Fundamental Commissioning Phase

For Mechanical and Electrical work, the Vendor will, in addition to the above, arrange for the following Fundamental Commissioning activities to be performed by a third party (i.e. by an entity other than the mechanical/electrical design sub-consultant):

 verify that the equipment installation has been completed;
 verify that instrumentation has been installed;
 verify that equipment start-up has been completed;
 verify that control diagrams and sequences of operations have been corrected to as-built condition;
 verify that safety and operating control set points have been set to design values and that the automatic sequences have been checked out;
 verify that the installations have been cleaned up and that all temporary covers, stickers and tags have been removed;
 verify that painted finishes have been touched up where damaged;
 verify that equipment and piping identification work have been completed with tags, schedules, identification systems and equipment identification legends;
 verify that complete operating and maintenance instructions have been prepared for use during the testing and balancing work;
 arrange requisite training in the operation and maintenance of the installed systems by the Vendor

Bidder Qualifications

The Bidder must have been the Prime Consultant of Record for a State of Good Repair or Renovation Project for at least three (3) Public facilities in the last seven (7) years, with a minimum construction value of $500,000.00 for each project (excluding taxes). The facility must be substantially completed, renovated or upgraded building, either as an addition or component of a public building.

Architectural firm must hold a current Certificate of Practice as per the Ontario Architects Association requirements (mandatory). A copy MUST be provided at the time of submission or the Quotation will be declared non-compliant.

Engineering firm must hold a current Certificate of Authorization and Consulting Engineer Designation, as per the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) requirements. (mandatory). A copy MUST be provided at the time of submission or the Quotation will be declared non-compliant.

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