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Commodity:Construction Services, Facilities renovations
Description:Building envelope repairs, roofing and concrete repairs at Northwood Community Centre
The supply of all materials, equipment, labour and supervision to complete building envelope repairs, roofing and concrete repairs at Northwood Community Centre, located at 15 Clubhouse Courton behalf of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division of the City of Toronto.

Questions about this Tender should be directed in writing to Alma Salcedo at

For more information, please refer to Section 2 – Information for Bidders, Subsection - 3 Deadline for Questions. The last day for questions with respect to this tender is three (3) working days prior to closing.
Call AwardCall number: 42-2019
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Joe Pace & Sons Contracting Inc.
Date awarded:May 31, 2019
Client division:Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Divisional contact:Arash YousefiContact phone: 416-395-1194
Issue date:March 5, 2019Closing date:April 4, 2019
at 12:00 Noon
Notes:6 Addenda
42-2019 - NOIP.pdf (85 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 03:06:59 PM
42-2019 Viewing Copy.pdf (4918 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 03:07:45 PM
TCN 42-2019 - Specifications and Drawings - Northwood Community Centre.pdf (6395 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 03:08:49 PM
42-2019 Addendum No. 1.pdf (29 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/15/2019 01:54:11 PM
42-2019 Addendum No. 2.pdf (3252 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/21/2019 03:28:03 PM
42-2019 Addendum No. 3.pdf (3006 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/27/2019 01:00:10 PM
42-2019 Addendum No. 4.pdf (119 Kbytes) - Posted on 04/01/2019 10:27:46 AM
42-2019 Addendum No. 5.pdf (29 Kbytes) - Posted on 04/01/2019 03:29:15 PM
42-2019 Addendum No. 6.pdf (856 Kbytes) - Posted on 04/02/2019 02:26:26 PM
Pre-bid meeting:Bidders are required to attend the following Mandatory Site Meeting to ascertain the amount of work involved. A Mandatory Site Meeting will take place at 10:30am local time on March 12, 2019 on site. Meet with the City representative at the front door of the facility, Northwood Community Centre, located at 15 Clubhouse Court, North York, ON. Site meetings will not be available at any other times.

Bidders must sign in with the City’s Representative at the Mandatory Site Meeting during the designated date and time for their Bid to be considered.

Bids submitted by Bidders that do not attend the mandatory site meeting SHALL be declared non-compliant.
Buyer:Salcedo, AlmaPhone number:416-392-6057
Email:asalced@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:
$100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00

Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:

Security / Bid Deposit:
Every Bidder shall submit with their Bid a Bid Bond in the amount of 10% of the Bid amount and will agree to provide a Performance Bond and a Labour and Material Payment Bond for the due and proper performance of the Work, each in the amount of 50% of the Contract amount including an extended 24 month warranty period. The Bonds will be issued by a licensed surety company authorized to transact business in the Province of Ontario and shall be maintained in good standing until the fulfilment of the Contract.

This call document is only available for purchase and download through the City of Toronto's Online Call Document System:

A non-refundable fee (shown above), is required for each call document.

Scope of Work The following is a summary for the reference of bidders.
The scope of work involved in this project shall consist of the supply and installation of all materials as detailed on the project drawings and Specifications; including all labour, tools and equipment necessary for the completion of the Work. No equipment, labour, materials or storage facilities shall be provided by the City unless noted otherwise on the project drawings.

A summary of the scope of work for this project is as follows:
Roof replacement
Roof repairs
Masonry wall and wood cladding repairs
Through-wall flashing repairs at Sloped Glazing skylight
Sloped glazing skylight replacement
Sealant repairs
Below-grade waterproofing repairs
Exterior concrete ramp and stair replacement
Guards and terrace railing replacement
All other work not noted above but included as part of the specifications and drawings

Project Timelines:

It is understood that time is of the essence for this project. The following key dates shall dictate the project work plan and shall form part of the Contract:

Start work on site: June 1, 2019
Total completion of all work: October 15, 2019

Please note that any work impacting the operation of the facility including the use of the gymnasium, pool change-rooms and washrooms, and the connecting corridors (i.e. roof replacement and work associated with the skylight replacement and through wall flashing repair at the skylight) shall not begin until after September 3, 2019. Completion date for all work remains October 15, 2019

Mandatory Submission Requirements Experience and Qualifications
The Bidder must have the following experience in order to be considered for award:

1. must have completed (including testing and commissioning), and must have achieved Substantial Completion within the meaning of the Construction Act for at least three (3) projects within the past five (5) years involving the rehabilitation of a building having a minimum dollar value of $1,000,000.00 Canadian Dollars each (excluding taxes). Bidders shall demonstrate experience with projects which have a similar scope of work involving extensive repairs or replacement of building envelope components. Examples of projects can include work such as roofing, masonry repairs, window replacement and waterproofing. At least two of the projects shall include roofing and one project to include waterproofing.

2. At least one project is to demonstrate bidder's experience with work involving staged/phased construction activities.

3. At least one project must include working for the municipality including coordination with operations including tie in with existing systems.

4. At least one project must demonstrate experience working on an occupied building while building was in full or partial operation during construction.

In order to prove they have the required experience, the Bidder should complete and submit the Experience and Qualifications Form as contained in Section 3, Tender Submission Package as part of their Tender submission and provide the following information:

• Project description, i.e. location, scope of work, project value and contract number;
• Approval authority contact along with telephone or e-mail information;
• Owner contact information;
• Consultant contact information (if applicable) and;
• List of Sub-Contractors for each project.

Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Requirement Information

Bidders must possess and maintain a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR™) or an Equivalent OHS Certification, such as ISO 45001 for the duration of the Contract, The Successful Bidder shall provide a copy of a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR™) or Equivalent OHS Certification in the legal name of the entity submitting the tender within three (3) working days upon being contacted by the City prior to award.

Subcontractors will not be expected to hold COR certification, but they will be expected to adhere to the certified General Contractor’s Health and Safety Program.

"Certificate of Recognition (COR™)" means the nationally recognized occupational health and safety certification granted to qualifying firms by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) of Ontario or its successor.

"Equivalent OHS Certification" means an occupational health and safety certification issued to qualifying firms by an independent third-party organization and accepted by the City (in the City's sole discretion) as equivalent to the Certificate of Recognition (COR ™), such as ISO 45001.

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