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Commodity:Construction Services, Electrical services
Description:Installation of New Standby Gas Generators at Fire
BIDS ARE REQUESTED FOR: Installation of New Standby Gas Generators at Fire Hall 411 Located at 75 York Drive, Fire Hall 412 Located at 267 Humberline Drive Fire Hall 413 Located at 1549 Albion Road and fire Hall 146 Located at 2220 Jane Street, Toronto.

Questions About This Tender Should Be Directed In Writing To Max Parker At E-Mail Max.Parker@Toronto.Ca. The Last Day For Questions With Respect To This Tender Is Three (3) Working Days Prior To Closing.
Call AwardCall number: 98-2019
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Installation of New Standby Gas Generators at Fire
WS Nicholls Construction Inc
Date awarded:June 5, 2019
Client division:Facilities Design & Construction
Issue date:March 5, 2019Closing date:March 26, 2019
at 12:00 Noon
Notes:3 Addenda
Tender 98-2019 NOIP.pdf (93 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:04:32 PM
Tender 98-2019 Viewing Copy Only.pdf (1847 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:05:00 PM
Web Attachment No. 1 - DSS_267 Humberline Dr, Toronto_2017.pdf (639 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:10:51 PM
Web Attachment No. 2 - DSS_1549 Albion Rd, Toronto_2017.pdf (547 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:11:13 PM
Web Attachment No. 3 - DSS_2220 Jane St, Toronto_2017.pdf (3319 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:11:38 PM
Web Attachment No. 4 - DSS_75 Toryork Dr, Toronto_2017.pdf (847 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:11:51 PM
Web Attachment No. 5 - Spec 75 Toryork Road.pdf (3038 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:12:12 PM
Web Attachment No. 6 - Spec 267 Humberline.pdf (2153 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:12:38 PM
Web Attachment No. 7 - Spec 1549 Albion Road.pdf (2152 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:13:06 PM
Web Attachment No. 8 - Spec 2220 Jane Street.pdf (2170 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:13:26 PM
Web Attachment No. 9 - Drawing 267 Humberline.pdf (1579 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:13:54 PM
Web Attachment No. 10 - Drawing 2220 Jane.pdf (1619 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:14:13 PM
Web Attachment No. 11 - Drawings 75 Toryork.pdf (1615 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:14:41 PM
Web Attachment No. 12 - Drawings 1549 Albion.pdf (1621 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/05/2019 12:15:05 PM
98-2019 Addendum No. 1.pdf (93 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/08/2019 12:35:29 PM
98-2019 Addendum No. 2.pdf (69 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/11/2019 10:47:37 AM
98-2019 Addendum No. 3.pdf (172 Kbytes) - Posted on 03/22/2019 10:42:12 AM
Pre-bid meeting:Mandatory Site meeting to be held: March 12, 2019.

See Section 2 – 2 Mandatory Site Visit for Multiple Location Visits.
Buyer:Parker, MaxPhone number:416-397-7251
Email:Max.Parker@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:
$100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00

Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:

Security Deposit:
Bid Bond: 10% of Total Bid Price

Scope of Work:
1.1. General

1.1.1. The following is a general description of the scope of work to complete the natural gas generator installation. For a detailed description of the technical aspects of the work, refer to the specification sections and contract drawings.
1.1.2. Notify and co-ordinate with Owner, Consultant, and Occupants, whenever work will effect operation of the building.
1.1.3. Contractor to ensure there will be no obstruction to the fire route and must coordinate any obstructions of the bay doors with the station captain during the construction work. Onsite parking for the contractor may be limited. If required, contractor may be asked to park off site at no additional cost to the contract.
1.1.4. Contractor to coordinate with the city and the fire station captain regarding access during proposed works. Contractor must call into Toronto Fire Service security daily on days the contractor wishes to work onsite to be granted access. Any issues with coordination of site access will not result in additional costs to the contract.
1.1.5. Contractor to locate all underground and above ground utilities and structures within vicinity of proposed works (exterior and interior) to minimize disruption during proposed works.
1.1.6. Once the Contract has been awarded, construction shall be carried out in one continuing operation, unless agreed to and approved by the City and Consultant at the time of such request.
1.1.7. The Contractor and his/her Sub-Contractors shall assume full responsibility for their equipment and all materials required for this project and shall store them in a locked secure area at the end of each work day. No equipment or materials shall be left in an open area unprotected.
1.1.8. It is the Contractor’s total responsibility for the overall performance and completion of the Work. Breakdown of Work by trades is for the convenience of the Contractor only. All trades are required to examine all Sections of the Drawings and Specifications. The Consultants assume no responsibility for the division of Work or for any jurisdictional involvement as a result of such divisions.
1.1.9. Work specified in the specification has been divided into technical sections for the purpose of ready reference. Division of work among subcontractors and suppliers is solely the contractor’s responsibility and the Contract Administrator assumes no responsibility to act as an arbitrator to establish subcontract limits between sections or divisions of work.
1.1.10. Prior to Tender submission examine the sites and surrounding areas and be fully informed as to the conditions and limitations under which the work has to be executed. Additional costs will not be entertained with respect to conditions which could reasonably have been ascertained by an inspection of the site prior to tender closing.
1.1.11. During the Contract duration, the Contractor is responsible to correct immediately, any interruption to essential services caused by his/her work whether they occur during the day or night, (business days or weekend and/or holidays). The maximum response time of two (2) hours is required. Other types of interruptions shall be corrected within 24 (twenty four) hours. Failure to respond within the specified time period shall render the Contractor responsible for payment of all changes incurred by the Owner when a third party has to be called to perform the necessary work.
1.1.12. Contractor to provide a 2 year full parts and labor warranty on all workmanship and equipment.
1.1.13. Contractor shall engage Enbridge within five business days of issuance of a Purchase Order for the natural gas station/regulator upgrades. Project delays due to inadequate/delayed coordination with Enbridge will not be accepted. Contractor to pay Enbridge directly for the natural gas station/regulator upgrades. Direct costs for the Enbridge upgrades will be taken from the cash allowance.
1.1.14. All coordination costs (Enbridge, ESA, THES, TFS, EMS, etc…) is to be included in the base bid. No coordination costs or markup will be accepted as contract extras.

1.2. Scope of work
This work shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the short summary below:

1.2.1. Contact Enbridge Gas within 5 business days of receiving a purchase order.
1.2.2. Contact Toronto Hydro Electric System's Metering Group within 5 business days of receiving a Purchase Order and advise them of the project.
1.2.3. Contact the local ESA Inspection Division within 5 business days of receiving a Purchase Order and advise them of the project. Drawings are not required to be submitted by the consultant to ESA Plans Review Group for this project.

Arrange for:
1.2.4. Labour, material and equipment to complete work of Contract in conformity with contract documents and construction schedule.
1.2.5. Permits, inspections, tests and systems verifications. Demolition, relocation and removal of existing equipment and services to complete Work.
1.2.6. Delivery, receiving inspection at time of delivery, unloading, and hoisting of materials and equipment/materials from site.
1.2.7. Clean-up of materials and garbage on daily basis or as directed, and removal of unused equipment/materials from site.

Project Involves:
1.2.8. Provide a new structural Slab for the gas generator as indicated.
1.2.9. Coordinate with Enbridge Gas the location of the existing Gas Meter and the requirement of a new Gas Meter Structure.
1.2.10. Provide a new Gas Generator on the Structural Pad as indicated. The initial start-up and commissioning of the Gas Generator to be performed by the Generator Manufacturer.
1.2.11. Provide underground conduit and wire form the Gas Generator to the existing building. The new Conduit and wire to enter the building as indicated. Conduit and wire to be routed through the space and terminate in the Disconnect Switch and Automatic Transfer Switch located and indicated.
1.2.12. Provide a 60 Amp, 240 Volt, single Phase 3 Wire feed to the Gas Generator Shore Power Panel and Generator and Remote Annunciator control wire.
1.2.13. Provide a new Automatic Transfer Switch as indicated.
1.2.14. Disconnect the existing incoming electrical service from the existing Main Service Entrance Disconnect Switch (120/240 Volt 1 phase, 3 Wire) and provide new conduit and wire from the service Entrance Disconnect Switch THES Metering equipment to the new Automatic Transfer Switch
1.2.15. Provide new conduit and wire from the Automatic Transfer Switch to the existing Splitter.

Please see document for more details

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