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Commodity:Construction Services, Construction Services
Description:Asphalt and Concrete Replacement at the Purchasing Material Stores Building, located at 799 Islington Avenue.
BIDS ARE REQUESTED FOR: Asphalt and Concrete Replacement at the Purchasing Material Stores Building, located at 799 Islington Avenue.

Questions About This Tender Should Be Directed In Writing To Max Parker At E-Mail Max.Parker@Toronto.Ca. The Last Day For Questions With Respect To This Tender Is Three (3) Working Days Prior To Closing.
Call AwardCall number: Notice84-2019
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Asphalt and Concrete Replacement at the Purchasing Material Stores Building
Ashland Paving Ltd
Date awarded:June 21, 2019
Client division:Facilities Design & Construction
Issue date:February 22, 2019Closing date:March 15, 2019
at 12:00 Noon
Tender 84-2019 NOIP.pdf (171 Kbytes) - Posted on 02/26/2019 03:12:37 PM
Pre-bid meeting:Mandatory Site meeting to be held: March 1, 2019 at 10:30 AM local time

AT: Meet with the City representative at the security desk at 799 Islington Avenue, Toronto
Buyer:Parker, MaxPhone number:416-397-7251
Email:Max.Parker@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:

Security deposit:


Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:


1.0 General
1.1 Section Includes:
.1 The requirements of Division 1, General Requirements apply to all aspects of the Work.
.2 Work in this Specification is divided into descriptive Sections which are not intended to identify absolute contractual between Subcontractors, nor between the Contractor and its Subcontractors. The Contractor shall be responsible for organizing division of labour and supply of products and services essential to complete the work.
2.0 Scope of Work
2.1 Asphalt Pavement Replacement
.1 Perform asphalt pavement replacement to the existing parking lot as indicated on the Drawings and in accordance with the Project Specifications. The work includes but is not limited to the following:
.2 Close access to the construction areas and provide hoarding and temporary fencing, ramps, steps and gates to safely re-route the occupants away from the Construction Zone and to the sidewalks. Provide temporary walkways as required. Provide adequate construction signage and lighting outside the work areas to inform the public of site hazards and signage indicating any traffic restrictions and direction of flow.
.3 Remove and dispose of all existing trees, shrubs and roots within the work area, debris or other items deemed unnecessary.
.4 Remove and dispose of the asphalt pavement (full depth) from the designated areas including base to the specified depths as identified in the bid form.
.5 Remove and dispose of the existing concrete sidewalks, ramps and landings at the main entrance of the building located at the west side of the property. Work shall include removal and disposal of the existing granular materials to the specified depths as identified in the bid form.
.6 Remove, store and reinstate the existing pre-cast concrete curbs. Reinstate the precast concrete curbs complete with 2-10M dowels embedded a minimum of 1200mm into the granular base.
.7 Remove, dispose and replace deteriorated precast concrete curbs (size to match existing) complete with 2-10M dowels embedded a minimum of 1200mm into the granular base.

.8 Remove existing landscaping and base materials to the specified depths as identified in the bid form in the area of concrete sidewalk adjacent to the new concrete ramp currently covered with landscaping and sod.
.9 Review condition of existing sub-grade materials. Remove “soft material”, as required and under the direction of a Geotechnical Engineer. Do not permanently cover until it is reviewed by a Geotechnical Engineer. Perform this work in accordance with Section 31 23 00.
.10 Grade and proof-roll final sub-grade materials to the lines and grade, as specified in Section 31 23 00. Install new subdrains within the asphalt covered areas.
.11 Repair, adjust and/or replace catch basins as required to accommodate final grades.
.12 Flush all storm sewer lines and carry out CCTV survey of all storm sewer lines in the asphalt covered areas.
Prepare report and carry out repairs as recommended. (through allowance funds).
.13 Vacuum all catch basins.
.14 Place and compact new layers of Granular B materials in soft areas of the asphalt and concrete covered areas, as specified in Section 32 11 16.
.15 Carry out the replacement of the concrete sidewalks, landings, ramps and stairs at the building main entrance located at the building main entrance including 150mm granular A base. New concrete sidewalks to be 150mm thick (complete with 152x152 47.6MW/47.6MW wire mesh). New ramps, landings and stairs as per drawings. Work shall include the placement of additional granular A materials beneath the new concrete stairs and the new concrete sidewalk previously covered with landscaping. Concrete sidewalks adjacent to the asphalt pavements shall be monolithic with concrete curb conforming to OPSD 600.110. Granular A base to be placed and compacted as specified in section 32 11 23. Install new 100mm river stone where indicated on drawings. Work shall also include placement of detectable hazard indicator plates where shown on the drawings including Detectable Hazard Indicators (as per Guidelines for Barrier Free Design of Ontario Government Facilities, December 2014).
.16 Cary out the removal and disposal of the existing metal stairs at the south side of the building and design and replace with new metal stairs. New stairs to be designed and sealed by a professional licensed engineer. Work shall include design and installation of metal guards, railings as per 2012 OBC including all fasteners, hardware, baseplates, welding, etc. as required for the new stairs. Work shall also include the placement of a 150mm thick concrete pad (size to suit stair support design) including a 150mm thick granular A base.

.17 Carry out the placement of the new 250mm thick concrete garbage pad located at the south side of the building complete with 15M reinforcing steel, placed at 250mm spacing o/c each wat top and bottom, with 60mm cover top and bottom. Work shall include the placement and compaction of a new 150mm thick granular A base as specified in section 32 11 23.
.18 Carry out localized replacement of deteriorated sections of the concrete curbs. Concrete curbs to match existing curbs. Work shall include compacting the existing granular base below the curbs and placement of 2-10M horizontal reinforcing steel bars.
.19 Place and compact new layers of Asphalt, HL8 (50mm thick) and HL3 (50mm) in the normal duty asphalt areas (where shown in the drawings) and HL8 (100mm thick) and HL3 (50mm) thick in the heavy duty asphalt areas (where shown in the drawings) as specified in Section 32 12 16.
.20 Carry out localized pointing repairs to deteriorated/cracked mortar joints in the brick masonry walls as specified.
.21 Carry out localized brick replacement of deteriorated/cracking/spalling bricks as specified.
.22 Prepare the concrete surface below the brick masonry at the south elevation and supply and install an elastomeric coating.
.23 Apply new pavement markings, as specified in Section 32 17 23. Layout at main entrance to be shown in the drawings. Remaining areas to match existing or as per drawings.
.24 Repair (to match all existing materials, finishes and grades) all areas disturbed, damaged or affected during the work. This will include any landscaped areas adjacent to the concrete sidewalks and curbs. Clean up all debris, equipment and materials from the site prior to making the site serviceable to the Owner

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