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Commodity:Construction Services, Electrical services
Description:Installation of New Gas Stand-By Generator at Fire Hall 121 at 10 William Carson Crescent, Toronto
BIDS ARE REQUESTED FOR: Installation of New Gas Stand-By Generator at Fire Hall 121 Located at 10 William Carson Crescent, Toronto.

Questions about this Tender should be directed in writing to Renato Buensuceso at e-mail The last day for questions with respect to this Tender is three (3) working days prior to closing.
Call AwardCall number: 283-2018
Successful bidder
and contract amount:
Robert B Somerville, a Div. of Robert McAlpine Ltd.
Date awarded:December 11, 2018
Client division:Facilities Design & Construction
Divisional contact:Herbert RamirezContact phone: 416-392-7134
Issue date:October 26, 2018Closing date:November 16, 2018
at 12:00 Noon
Notes:5 Addenda
283-2018 NOIP.pdf (86 Kbytes) - Posted on 10/26/2018 07:55:12 AM
Tender 283-2018 Viewing Copy Only.pdf (9366 Kbytes) - Posted on 10/26/2018 07:56:11 AM
Tender 283-2018 - Addendum No. 1.pdf (285 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/02/2018 03:47:30 PM
283-2018 Addendum No. 2.pdf (716 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/06/2018 12:15:29 PM
283-2018 Addendum No. 3.pdf (153 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/08/2018 07:47:45 AM
283-2018 Addendum No. 4.pdf (1526 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/09/2018 12:22:20 PM
283-2018 Addendum No. 5.pdf (352 Kbytes) - Posted on 11/12/2018 03:08:53 PM
Pre-bid meeting:A Mandatory Site meeting will be held on October 31, 2018 at 2:00 PM at Fire Hall 121, 10 William Carson Crescent, North York, ON M2P 2E1.
Buyer:Buensuceso, RenatoPhone number:416-392-4315
Email:Renato.Buensuceso@toronto.caLocation:City Hall, 19th Floor West Tower
Non-refundable document fee:
$100.00 + 13.00 HST = $113.00

Hide details for Scope of work:Scope of work:

Security Deposit:

Bid Bond: 10% of Total Bid Price.

For reference purposes, this work shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the short summary below:

1. All Labour, material and associated equipment to complete the work as per contract documents and specifications.
2. The Contractor shall plan, schedule, and coordinate construction activities to minimise disruption to the building occupants and public. In particular the delivery of all products and materials.
3. Provide a detailed schedule in MS Project format, in accordance with the City of Toronto– CCDC Supplementary Conditions. The schedule must be approved by the City and Toronto Fire Services prior to commencement of work. Update schedule as required or requested by the City Project Manager to ensure accuracy of project deliverables.
4. Contractor is responsible for permits, inspections, tests, and systems verification, demolition, relocation, and removal of existing equipment and services to complete the work.
5. The Contractor is responsible for delivery, receiving, inspection at time of delivery, unloading, and hoisting of materials and equipment.
6. Locating of all buried services in area of work.
7. Excavation of parking area for generator support concrete structural slab.
8. Structural Slab for new Generator.
9. Engage Enbridge to provide new 5 psi gas regulator and meter station, to feed new generator and existing building loads.
10. Coordinate the installation of new gas regulator station to feed existing building at 7 in WG through connection to existing building gas distribution system, and feed new generator at 5 psi through above grade gas line, through existing building.
11. Install new gas-fired Generator on Structural Pad as indicated. Initial startup of new Generator to be performed by Generator Manufacturer.
12. Install all exterior and interior conduit and wiring for new Generator to existing Main Electrical Room and to be terminated in Automatic Transfer Switch as per code.
13. Install new automatic transfer switch.
14. Disconnect existing incoming electrical service from existing Power Panel and provide new conduit and wire to new Automatic Transfer Switch.
15. Install new conduit and wiring from Automatic Transfer Switch to existing Power Panel.
16. Extend generator exhaust stack to required elevation, and brace to generator enclosure.
17. Provide bollards around new generator as per drawings.
18. Restore asphalted and all other areas affected by the construction.
19. Provide hoarding and temporary health and safety signage to safely direct building occupants and public away from the Construction Zone.
20. Protection of existing facility, and adjacent facilities, finishes, etc. during construction. Any damages caused by the Contractor to existing facilities will be the Contractor's responsibility to rectify.
21. The Contractor shall conduct and provide a copy of the required pre-construction photographic survey of the entire area of construction, delivery and access points, presented in a report format to the City Project Manager and occupants of the building prior to the start of construction.
22. Patching and making good of existing finishes to match existing affected by the new work as indicated in the attached Tender Documents and any areas damaged by trades during the work.
23. Contact Enbridge Gas within 5 Business Days of receiving a Purchase Order and coordinate all associated work.
24. Contact Toronto Hydro, within 5 Business Days of receiving a Purchase Order and advise them of the project.
25. Contact the local ESA within 5 Business Days of receiving a Purchase Order and advise them of the project.
26. Disposal of any construction materials/debris, in a legal manner, for this project on a daily basis and in accordance with City of Toronto Construction, Renovation & Demolition Waste Management Policy referenced in the attached Construction Documents

The date of Substantial Performance for construction shall be 28 weeks from the date of the purchase order, and the Deemed Completion date shall be 29 weeks from the date of the purchase order.

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