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Toronto Cycling Map Survey *
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Thank you for participating in this survey about Toronto’s Cycling Map!

The City of Toronto is conducting this survey to learn about how people are using the Map, what works, and what could be improved.

Every year the City publishes and distributes 150,000 Cycling Maps free of charge.

This survey will take about 5 minutes


1Do you own a paper copy of the Toronto Cycling Map?

2What do you use the cycling map for?

3Have you ever used the cycling map to determine which TTC stations are bike accessible?

4Have you ever used the cycling map, to check the stair count when heading into parkland ravines?

5Have you ever used the cycling map, to determine which stairwells into parkland ravines have bike gutters?

6On the Cycling map, bike routes are numbered. For example, Sherbourne Street is route number 39. Do you find these numbers helpful when navigating the City?

7Did you know, that the numbers on the cycling map, correspond to on-street signage on those bike routes?

8The cycling map includes ‘suggested routes’ and ‘connecting routes’ to help with route planning where there is no bike infrastructure. Do you find this information helpful?

9Do you find the inset sections, which show certain sections blown up in detail useful?

10Do you find that the cycling map shows enough detail?

11Do you like the size of the cycling map?

12Do you work for a bike shop?


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