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Rachel David


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A Toronto-raised painter & circus artist, Rachel spent much of adulthood in Montreal studying Studio Art at Concordia, then spent years traveling the world doing arts programs with youth. She then studied Education for Visual Arts in Toronto, in a youth at-risk cohort at OISE and began exploring StreetArt, moving to spray paint, working downtown and in the West End including solo commissions, collaborative work with other street artists, and continued arts youth work in T.O., the arctic & abroad

Rachel grew up in Toronto, drawing and painting before she could walk or talk, wherever she could see a ‘canvas’ and with whatever colour or ink or alternative she could find. Growing up she continued to use art (visual, circus and sport) as her lens to learn. Years later, she landed in Montreal and studied Studio Art, specializing in Drawing and Painting at Concordia (BFA) where she produced and was inspired for much of her early pieces. After she left Montreal, her next 5 years were spent popping into her home town of Toronto in between travelling the world working with youth at-risk in the arts. She returned to school in 2009 where she studied education in Visual Arts (as well as Physical Education) at OISE specializing in a youth at-risk co-hort. This allowed her to continue to develop her skills in sharing some of the main passions in her life: visual arts, circus arts, and working with marginalized youth. She has since been exploring mural and street art in Toronto, working with cans, and continuing to work with youth at-risk in Toronto communities, remote arctic communities and abroad in the arts. Rachel has a passion for faces, and what they express, and has an ability to use colour and quick lines to intuitively express an experience, a moment or the disposition of her subject. She generally works with acrylic, outdoor acrylic paint, or spray paint. Rachel’s movement from the canvas to mural and street art 3 years ago began originally as a result of her family history in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Her father immigrated to Canada into the heart of Kensington Market where Rachel’s grandfather would open his family business - one of the original shops in the market - on which Rachel did her first solo street mural 56 years later, and it got her hooked. Her experience with street art brought out her passion for public art, community, collaboration and youth projects, which is what drove her to continue for the next 3 years. She always works free hand, and can work from photos, ideas or life.

Interest and availability
Available for Spring, Summer and Fall to do solo murals, collaborative street art (enjoys working with some of Toronto's great graffiti artists) and lead collaborative youth projects. Available days/evenings spring and fall, and afternoons/evenings and all day weekends, all summer!

Rachel has been working with paint and drawing her whole life. She works free hand, from pictures, ideas, or from life. She has studied drawing and painting, and has had many years of experience with canvas and other medium, moving to street art and spray paint 3 years ago.

Work history
Rachel studied studio art (drawing and painting) at Concordia University, in Montreal. Since, she has been showing her work all over Toronto in restaurants, galleries and art saloons. More recently she has been working with spray paint, and doing commission street art on the streets of Kensington Market, Chinatown, and the West End, including solo pieces, collaborations, and leading youth projects.

Examples of work

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