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Hide details for A. StandardA. Standard
P-1Concrete Paver Band (2 Rows)
P-2Granite Paver Band (2 Rows)
P-3Concrete Paver Band (6 Rows)
P-4Granite Paver Band (6 Rows)
P-5Paver Band (1 Row)
P-6Concrete Unit Paved Sidewalk with Optional Paver Band
P-7Hard/Soft Landscaped Boulevard
P-8Soft Landscaped Boulevard
P-9Landscaped Boulevard with Optional Multi-Use Trail
P-10Landscaped Boulevard at Expressway Intersection
P-11Granite Dedication Inlay in Concrete Sidewalk
P-12Metal Inlay in Concrete Sidewalk
P-13Granite Paver Band (2 Rows) - Grey
P-14Granite Paver Band (6 Rows) - Grey
Hide details for B. Site-SpecificB. Site-Specific
P-s1University Av. (Front St. W. to Queen's Park) & Queen's Park (Queen's Park Cres. to Bloor St. W.)
P-s2University Av. (Queen St. W. to Queen's Park) & Queen's Park (Queen's Park Cres. to Bloor St. W.)
P-s3Queen St. W. (Spadina Av. to University Av.) & John Street
P-s4St. George St. (College St. to Bloor St. W.)
P-s5Ryerson University
P-s6Ryerson University (Devonian Square)
P-s7Spadina Av. (Lake Shore Blvd. W. to Front St. W.)
P-s8Spadina Av. (Front St. W. to Queen St. W.)
P-s9Spadina Av. (Queen St. W. to College St.)
P-s10Spadina Av. (College St. to Bloor St. W.)
P-s11Wellington St. W. (Portland St. to Spadina Av.)
P-s12Chestnut St. & Elizabeth St. & La Plante Av.
P-s13Yonge St. (Hwy 401 to Norton Av.)
P-s14Yonge St. (Norton Av. to Steeles Av.)
P-s14Yonge Street (Donwoods Dr. to Steeles Av.)
P-s15Doris Av.
P-s16Beecroft Rd.
P-s17Sheppard Av. W. (WR Allen Rd. to Yonge St.) & Sheppard Av. E.(south side: Bayview Av. to Leslie St.)
P-s18Sheppard Av. E. (north side: Bayview Av. to Leslie St.)
P-s19Avenue Rd. (Lawrence Av. W. to Ridley Blvd.)
P-s20Scarborough Centre
P-s21Corporate Dr.
P-s22Port Union Rd. (south of Lawrence Av. E.)
P-s23Massey/Harris Lands - wider option
P-s24Massey/Harris Lands - narrower option
P-s25Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr.
P-s26Lake Shore Blvd. W. (Park Lawn Rd. to Palace Pier Ct.)
P-s27Marine Parade Dr. / Waterfront Dr. (south side)
P-s28Marine Parade Dr. / Waterfront Dr. (south side rest area)
P-s29Marine Parade Dr. / Waterfront Dr. (north side)
P-s30Don Mills Rd. (at Eglinton Av. E)
P-s31St. Clair Av. W.
P-s32Yonge St. (Lake Shore Blvd. to The Esplanade)
P-s33York St. (Lake Shore Blvd. W. to Front St. W.)
P-s34Bremner Blvd. (Spadina Av. to Rees St.)
P-s35Bremner Blvd. (Rees St. to Lower Simcoe St.)
P-s36Bremner Blvd. (Lower Simcoe St. to Lake Shore Blvd. W.)
P-s38Rees St. & Van De Water Cres.
P-s39Bay St. (Harbour St. to Lake Shore Blvd. W.)
P-s40Fort York Bvld. (Bathurst St. to Spadina Av.)
P-s41Fort York Blvd. (south side: Bathurst St. to Spadina Av.)
P-s42Fleet St. & Queens Quay (south side)
P-s45Garrison Creek
P-s46Walk of Fame - King St. W. (John St. to Simcoe St.) & Simcoe St. (King St. W. to Wellington St. W.)
P-s49King St. W. (Stafford St. to John St.)
P-s53King St. W. (Sudbury St. to Stafford St.)
Hide details for C. BIAC. BIA
P-BIA2Eglinton Avenue West - York Eglinton BIA
P-BIA5Eglinton Avenue West - Upper Village BIA
P-BIA7Queen Street East - Riverside Village BIA
P-BIA8Lake Shore Boulevard West (south side) - Various BIAs
P-BIA9Lake Shore Boulevard West (north side) - Long Branch BIA
P-BIA10Yonge Street - Uptown Yonge BIA
P-BIA13Bloor Street West - Bloor West Village BIA
P-BIA14Bloor Street East - Bloor-Yorkville BIA
P-BIA17Yonge Street - Downtown Yonge BIA
P-BIA18Danforth Avenue Intersections - Greektown on the Danforth BIA
P-BIA21Bloor-Yorkville BIA
P-BIA22Bloor Street East and West - Bloor-Yorkville BIA
P-BIA23Bloor Street East and West Corners - Bloor-Yorkville BIA
P-BIA24Queen Street East - Beach BIA
P-BIA25Queen Street East - Beach BIA
P-BIA26Adelaide St. W. Peter Street & Richmond St. W. & Simcoe St. - TED BIA
P-BIA27Clarence Square - TED BIA
P-BIA28Charlotte, Duncan, Mercer, Nelson, Oxley, Pearl, Widmer & Windsor Street - TED BIA
P-BIA29King Street West, Wellington Street - TED BIA
P-BIA30Drummond Place - TED BIA
P-BIA34WATERFRONToronto District Street - Single Row of Trees
P-BIA35WATERFRONToronto District Street - Promenade
P-BIA36WATERFRONToronto Queens Quay South
P-BIA37WATERFRONToronto Queens Quay North
P-BIA38WATERFRONToronto Tactile Walking Surface Indicator - With Pavers
P-BIA39WATERFRONToronto Tactile Walking Surface Indicator - With Pavers
P-BIA40WATERFRONToronto Tactile Walking Surface Indicator
P-BIA41WATERFRONToronto Woonerf Next to Water's Edge Promenade
P-BIA42WATERFRONToronto Woonerf Next to Water's Edge Promenade
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