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October 11, 2005
Construction Starts on $27M Watercourse in Toronto's Western Beaches
The Honourable Joe Volpe, federal Minister for the Toronto Waterfront
Revitalization Initiative, The Honourable David Caplan, provincial Minister of
Public Infrastructure Renewal and His Worship Toronto Mayor David Miller, today
joined John Campbell, president and CEO of the Toronto Waterfront
Revitalization Corporation and members of Toronto's water-sport community to
officially launch the construction of a new 600-metre multi-sport watercourse
in Toronto's Western Beaches.

"Today not only marks the start of construction of the Western Beaches
Watercourse, but also the start of construction of the first large-scale
improvement to Toronto's central waterfront. More will follow in short order,"
said Campbell.

The $27-million course will be located west of Ontario Place, fronting on
Marilyn Bell Park. Improvements will also be made to Marilyn Bell Park, the
Martin Goodman Trail, and to terrestrial and aquatic habitat. The Toronto
Region and Conservation Authority is carrying out the project on behalf of TWRC.

The design and location of the watercourse allow for it to be extended in the
future if funding becomes available.

"The construction of the Western Beaches Watercourse clearly demonstrates the
Government of Canada's commitment to provide the people of Toronto with
outstanding waterfront parks and recreational facilities," said Minister Volpe.
"This is a commitment that is shared by all three governments as we continue to
invest in public spaces for Canada’s international city."

"The McGuinty government sees this as part of our plan to strengthen Toronto by
moving from planning to implementation to successfully develop the city's
waterfront," said Minister Caplan. "The construction of this premier
watercourse facility will provide a legacy for sport, culture, tourism and
sustainable development for years to come."

"This project is exciting both for the international events it will draw to
Toronto, and for the improvements it will bring to our waterfront that all
Torontonians can enjoy," said Mayor David Miller. "This is another example of
the great work that can be done when three governments work together toward a
common goal."

Constructing the course means building a break wall about 135 metres from
shore. Depending on the waterline, the break wall will rise two and a half to
three metres out of the water. Two-hundred and thirty-seven thousand tonnes of
stone will be used to build the break wall with the stones ranging in weight
from five kilograms to six tonnes. Eighty-five per cent of the stones will be
recycled stone and will include the concrete from the existing break wall.

Construction will be complete in June 2006, in time for Toronto to host the
International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championships which will
take place August 8 to 13, 2006. The championships will bring over 4500
athletes from more than 25 countries to Toronto. Winning the right to the host
the championships was the catalyst for building the new watercourse.

As a permanent city-owned facility, the Western Beaches Watercourse will be
used as a training site for a number of sports including dragon boating,
rowing, canoeing, and kayaking as well as competitive events and festivals.

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