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October 7, 2005
Governing Toronto Project launches on-line consultation
The City of Toronto has launched an on-line survey, which allows residents to
have their say about how they think they should be governed. The survey is
available online at and is part of an
examination of how Toronto's government structure might be altered to provide
more accountable, effective governance. This project is being undertaken in
advance of a revised City of Toronto Act, which will provide municipal
government with historic new powers and responsibilities.

The survey consists of nine questions, which are being considered by a
Council-appointed advisory panel on governance. The panel has three members:
Centennial College President Ann Buller (Chair), University of Toronto Law
Professor Sujit Choudhry, and Toronto philanthropist Martin Connell.

The nine questions are:

1. What actions will set the stage for Council to exercise governmental powers?
2. What actions will ensure that Council can take a strategic approach on
City-wide issues?
3. What actions will make the Mayor's leadership role most effective, given the
responsibilities of this City-wide elected position?
4. In Toronto, decisions are made by Council as a group and not by one person.
The Mayor is the Head of Council and City's Chief Executive Officer but has few
legislated powers. Do you think there are any changes that should be made to
the role of Council and the role of Mayor?
5. What actions will improve community representation and engagement with the
decision-making process?
6. What actions will contribute to vibrant and engaged neighbourhoods?
7. What actions will support Councillors to deliver on the priorities of their
8. What actions will ensure that the interests of residents from diverse
communities with modest income levels are reflected in the decision-making
9. What can be done to make sure that City staff are able to provide
professional and non-political advice to Council?

The Panel is also consulting with community groups and stakeholders, and is
planning to hold public consultations in November.

Media contacts:

Strategic & Corporate Manager
City Manager’s Office

Cindy Bromley
Communications Manager



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