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May 17, 2005
City Council names members to standing committees, ABCs
City Council today appointed the following members of Council to standing
committees, and agencies, boards and commissions for the remainder of this term
of Council. These appointments take effect after the June 14-16 Council meeting.

Policy and Finance
Mayor David Miller — Chair
Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone
Frank Di Giorgio
Gay Cowbourne
Maria Augimeri
Howard Moscoe
Gerry Altobello
Pam McConnell
Sandra Bussin
David Soknacki

Sylvia Watson — Chair
Janet Davis — Vice-Chair
Frank Di Giorgio
Rob Ford
Doug Holyday
Peter Li Preti
Frances Nunziata
Bill Saundercook

Community Services
Joe Mihevc — Chair
Gay Cowbourne — Vice-Chair
Raymond Cho
Olivia Chow
Mike Feldman
Norm Kelly
Jane Pitfield
David Shiner

Economic Development and Parks
Gloria Lindsay Luby — Chair
Maria Augimeri — Vice-Chair
Brian Ashton
Mark Grimes
Suzan Hall
Giorgio Mammoliti
Kyle Rae
Michael Walker

Planning and Transportation
John Filion — Chair
Karen Stintz — Vice-Chair
Cliff Jenkins
Peter Milczyn
Denzil Minnan-Wong
Howard Moscoe
Case Ootes
Michael Thompson

Shelley Carroll — Chair
Adam Giambrone — Vice-Chair
Gerry Altobello
Bas Balkissoon
Glenn De Baeremaeker
Mike Del Grande
Paula Fletcher
Cesar Palacio

Budget Advisory
David Soknacki — Chair
Sylvia Watson — Vice-Chair
Joe Mihevc — Vice-Chair
Sandra Bussin
Kyle Rae
Cliff Jenkins
Shelley Carroll

Doug Holyday — Chair
Mike Del Grande — Vice-Chair
Brian Ashton
Bas Balkissoon
Paula Fletcher
Jane Pitfield*
*if Council approves a 6th member for this committee

Paula Fletcher (Mayor’s designate as Chair)
Frank Di Giorgio
Rob Ford
Adam Giambrone
Cliff Jenkins
Peter Li Preti
Giorgio Mammoliti
Joe Mihevc

Other appointments include:

Deputy Mayors:
Councillors Joe Pantalone, Sandra Bussin and Mike Feldman

Toronto Police Services Board:
Mayor David Miller and Councillors John Filion and Pam McConnell

Toronto Transit Commission:
Councillors Brian Ashton, Bas Balkissoon, Sandra Bussin, Olivia Chow, Adam
Giambrone, Peter Li Preti, Joe Mihevc, Howard Moscoe, and Bill Saundercook.

Community Councils:
Etobicoke York Community Council
Chair, Frances Nunziata; Vice-Chair, Suzan Hall
North York Community Council
Chair, Maria Augimeri; Vice-Chair, Karen Stintz
Scarborough Community Council
Chair, Michael Thompson; Vice-Chair, Mike Del Grande
Toronto and East York Community Council
Chair, Janet Davis; Vice-Chair, Paula Fletcher

For a complete list of all ABC appointments, the Striking Committee report can
be found at:

Media contact:
Brad Ross, City of Toronto Media Relations, 416-392-8937 or (cell) 416-919-6503



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