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August 22, 2005
City of Toronto update on flood cleanup
The City of Toronto continues to clean-up and repair roads and facilities
damaged by Friday’s storm.

Emergency services staff responded to over 1,700 calls. In addition, city
staff have responded to several hundred calls for assistance related to
flooding. As a result of the excellent work of the emergency services and City
staff the storm did not result in any major injuries or deaths. Crews
continued work throughout the weekend and work is expected continue on major
projects this week.

Mayor David Miller thanked residents for their patience and cooperation during
the incident and the clean-up that is now underway, “The clean-up and repair of
the areas still affected will take some time. Residents have helped
tremendously by cleaning up debris and advising the city of areas that need
attention,” said Mayor Miller. “The amount of rain that fell in such a short
time was extraordinary by any standard - the response of emergency crews and
city staff cushioned the impact of the storm.”

The following is an update on major storm related work:


  • Finch Avenue West (past Sentinel) - A large section of Finch Avenue West
    washed away as a result of the heavy rain and flooding.
  • repair of the collapsed section of road will take approximately three to
    four months
  • the total cost of repairs will be approximately will be approximately $5

  • Steeles Avenue West (east of Dufferin Street)
  • open to pedestrians since Saturday noon. The road was open to vehicles
    Sunday evening but restricted to the centre four lanes. The curb lanes may
    re-open tomorrow morning after a further review of the bridge structure.
  • the cost of this repair is estimated between $10,000 - $20,000

  • Steeles Avenue East (east of Markham Road)
  • work completed yesterday and road is open
  • estimated cost $20,000

  • Military Trail (at Ellesmere Road)
  • expected to be open within a week
  • estimated cost $100,000

  • Transportation staff are inspecting bridges and overpasses for any damage
    as a result of the storm and flood


  • Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • the plant was flooded and sustained damage to approximately 30% of its
    equipment and operation
  • emergency bypass of storm water was activated in order to protect
  • damage to the plant is still being assessed, but is expected to exceed $1

  • Trunk Sewer
  • after water levels in Highland Creek receded, crews discovered a broken
    trunk sewer, releasing raw sewage into the creek in Morningside Park
  • the trunk sewer measures 48” in diameter and is releasing sewage at a
    rate of .7cubic meters per second
  • Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Ministry of Environment and
    Toronto Public Health are on site assessing the environmental impact and
    supporting the City’s remedial efforts
  • Toronto Water crews are working to divert the flow of the creek away from
    the broken pipe in order to limit the environmental damage and allow crews to
    repair the trunk sewer
  • There is no impact on water service to residents or businesses in the area
  • Toronto Public Health also attended on scene
  • Morningside Park is closed to the public to permit construction to proceed
  • Further updates on the repair and clean up will be provided - residents
    are reminded to stay out of the park

  • Basement Flooding
  • throughout the weekend, 600 complaints of basement flooding were received
    by the call centre
  • as of Sunday evening, staff had attended to 400 of the complaints
  • homeowners with flood damage should contact their insurance companies to
    file a claim
  • the City does not have a policy to compensate homeowners for damage as a
    result of flooding
  • City crews have been and will continue to assist residents and business
    with initial flood-related cleanup of water and removal of debris from basements

  • Staff worked over 1,000 hours during the weekend as a result of the storm
    and flood.
  • Staff are inspecting City watercourses and sewers for damage

    Parks, Forestry and Recreation:

  • Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff attended 350 calls, working more
    than 600 hours of over-time
  • some Parks facilities were flooded and sustained damage - associated
    costs and impact to programs and services are still being assessed
  • repairs to facilities will be carried out immediately

    Media Contact:

    Kevin Sack
    City of Toronto Media Relations



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