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November 8, 2005
Parkdale World Peace Monument unveiled today
The Parkdale World Peace Monument was officially unveiled today by Councillor
Sylvia Watson, representatives from the Parkdale Village Business Improvement
Area (BIA) and members of the Parkdale community. The monument rests in the
public square next to the Parkdale branch of the Toronto Public Library at 1303
Queen St. W.

"This monument is significant to the community, as it not only speaks to the
rich cultural life of Parkdale but is a testament of the continued efforts by
local businesses, community organizations and residents to create a healthy and
successful community," said Sylvia Watson, Councillor for Ward 14,
Parkdale-High Park

The World Peace Monument features a globe and fountain and was designed by
Peter Dykhuis. "Most globe sculptures display the continents as solid mass with
the watery surfaces represented in the grid-weave of longitude and latitude
lines," said Mr. Dykhuis. "In my proposal, I suggested the opposite where the
earth’s watery surfaces were fabricated out of copper and the landmasses
implied as voids. This design strategy allowed for a more comprehensive
inclusion of continental details and island groups that better reflected the
diversity of peoples who have moved to Parkdale to make it their new home.
Light, water and vapour pulsating from within the globe allude to the living,
breathing continents of the earth."

The project was financed through the Toronto Economic Development's BIA Capital
Cost-Sharing Program. This partnership program offers cost-sharing on a 50/50
basis between the City and its BIAs. BIAs request capital funding for improving
the appearance and physical condition of public open spaces in order to develop
a desired identity and to make their shopping districts more competitive, safe,
and attractive to the city’s residents and visitors.

The City of Toronto recognizes the importance of BIAs and values their
contribution to the city's economic health and well-being. Toronto Economic
Development, through its Small Business and Local Partnership office, delivers
a variety of programs and services to BIAs. This includes the Capital
Cost-Sharing Program along with BIA start-up, development and strategic
business planning, as well as financial assistance for street and sidewalk
improvements, tree lighting, banners and festivals.

"Economic Development cost-shares the installation of streetscape improvements
throughout the city in partnership with BIAs," said Robert Mays, Toronto
Economic Development. "The World Peace Monument will spark renewed interest in
the Parkdale business community by supporting the area's existing multicultural
identity and providing a focal point for special events and marketing
strategies. The intention is that the Parkdale globe installation will act as a
catalyst for future business improvements."

The Parkdale Village BIA represents over 220 businesses and restaurants. "The
World Peace Monument not only brings beauty to our streets and reflects the
great cultural diversity of Parkdale Village but it strengthens the businesses
community. The more we do to beautify our streets the more we attract business
activity. This is just one aspect of our ongoing efforts to ensure Parkdale
Village will continue to be an attractive and economically bustling community,"
said Dick Bacchus, Chair, Parkdale Village BIA.

Media contacts:

Robert Mays
Toronto Economic Development

Dick Bacchus
Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area
416-532 8191



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