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June 7, 2005
Mayor Miller addresses flaws in Toronto’s funding structure
Toronto Mayor David Miller launched a new initiative
today aimed at fixing major flaws with the City of Toronto's funding structure.

A report from the Conference Board of Canada, which the City released as part
of the announcement, says Toronto faces a gap of $1.1 billion in 2006. This gap
has been growing since amalgamation, and will continue to grow unless a
sustainable funding framework can be achieved, the report says.

"Toronto's government is faced with a huge gap between the programs and
services we are responsible for, and the resources we have to deliver them,"
said Mayor Miller. "We also need to ensure that City money pays for City
services, and that provincially mandated programs are funded through
appropriate revenue sources."

Mayor Miller said the city government is ready to address its own
responsibilities in addressing the City's broken funding structure, and is also
committed to working with the provincial and federal governments to address
issues that affect them.

The mayor has invited Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to work with the City on
a five-year plan to put Toronto on firm financial ground. Mayor Miller also
committed to continuing to work with the federal government, who have an
important stake in Toronto's economic success.

"Some of the programs and services we deliver serve Toronto residents directly.
We recognize our responsibility to fund these areas responsibly and
accountably," said Mayor Miller. "But other areas have regional, provincial,
and national impact. That is why we have to engage other governments in this

The City of Toronto commissioned the Conference Board of Canada to review and
forecast the City's ability to pay for its responsibilities. The Conference
Board was chosen because, as an independent economic forecaster, it has in the
past undertaken a nation-wide review of municipal financing and governance
issues, and have developed economic forecasting models for other local

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Patchen Barss
Office of Mayor David Miller

Kevin Sack
Corporate Communications

Brent Dowdall
Conference Board of Canada
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