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October 3, 2005
Mayor Miller outlines commitment to professional, accountable civil service
The administrative restructuring, which was adopted by City Council at the
recommendation of Mayor David Miller in November 2004 has revealed that
historic checks and balances are insufficient to eliminate potential abuses at
the City, including nepotism and cronyism. Today Mayor David Miller outlined
the steps the City is taking to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to
guarantee ethical behaviour.

"I oppose any action that subverts the fairness of our hiring and contracting
practices," said Mayor Miller. "The administrative restructuring started a
cultural change at the City, but now we know that we have much more to do to
clear out the rot."

Current measures include:
  • As part of the administrative restructuring, City Council has directed staff to review the Human Resources department, to ensure that hiring practices reflect our hiring policies.
  • The City continues to implement the recommendations of the Bellamy Report, which are designed to foster professionalism, accountability, and transparency at City Hall.
  • The City undertaking additional investigations to ensure ethical practices are followed throughout City government.
  • Mayor Miller has requested that the City's Integrity Commissioner clarify the rules for City Councillors when constituents or relatives apply for a job at the city.

Other actions will be taken as they are deemed necessary.

"The best qualified candidate should always get the job. Where there are
ambiguities in our policies, we need to revise them. Where policies are being
contravened, we need to end those practices," said Mayor Miller. "The people of
Toronto rely on -- and deserve -- the excellence that only an independent,
professional civil service can provide."

Media contacts:

Patchen Barss
Office of the Mayor

Brendan Agnew-Iler
Office of the Mayor



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