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July 12, 2005
Toronto Water asks residents to reduce water use
Toronto Water is asking city residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce
their outdoor water usage during this extreme heat wave. To avoid a potential
water shortage, the City is seeking residents’ help to lower the amount of
water being used. During extreme hot and dry weather, it could become difficult
to keep water supply levels at capacity. Reducing non-essential water usage
will help ensure pumping stations and water reservoirs meet current demands.

Here are some outdoor water efficiency tips:

1. Reduce the number of times you water your lawn – healthy lawns only need 2.5
cm (1”) of water per week, including rainfall
2. Use a rain gauge to track the water falling on your lawn from your sprinkler
and the rain
3. Water your lawn early in the morning to avoid water evaporation
4. Leave grass clippings on your lawn as they provide natural nutrients and
5. Use a broom – not a water hose – to sweep up debris or clean your driveways
and walkways
6. Fill a small pool for your kids to cool off in, rather than leaving the
sprinkler on
7. Take a break: skip washing your car during heat spells

Reducing indoor water usage can also help decrease current demands. Only turn
on your dishwasher and washing machine once you have a full load.

In the meantime, the City of Toronto is requesting City divisions, agencies,
boards and commissions to suspend all non-essential outdoor water use. This
includes activities such as:

  • Landscape irrigation
  • Washing exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks
  • Street and vehicle washing
  • Transit vehicle washing such as subway cars and buses

For more information on water efficiency tips, go to our Web site at:

Media contact:

Diane Chester
Sr. Communications Co-ordinator



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