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November 9, 2005
Toronto on target as a Creative City says Culture Plan Progress Report
Toronto Culture today released its progress report on the "Culture Plan for the
Creative City." The report highlights the City's achievements in implementing
the plan's key recommendations; reports on the health of the creative sector;
and outlines future key priorities.

The Culture Plan Progress Report shows that investment in promoting Toronto's
culture sector, grants, and cultural infrastructure is beginning to pay off.
Amongst the achievements:
  • a new culture brand and large-scale 16-month celebration of creativity -- Live With Culture
  • funding to major cultural organizations increased by 10 per cent in 2004 and by 11 per cent in 2005
  • funding to the Toronto Arts Council increased by five per cent in 2004 and by five per cent in 2005
  • Toronto's per capita investment in culture increased by $0.83 in 2004 and by $1.07 in 2005. The target established by City Council in 2003 called for an annual increase of $2.00 per capita
  • $1 million was leveraged from private development for cultural growth.

"Each year, the number of people who are attending cultural programs and events
in Toronto is steadily increasing," said Councillor Kyle Rae, Chair, Mayor's
Roundtable on Arts and Culture. "With an increase in funding to the city's arts
and cultural organizations, Toronto will be able to offer even more
opportunities to audiences, particularly youth."

The Progress Report uses 11 benchmarks to measure the health of Toronto's
culture sector. Amongst the key findings:
  • 10.5 million people attended more than 20,000 City-funded cultural events in 2004
  • participation in cultural activities by tourists was second only to shopping in 2002
  • 100,000 people were employed in Toronto's culture sector in 2001, representing about 8.3 per cent of Toronto's labour force
  • $8.5 billion was the direct value of goods and services produced in the culture sector in 2001.

"The City of Toronto has made great strides in implementing the Culture Plan,
however, we have a great deal of work ahead of us to realize Toronto's immense
potential as a global Creative City," added Councillor Rae. "Our focus is to
build on our achievements and expand our existing programming to engage
Torontonians from all walks of life as we continue our commitment to invest in

Adopted by City Council in 2003, the "Culture Plan for the Creative City" is a
10-year action plan to position Toronto as an international cultural capital
and to define culture's role at the centre of economic and social development
of the city. The plan makes 63 recommendations that would allow Toronto to
fulfill its potential as a Creative City and a global cultural capital.

For a copy of the Culture Plan Progress Report, visit

Media contact:

Rita Davies
Executive Director
Toronto Culture



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