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June 28, 2005
Toronto starts new program to cut car use and carbon dioxide emissions
The City of Toronto has launched a one-year pilot for staff at the North York
Civic Centre. The Employee Trip Reduction program will promote the increased
use of public transport, carpooling, cycling and walking, and other commuting

"This program is a great way to help tackle both urban transportation issues
and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions," said Mayor David Miller. "It
builds on other City supported programs such as Toronto Public Health’s clean
air, and City Planning’s work with the Smart Commute initiative."

Other related programs include a carpooling web site, indoor bicycle parking,
and public health campaigns to encourage active living. In addition, this fall
the City will join the Toronto Transit Commission's discounted VIP program for
companies with more than 50 employees.

North York Civic Centre employees make an estimated 50,000 drive-alone
commuting trips each year. This costs them more than $540,000, which means the
incentive for reducing such trips is financial as well as environmental.

Councillor Shelley Carroll, Ward 33 - Don Valley East, said at today’s launch,
"Our individual travel choices can help keep us fit and influence larger
transportation outcomes like congestion and pollution. By changing our own
travel choices we can make a difference, not only in our own health but also in
maintaining a clean, safe and livable city."

Media contacts:

Councillor Shelley Carroll
Ward 33 - Don Valley East

Patchen Barss
Office of the Mayor

Rod McPhail
Transportation Planning



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