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June 30, 2005
Fireworks recipe for disaster
This morning, while Toronto Fire Services, Toronto Police and Toronto Emergency
Medical Services were preparing for a media conference outlining fireworks
safety, enforcement and inherent dangers, Toronto Fire crews responded to the
report of a house fire.

The first crews to arrive found heavy smoke and flames coming from the
row-housing unit on Highfield Road. Taking the extreme heat and humidity into
account, they quickly called for a second alarm. The crews did an outstanding
job, under these difficult environmental conditions.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the fire was caused by Roman Candle
fireworks being set off in the home.

It appears that people are taking a very cavalier attitude with regards to the
inherent danger of fireworks. They are an explosive device and have the
potential to inflict serious injury or even be the cause of death. As an
example of the potential fireworks danger, sparklers, which most parents give
to their children to wave around as an almost harmless toy, burn at a
temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit — a temperature that could serious

Toronto Fire reminds citizens that fireworks should only be purchased and lit
by responsible adults and encourages everyone to participate in public displays
run by professionals. Toronto Fire also reminds everyone to review the
important safety tips on the Web sites listed below.

For more information on family fireworks safety, visit:

For more information on the dangers of consumer fireworks, visit:

Media contact:
David Sheen, Toronto Fire Services, 416-338-9317 (office),
416-468-9978 (pager), 416-578-4316 (cell)



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