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June 10, 2005
Toronto Paramedics remind parents to be aware of window and balcony safety during hot weather
With hot, humid summer weather continuing in Toronto, paramedics from Toronto
Emergency Medical Services would like to remind parents and childcare providers
to be extra vigilant around windows and balconies.

Every year, Toronto EMS responds to many preventable incidents involving
children who have fallen out of windows or off of balconies.

Young children are naturally curious and will explore an open window or
balcony. Windows or balcony posts that are open more than ten centimetres
(four inches) pose a danger to children under the age of ten.

Window or balcony accidents can happen to anyone in a matter of seconds. A few
simple steps can prevent unnecessary tragedies:

Window and Balcony Safety Tips

- Do not leave children unattended or unsupervised
- Keep furniture away from windows and balcony railings
- Lock all unopened windows and patio doors
- Install window safety devices to limit window opening to 10 cm
- Do not rely on screens - they keep insects out, not kids in!
- Teach your family, friends, and caregivers about window and balcony safety

WINDOW SAFETY DEVICES - Use them, it’s the Law

Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 629-21, mandates the installation of window
safety devices on apartment windows located two (2) metres (6 feet, 6 inches)
or more above the ground. This regulation applies to all rental apartments,
condominiums, non-profit and co-operatives with three or more units.

Window safety devices prevent any portion of the window from opening more than
10 centimetres (4 inches), and can be easily removed in case of emergency.

Window safety devices will not save your child unless they are installed! It
is your responsibility to ensure window safety devices are installed and fully
operational. If they are missing or damaged, notify your landlord, building
owner, or property manager immediately.

For more information, please see our Web site or contact
Toronto EMS Community Medicine Program at or call

Media contacts:
Dean Shaddock, Toronto EMS Community Medicine Program,
pager 416-370-9866
Larry Roberts, Toronto EMS Media Relations, 416-392-2255



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