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May 13, 2005
Toronto Fire Services’ barbecue safety tips
Toronto Fire Services Chief Bill Stewart will explain how to barbecue safely
while firefighters barbecue lunch for the media.

Date: Monday, May 16

Time: Noon

Place: Harbourfront Fire Station 334, at 339 Queens Quay W.

Barbecuing is increasingly popular during mild weather. Toronto Fire Services
attended to 42 barbecue-related fires last year that caused a total of $253,008
in property damage. Two of the largest fires took place inside garages.
“Barbecue outside away from combustibles,” says Chief Stewart. “Never cook with
open flames inside a garage.”

More barbecue safety tips are as follows:

1. Use soapy water to check connections and hoses – bubbles will indicate a
2. Replace rusty or damaged propane tanks or those that are 10 years old.
3. Always have the lid open when lighting a grill.
4. Never smoke while handling a propane cylinder.
5. Keep children and pets far away from a hot grill, and never leave them
unsupervised in the area of an ignited barbecue.
6. Keep loose clothing away from a hot barbecue – roll up your sleeves or cook
in a short sleeved shirt. If your clothing catches on fire, quickly stop, drop
and roll
7. Use long-handled tongs and brushes while grilling that put a safer distance
between you and the flames.
8. Wear oven mitts and a heavy apron to protect yourself from fire while
9. If you do burn yourself, run cool water on the affected area for five
minutes. If your burn is serious (presence of charring or blistering) seek
medical attention immediately.

For more information, visit: fire/prevention/safe_barbecuing.htm

Media contact:

Acting District Chief Mike Strapko
416-807-7140 (cell)
416-334-5223 (pager)



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