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April 18, 2005
FLASHLIGHT - A new installation by Luis Jacob
Opening on May 4, 2005 - On view through September 15, 2005

Toronto Sculpture Garden, 115 King St. East

Materials: LED signage, geodesic dome playground equipment, disco ball, image
bank, Muskoka chairs, bicycle pedals, solar panels on steel pole, electrical
generator, sand

The statement EVERYBODY'S GOT A LITTLE LIGHT UNDER THE SUN is written using
high intensity LED's, powered by visitor activated bicycle pedals. Solar panels
installed on a steel pole capture available sunlight and convert it to
electrical energy that drives the disco ball suspended high above the geodesic
climbing dome.

Artist's Description:

FLASHLIGHT is the site for a utopian proposal. Its message is derived from the
Parliament song "Flash Light", written by George Clinton, Bernie Worrell and
Bootsy Colliins. It establishes a relationship between the installation as a
whole and the aspirations for self-transcendence and social union embodied in
Funk culture from the 1970s.

Installed in the Toronto Sculpture Garden today, this sculptural ensemble
proposes that playful personal interaction is a source of power parallel to the
natural power of the sun under which we are all equal. The sun shines in the
same way for sister and brother, for rich and poor, for citizen and alien, for
bodies Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White. Equally, we each carry within us
an inner spark -- an innate agency to manifest individually and to concentrate
collectively within that regulated and regimented terrain known as the public

EVERYBODY'S GOT A LITTLE LIGHT UNDER THE SUN may be seen as a utopian proposal
for what may well be an as-yet-untapped form of power.

Toronto Sculpture Garden:

The Toronto Sculpture Garden has featured more than 70 artists in over 50
exhibitions since it opened in 1981. It is operated by the City of Toronto’s
Parks and Recreation Division. The Garden was developed through the sponsorship
of the Louis L. Odette Family, the City of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of
Citizenship and Culture. Exhibitions are funded and administered by the
non-profit L.L.O. Sculpture Garden foundation and are co-ordinated by the
Garden’s Director, Rina Greer, working with a volunteer Art Advisory Board.

The Toronto Sculpture Garden is a City of Toronto park and is open daily from
dawn to dusk. Admission is free.



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