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April 4, 2005
Ban on tobacco power walls recommended
Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, is calling on the
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to ban all point-of-sale promotion of
tobacco products in the proposed Smoke-Free Ontario Act, Bill 164.

In a report presented to the Board of Health today, Dr. McKeown recommends
banning all tobacco displays in retail outlets, including the large
behind-the-counter tobacco displays known as "power walls."

"Power walls promote a dangerous, unhealthy product to anyone who enters a
store," said Dr. McKeown. "They are called power walls for a reason - they
reach a very wide audience and send a message that tobacco is as acceptable as
candy. This is not helpful for people trying to quit smoking and it is
definitely the wrong message to give to children and young people."

Bill 164 proposes to prohibit the marketing of tobacco products in retail
outlets by means of a counter-top display, but the legislation does not include
a ban on power walls.

A ban on the display of tobacco products in retail outlets accessible to minors
has been adopted in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nunavut. The Supreme Court of
Canada recently upheld the right of provinces to pass such legislation.

Media contact:
Frank Giorno
Toronto Public Health



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