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April 14, 2005
Toronto City Council endorses bid to host 2015 World Expo
Toronto City Council today approved a plan for exploration and public
consultation to determine whether it should make a bid for the 2015 World’s

“Toronto has tremendous strengths and we need to find major ways to celebrate
those strengths,” said Mayor David Miller. “With our unparalleled ethnic and
cultural diversity, we already have the world here. Now it's time to share our
city with the rest of the world.”

In summer 2004, the City of Toronto established a Steering Committee to
investigate the viability of Toronto as a potential host for a 2015 World Expo.
The committee members consists of representatives from the City of Toronto, the
federal and provincial government, labour agencies, social advocates, the
Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation and individuals with experience
from former World Expo competitions.

Hosting the World Expo in Toronto would act as a catalyst to implement a number
of the City of Toronto’s priorities, including creating a clean and beautiful
city, investing in vibrant communities and promoting sustainable transportation.

“The World’s Fair has the potential to create legacies on the waterfront or the
Downsview sites as well as garner social, cultural, economic and tourism
benefits,” said Councillor Brian Ashton, Chair, Economic Development and Parks

The estimated cost of the Phase 1-Pre-Bid is $2.1 million, with up to $1
million funded by the City of Toronto, and the balance from the private sector
and the provincial government. The Phase 1-Pre-Bid is expected to outline key
finding and recommendations, including the business plan. The Feasibility
Study, undertaken by Consortium 2015, identified three potential sites that
will be further investigated to determine the preferred site.

The next steps include the implementation of a comprehensive public
consultation process. Following the completion of the Phase I-Pre-Bid, Toronto
City Council will review the master plan in early January 2006 to determine
whether to proceed with a formal bid.

To read the Feasibility Study and Appendices, please visit /toronto_international/world_expo.htm

Media contacts:

Councillor Brian Ashton
Economic Development and Parks Committee

Duncan Ross
Executive Director

Patchen Barss
Office of the Mayor



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