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August 18, 2004
Toronto offers washing machine rebate to property owners of multi-unit residential buildings, institutions and industries
The City of Toronto's Water Efficiency Program is now offering a rebate of up
to $125 for each water-efficient washing machine that property owners purchase
or lease for their multi-unit apartment building or business.

A water-efficient washing machine can lower the cost of annual water and energy
bills by as much as $275 a year. They also use less detergent to clean laundry
and are gentler on clothes, reducing wear and tear.

Water-efficient washing machines selected for the City's program use about 60
per cent less energy and 40 per cent less water than conventional top-loading
washing machines. The washing machine is the second biggest water-user in most
households; only the toilet uses more water. Washing machines can have an
enormous impact on the amount of water used in a building or business. The City
is encouraging business owners and residents to reduce water use by replacing
large water-guzzling appliances and fixtures. By targeting areas where valuable
water is wasted, the City of Toronto can avoid expanding the water and
wastewater infrastructure in the immediate future.

"The City of Toronto helps businesses to pay for the cost of purchasing or
leasing a City-selected water-efficient washing machine - that's why we
designed the rebate program to help eligible customers to offset the cost. Over
the lifetime of the washing machine, the rebate plus energy and water savings
make water-efficient washing machines a smart economic choice," said Pamela
Georgopolous, Supervisor of the Water Efficiency Program.

Rebates are available on washing machines purchased or leased as of January 1,

Application forms for Toronto's rebate program on water-efficient washing
machines can be obtained from local distributors or route operators, as well as
from the City of Toronto.

To request an application form or for more information about the program,
telephone 416-392-7000 or visit

Media contact:
Pamela Georgopolous
Supervisor, Water Efficiency



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