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September 30, 2004
Toronto garbage shipments receive approval from Michigan
Today at 5 p.m. the State of Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality
issued a decision to place the City of Toronto on a list of approved
jurisdictions to ship waste to Michigan's landfills. The City was approved
based on its ability to prove that it could meet stringent new requirements
that the state has placed on all waste entering its landfills.

In March, the State of Michigan passed legislation that prohibits the following
materials from its landfills:

- Hazardous waste
- Medical waste
- Used oil
- Lead acid batteries
- Low level radioactive waste
- Asbestos
- Used beverage containers
- Yard clippings
- Tires

By October 30, 2004, in order to use Michigan landfills, jurisdictions shipping
to Michigan, including Toronto, must have applied to the Department of
Environmental Quality to prove that they have equivalent policies, operating
procedures or legislation in place to ensure that the banned materials will not
be sent to disposal sites in the state.

Toronto submitted a "Certification Application" to Michigan on September 1,
2004. Applications were separately submitted by numerous other out-of-state
waste shippers. Toronto's application was accepted unconditionally and places
the City on a list of approved jurisdictions to ship to state landfills.

Councillor Jane Pitfield, Chair of the Works Committee, stated: "We are
pleased that the State of Michigan recognizes that the City of Toronto has the
appropriate by-laws and policies to ensure that the waste we send to Michigan
is safe. This does not diminish our resolve to continuously reduce our waste
shipments to Michigan and, ultimately, to eliminate them by 2010."

Trucks carrying City of Toronto municipal garbage may be subject to periodic
spot checks at the Michigan landfill but the state is satisfied that Toronto
will do its utmost to ensure that prohibited materials are not carried in its

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