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October 19, 2004
City launches Green Bin Organics Collection in Toronto, York and East York
Today, single-family households in the communities of Toronto, York and East
York start participating in the Green Bin Organics Program. This program allows
households that receive curbside collection to place household organic
materials, such as food waste and soiled paper products, in a green bin that is
picked up weekly. Green bin organics make up approximately 30 per cent of
household garbage.

Mayor David Miller, in launching the program, stated, “We welcome the Green Bin
Program because it diverts organic materials from Michigan landfill and turns
them into compost. In 2002, Etobicoke got the Green Bin Program. Scarborough
came on board last year. To date, their achievements are outstanding – over 95
per cent participation. Over the year, each Etobicoke and Scarborough household
diverts on average 200 kilograms of green bin organic waste per household.
Together they keep more than 1,000 trucks bound for Michigan off the road.
Today we celebrate the addition of the communities of Toronto, York and East
York, and I’m confident this will boost our success rate even higher.”

To date, the Green Bin Program has been instrumental in helping Toronto meet
and exceed its 2003 diversion target, allowing the City to achieve 32 per cent
diversion from landfill. This program continues to play an integral part of the
City’s waste diversion strategy to divert 60 per cent of its waste by 2006.
North York will join the program in 2005, after which the City will concentrate
its efforts on implementing a similar program in the multi-residential
buildings that receive City collection.

The City supplied participating households with two new collection containers,
a small one for the kitchen to collect food scraps, and a larger green bin on
wheels with a secure lid to take to the curb. Organics will be picked up weekly
and leftover garbage (plastic wrappers, old running shoes, etc.) will be picked
up every two weeks. Recycling will continue to be collected every second week.
Yard waste is picked up weekly during October and November. Information cards,
new collection calendars and newsletters instructing residents about the
program were delivered prior to start-up.

The City-owned Dufferin Organics Processing Facility is one of four facilities
used to process green bin organics. For further information, see the City’s Web
Site at:

Media contacts:
Councillor Jane Pitfield
Chair of Works Committee

Geoff Rathbone
Director, Policy & Planning, Solid Waste Management Services



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