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April 27, 2004
Toronto HUSAR team acknowledges funding
The Toronto HUSAR (Heavy Urban Search and Rescue) and HazMat (Hazardous
Materials) teams acknowledge the continued support of Ontario provincial
funding. A memorandum of understanding between the Province of Ontario and
Toronto Fire Services was entered into in 2002. As a result, the province has
provided funding in 2002 and 2003, and will also provide it in 2004.

The following is a rundown of the provincial funding to date:
HUSAR: 2001/02 - $400,000; 2003 - $300,000; and 2004 - $300,000
HazMat: 2002 - $50,000; 2003 - $100,000; and 2004 - $100,000

The memorandum of understanding resulted in the HUSAR and HazMat teams becoming
provincial response assets, and therefore, either or both of the teams,
depending on the type and magnitude of emergency, will respond anywhere in
Ontario as directed by the province. The community requiring the assistance
must request the team(s) through the province, using the appropriate call-out

The Toronto HUSAR team is a self-contained unit consisting of specially trained
and equipped members from the three Toronto emergency services, along with
other City services (such as Works and Public Health), who will respond to
large scale emergencies that require unique search-and-rescue techniques,
generally involving but not limited to structures that have collapsed.

The Toronto HazMat team consists of Toronto Fire Services personnel who have
been trained and equipped to respond to large-scale emergencies that involve
either accidental hazardous materials releases or intentional releases caused
by a terrorist act.

For further HUSAR information, visit the following Web page:

Media contact: Captain Doug Silver, Special Operations,



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