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March 9, 2004
Task Force to Bring Back the Don seeks new members
The Task Force to Bring Back the Don is looking for members for the 2004-2006
term. Sponsored by the City of Toronto, the Task Force has worked for 15 years
to make the Don River clean, green and accessible. It has built wetlands,
planted thousands of trees and wildflowers, lobbied for access bridges and
improved trail links, participated in key planning decisions in the Don
watershed (from the moraine to the lake), and hosted walks and educational
events. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2004.

Members must be residents of the City of Toronto with:
· a commitment to and interest in the Don River and its watershed
· experience with one or more community organizations
· a demonstrated interest in environmental and/or community development issues,
· a willingness to meet the time and work requirements.

Membership is for a three-year term. Members are expected to:
· attend Task Force and subcommittee meetings (approximately two per month)
· attend plantings and other community events
· be active in one of the subcommittees that deal with Don River planning and
policy issues habitat restoration projects, and co-ordinating Task Force
communications, including a newsletter, a Web site and other publications and
media material, as required.

You can find more information on the Task Force to Bring Back the Don,
including its Terms of Reference, at

If you are interested in becoming a Task Force member, please forward a resume
and a one-page letter confirming your commitment and interest to: Susan
Bookbinder, Coordinator, Task Force to Bring Back the Don, Metro Hall, 23rd
floor, 55 John St., Toronto, ON, M5V 3C6. Fax: 416-397-4080.

Media contact:
Susan Bookbinder, Bring Back the Don Task Force, 416-392-8575



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