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October 19, 2004
City of Toronto presents "Persons Day" Awards
Zanana Akande, Loly Rico and Nora Currie were presented with the Constance E.
Hamilton Award at a ceremony held on Persons Day. Seventy-five Toronto women
were also presented with Certificates of Honour to commemorate the 75th
anniversary of the court decision which declared that women were "persons" and
eligible for appointment to the Senate of Canada.

Recipients of the Constance E. Hamilton Award and the Persons Day Certificates
of Honour were selected by the women members of Toronto City Council.

To recognize Persons Day, Mayor David Miller issued a Proclamation declaring
Monday, October 18 as "Persons Day" in the city of Toronto.

Former Councillor Anne Johnston, who served on the inaugural Constance E.
Hamilton Award committee, was the guest speaker and reminded those in
attendance of the need for constant vigilance. In addition to award
recipients, the celebration was attended by many of the former women members of

The recipient of the City of Toronto's scholarship in Women's Studies at the
University of Toronto was presented to Samantha Cutrara at the celebration
which was held at Hart House on the University of Toronto campus.

The Constance E. Hamilton Award is named after the first woman who, in 1920,
was elected to a municipal council in Toronto, and recognizes significant
contributions made to improve the social, economic, cultural or political
status of Toronto women.


City of Toronto Scholarship in Women’s Studies at the University of Toronto
Samantha Cutrara

Constance E. Hamilton Award Recipients
Zanana Akande
Nora Currie
Loly Rico

Recipients of the City of Toronto 75th anniversary
Persons Day Certificate of Honour

Leslie Ackrill

Shaida Addetia

Michelle Amerie

Lina Anani

Judy Broadbent

Marilyn Churley

Margaret Cox

Cathy Crowe

Alex Dagg

Michelle Dagnino

Liz Devine

Terry Downey

Noreen Dunphy

Mary Eberts

Carolyn Egan

Susan Eng

Ann Fitzpatrick

Diane Flacks

Janet Forbes

Ursula Franklin

Charmaine Fratangelo-Frado

Jane Gibson

Amelia Golden

Tam Goossen

Pamela Grant

Sonja Greckol

Barbara Hall

Elizabeth Harris

Jean Houston

Terri Hulett

Khadra Hussein

Molly Johnson

Punam Khosla

Joy Kogawa

Michele Landsberg

Sandra Laronde

Jacqui Lavalley

Mary Jo Leddy

Rebecca Lee

Nuzhat Leedham

Helen Lenskyj

Diane MacLean

Valerie Mah

Irshad Manji

Sylvia Maracle

Deanna Matzanke

Pam Mazza

Lillian McGregor

Monica McKay

Marilou McPhedran

Lori Metcalfe

Faduma Mohammed

Laurie Monsebraaten

Eileen Morrow

Peggy Nash

Fiona Nelson

Winnie Ng

Terri Noseworthy

Girmalla Persaud

Judy Rebick

Carole Riback

Dorothy Rivers Moore

Nancy Ruth

Frances Sanderson

Sherene Shaw

Linda Silver Dranoff

Valarie Steele

Rose Stella

Maria Szawlowska

Mary Szkambara

Sandra Tam

Linda Torney

Ayse Turak

Cindy Wilkey

Clara Will


Media Contact
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh
Manager, Diversity Management and Community Engagement,
Chief Administrator's Office



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