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April 29, 2004
City of Toronto's Fleet Services plans a green future
Corporate Services - The City of Toronto's Fleet Services division is one step
closer to their green dream. The Administration Committee today adopted the
Green Fleet Transition Plan 2004-2007. The plan will go forward for
consideration at City Council's meeting that begins on May 18.

"This is an exciting move forward for the City of Toronto's fleet. The Green
Fleet Transition Plan 2004 - 2007 outlines a bold vision for moving the City's
corporate fleet toward vehicles and equipment that leave fewer negative impacts
on the environment," states Councillor Michael Walker, Chair of the
Administration Committee. "By 2007, with the implementation of this plan the
City will be a leader in the use of hybrid electric vehicles and other
environmentally friendly technologies," he added.

The Green Fleet Transition Plan 2004 - 2007 sets out the transition of the
City's inventory of vehicles and equipment to environmentally friendly
alternatives. Over the next four years, the City of Toronto will replace 84 per
cent of its new light duty vehicle purchases with alternatives such as natural
gas and hybrid electric vehicles and will use more than 20 million litres of
blended biodiesel fuel made from soy beans or waste animal fat instead of
conventional diesel fuel.

Highlights of the Green Fleet Transition Plan 2004-2007 include right sizing
the City's fleet by reducing gasoline engines from eight to six cylinders where
feasible. A further proposal is to certify Fleet Services' maintenance yard to
ISO 14001 environmental standards. If the Plan is adopted by City Council, the
City's fleet will include an estimated 313 alternative fuel and hybrid
gas/electric vehicles by 2007.

The Green Fleet Transition Plan is integrated with other City of Toronto
initiatives. For example, the plan addresses 29 of the 66 recommendations in
the City of Toronto's Environmental Plan (2000). The Corporate Air Quality
Strategy and the Listening to Toronto public consultations were also referenced
during the Plan's development. The Plan is also consistent with the advancing
sustainability provisions in Toronto City Council's Strategic Plan for Toronto
approved in December 2001.

The Green Fleet Transition Plan demonstrates Toronto's leadership in achieving
the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol, which was supported by City Council in a
motion put forward by Councillor Walker at the October 2002 meeting of City

"Overall, if the Green Fleet Transition Plan is fully implemented, eCO2 will be
reduced by 23 per cent," Councillor Walker explains. "The decision to implement
the Plan would send a strong signal to everybody that the City's corporate
fleet operations are on the cutting edge of actions to be taken that will
improve the environment in a sustainable and cost effective way and reduce our
dependency on fossil fuels."

Media contact: Chris Chiaravallotti, Director, Fleet Services,
416-392-1034 or 416-896-4438



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