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January 30, 2004
Fire hydrants buried under snow
Fire Chief Bill Stewart would like to remind the public about the importance of
keeping fire hydrants visible in front of their homes.

While the City is checking to ensure that hydrants are visible, it takes time.
Residents can assist by making sure that they do not pile snow on or near a
hydrant. In addition, if someone knows that a hydrant is buried under snow in
their community, Toronto Fire Services suggests that you get a group of
neighbours together to help clear it.

Firefighters need quick access to a water supply from hydrants to fight fires.
"After all, it may be your property that needs water for emergency fire
suppression. Please help firefighters do their job effectively when every
second counts," says Fire Chief Stewart. "Let's team up and keep our fire
hydrants clear, readily visible and accessible for an emergency water supply."

There are also many challenges associated with driving large fire trucks
through restricted streets during heavy snow conditions. Torontonians need to
help maintain clear routes for emergency vehicles to gain access on their
streets. Fire Chief Stewart urges, "Please do not obstruct your roadway when
parking or piling snow on the streets of Toronto."

If seniors or physically challenged people need the City of Toronto to clear
snow around their fire hydrant, please call: 416-338-9999.

Media contact:
David Sheen, Toronto Fire Services, PIO, 416-338-9317 (office),
416-468-9978 (pager)



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