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June 8, 2004
Factsheet Building Toronto Together: A Development Guide
Building Toronto Together: A Development Guide

Toronto's new development guide is for property owners, developers, builders and others interested in developing property in the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto is empowered by the Planning Act to review and approve proposals for all types of development. Building Toronto Together: A Development Guide assists applicants in understanding and meeting Toronto's planning approval requirements.

The information in the development guide is presented in two parts. Part 1 provides the main text of the guide and Part 2 provides the detailed appendices.

Development Guide Contents - Part 1
  • Introduction describing the City of Toronto's development review services
  • Description of the Streamlining the Application Review (STAR) process and the City's timeline targets for reviewing applications
  • Series of questions to guide applicants through the required planning approvals
  • Sections on the types of planning applications covered by the STAR process, including:
    • Official Plan amendments, rezonings and combined applications
    • subdivisions
    • condominiums
    • site plan control applications
    • part lot control exemption applications
  • Section on the City's Committee of Adjustment and review procedures for minor variance, permission and consent applications
Development Guide Contents - Part 2
Part 2 consists of a series of appendices providing detailed information on the required material in support of planning application(s). The appendices present:
  • Application fee schedules and planning application forms
  • Glossary of Terms used throughout the guide
  • Terms of reference for the reports and studies that may be required, including when and why they may be required and what information they must contain
  • Outline of the plans and drawings the City may require
  • Listing of external agencies, boards and commissions the City may consult with during the review of an application
Pre-Application Consultation
The City of Toronto encourages applicants to discuss proposed development plans with City staff prior to submitting an application. Consultation with City staff ensures a complete application is submitted and leads to a more efficient and timely review within the new timeframes.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposals with the appropriate Planning Consultant for the District in which the property is located.

Urban Development Services District Offices
East District
Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Drive
3rd Floor
Consultant: 416-396-7334
Enquiry: 416-396-7526
North District
North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street
First Floor
Consultant: 416-395-7135
Enquiry: 416-395-7000
South District
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West
Ground Floor, West Tower
Consultant: 416-392-0106
Enquiry: 416-392-7539
West District
2 Civic Centre Court
Main Floor
Enquiry: 416-394-8002

Copies of the Guide

Building Toronto Together: A Development Guide is available for $40 (plus GST) at any of the City's Urban Development Services district offices or $20 (plus GST) for the CD-ROM. It is also available for free on the City's Web site at

Media contacts:
Ann Borooah
Chief Building Official, Urban Development Services

Ted Tyndorf
Director, Community Planning, South District



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