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March 17, 2004
the Tower a new installation by Euan Macdonald
Opening on May 5 - On view through September 15, 2004

Toronto Sculpture Garden, 115 King St. E.

the Tower is a full-scale replica of the top 25 feet of the CN Tower in
Toronto. It is a literal copy of the top of the Tower, the city's emblematic
icon, but places the top of the original architecture on ground level.

As a typical piece of public art, it gives viewers the opportunity to
experience the real size of the top of the tower that, in real life, looks
small when viewed as part of the city skyline. At the very top, at the
narrowest point, it measures 5 feet in diameter; at 25 feet from the top, it
expands to 8 feet in diameter. Although these proportions are small by
architectural standards, they are significant for the sculpture in its context
with the site at ground level.

The sculpture creates the impression that millions and millions of years of
geological change have altered the surface of the earth and covered most of our
civilization and buildings. The sculpture appears to be poking up through the
ground and can be viewed as a fictional / futuristic image of the CN Tower.
Accompanying this exhibition, and displayed on site, is a mock didactic panel
showing a geological cross-section of the earth with most of the Tower under
the surface.

The Art Gallery of Ontario will concurrently be exhibiting a model and drawing
that were preliminary studies for the Tower. Entitled the tower proposal, the
work was purchased by the AGO in 2002.

Euan Macdonald is a Canadian living in Los Angeles. He has exhibited in Canada
at Mercer Union, the Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, the
Art Gallery of Southern Alberta and in the United States at the San Francisco
Museum of Modern Art. He works primarily in video, sculpture, drawing and
painting and has representation in the United States, Italy, Germany and
Australia. In Canada, he is represented by the Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto.

The Toronto Sculpture Garden has featured more than 70 artists in over 50
exhibitions since it opened in 1981. It is operated by the City of Toronto's
Parks and Recreation Division. The Garden was developed through the sponsorship
of the Louis L. Odette Family, the City of Toronto and the Ontario Ministry of
Citizenship and Culture. Exhibitions are funded and administered by the
non-profit L.L.O. Sculpture Garden foundation and are co-ordinated by the
Garden's Director, Rina Greer, working with a volunteer Art Advisory Board.

The Toronto Sculpture Garden is a City of Toronto park and is open daily from
dawn to dusk. Admission is free.

Media contact:
Rina Greer, 416-515-9658 (during business hours)



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