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April 7, 2004
City encourages road safety with Watch for Bikes campaign
The City of Toronto Cycling Committee, in partnership with the Canadian
Automobile Association (CAA), launched the Watch for Bikes campaign as the
World Health Organization declares April 7 as World Health Day. This year's
theme is "Road safety is no accident."

In an effort to improve safety for cyclists and motorists, the City's Watch for
Bikes campaign reminds motorists of the dangers of opening car doors in the
path of cyclists and that someone's life depends on checking for cyclists
before opening car doors. As a reminder to look first, motorists can obtain
free decals from Watch for Bike displays in police stations and civic centres
to place on the driver's side-view mirror. Taxicabs in Toronto are already
equipped with Watch for Bikes decals.

"Collisions with car doors is one of the most common types of car/bike crashes
in the city. Watch for Bikes is a reminder that opening your car door without
looking can send someone to the hospital or worse," said Councillor Adam
Giambrone, co-chair of the Toronto Cycling Committee.

As warmer weather approaches, more cyclists will be out on the streets and it
is imperative that motorists and cyclists respect each other and their right to
be on the road. According to the Highway Traffic Act, Section 165, anyone who
fails to take precaution to ensure that opening a car door of a vehicle on the
road will not interfere with or endanger any other person or vehicle can be
fined $105 and have two demerit points deducted from their driving record.

Media Contact
Barb Wentworth,
Bicycle Safety Planner,



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