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July 24, 2009
Two additional temporary garbage drop-off sites opened, two will close
The City of Toronto will open two additional temporary garbage drop-off sites at 7 a.m. Saturday, July 25 for the disposal of residential and Yellow Bag garbage, and will close two temporary drop-off sites that are at capacity.

Two temporary drop-off sites will close
The sites at Caledonia Park and North Toronto Memorial Arena have reached capacity and will close at 7 p.m. today.

Two new temporary drop-off sites, open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., seven days a week:

Amesbury Arena – parking lot
155 Culford Rd.
South of Lawrence Ave. W., enter off Culford Rd.

Otter Creek Centre – tennis courts
140 Cheritan Ave.
South of Lawrence Ave. W., enter off Rosewell Ave.

The City’s temporary drop-off locations were selected based on the following criteria:
• the site is a City-owned property
• preference is given to existing paved areas to minimize environmental impacts
• is close to and reasonably accessible by the community
• has vehicular access
• there is reasonable distance away from residential buildings
• has the capacity to hold a large volume of waste if necessary

Garbage stored at the temporary sites is contained within a fenced enclosure. Residents must place all waste in the fenced area only. The sites have 24-hour security and are monitored by City staff. The locations are also managed with professional pest and odour controls. All sites have received approval from the provincial Ministry of the Environment for use as temporary garbage storage sites. Inspectors from Toronto Public Health monitor the sites to ensure public health is not compromised. Once a site is closed, it continues to be patrolled by both security and City staff and all health and environmental protection measures continue to be implemented.

When bringing waste to any drop-off site, the public should combine Green Bin materials with other garbage and ensure it is double-bagged and securely tied. Each bags should not weigh more than a maximum of 20 kg (44 lbs). Residents can also help elderly and disabled neighbours by offering to take their garbage to a drop-off site. It is possible these locations may be picketed, so there may be delays at the sites and residents are asked to be patient and cooperative.

Residents should continue to store recyclables, yard waste and bulky items until the strike is over. They should also postpone garden trimming and pruning, and backyard compost yard waste and organics where possible. Once their Blue Bin is full, residents should store recyclables in clear plastic bags.

All Toronto residents are asked:
• not to throw garbage onto streets, into laneways or parks
• not to leave waste in or around City street-side litter bins. These will not be emptied during the disruption

The City will not condone illegal dumping, which includes dropping waste near, but not within the fencing of the drop off sites, as well as other locations such as City parks or streets. City by-law officers will monitor the sites and the fine for illegal dumping starts at $380.

A map of the city indicating the locations of the temporary garbage drop-off sites including the seven transfer stations can be found at These sites will accept waste from people living in houses, apartments and condominiums and from those living above commercial businesses, as well as waste from the City’s Yellow Bag commercial customers (business identification may be required)

Media contact:
City of Toronto Media Relations line during the labour disruption - 416-338-7768
Public information: Call Access Toronto, seven days a week, 24 hours at day, at 416-338-0338 or email



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