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November 19, 2008
Mayor David Miller launches Green Bin Program to apartments, condos and co-ops
Mayor David Miller launched the Green Bin Program to the first multi-unit residential buildings today. Toronto’s innovative Green Bin initiative will now be phased in city-wide to more than 4,500 apartment buildings, condominiums and co-ops receiving City collection services.

The Green Bin Program diverts waste from landfill by keeping organic material out of garbage and turning it into compost. Multi-unit residential buildings will now join some 510,000 single-family households currently separating organic materials, such as food waste and soiled paper products, from other waste. When the Green Bin Program is fully launched to all multi-unit residential buildings, the City estimates that this group will divert approximately 30,000 tonnes of organic waste annually.

“Toronto is a North American leader in recycling and composting programs,” said Mayor Miller. “Expanding the Green Bin Program, along with other planned new initiatives designed to make diversion as convenient as garbage collection, will go a long way toward improving waste diversion rates among multi-unit buildings.”

Green Bin organics comprise approximately 30 per cent of household waste making this program an integral component of the City’s effort to achieve 70 per cent diversion from landfill. Currently, multi-unit residential buildings recycle only 13 per cent of their household waste.

“Our citizens have a long proud history of environmental commitment. Approximately 95 per cent of eligible single-family households participate in the Green Bin Program,” said Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of the City’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. “We know that residents living in apartments, condos and co-ops want to recycle and do the best for our environment. Participating in the Green Bin Program is one way they can reduce the amount of garbage they send to landfill.”

Over the next 18 months, approximately 300 buildings will be brought onto the Green Bin Program each month.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and sixth largest government, and home to a diverse population of about 2.6 million people. It is the economic engine of Canada and one of the greenest and most creative cities in North America. In the past three years, Toronto has won numerous awards for quality, innovation and efficiency in delivering public services. Toronto’s government is dedicated to prosperity, opportunity and liveability for all its residents.

Media contacts:
Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair, Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, 416-392-0204,
Geoff Rathbone, General Manager, Solid Waste Management Services, 416-392-4715,



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