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February 29, 2000
City of Toronto Staff Work to Contain Gas Spill in West End of City
Works and Emergency Services - Gasoline spilled onto Dufferin Street, south of
Lawrence Avenue at Wingold Avenue, has been contained and clean-up of the spill
into the city storm sewer system and Black Creek is on-going. The city's
Wastewater and Water Quality staff will be testing water samples from the
Humber River and from the intake pipes to the R. L. Clarke Water Treatment
Plant for signs of gasoline.

An incident at approximately 10:30 p.m. yesterday, resulted in an estimated
7,000 litres of gasoline leaking from a punctured fuel tank truck onto Dufferin
Street, south of Lawrence Avenue. At approximately 11:30 p.m., staff from the
Water and Wastewater Services Division were contacted and requested to assist
in the clean-up of the site. At 12:30 a.m., spills response and transportation
crews began working to contain the gasoline. The city crews, assisted by staff
from Philips Environmental hired by the fuel tanker company, Tandet Group,
began containing, cleaning and recovery of the spilled gasoline. This was done
by flushing and venting the sewer system. The gasoline collected in the
containment area is being removed by Philips Environmental.

"As a result of our containment activities, it is estimated that approximately
4,000 litres of gasoline has been recovered before it reached Black Creek,"
said Mario Crognale, Director, Operations Section, Districts 3 and 4. Crognale
added, "The recovery efforts and monitoring will continue as required."

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