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September 11, 2000
Eric Glavin's new work, Sprawl, at the Toronto Sculpture Garden October 4, 2000 - April 15, 2001
Rather than romanticize the Toronto Sculpture Garden's physical or historical
characteristics, Toronto artist Eric Glavin's SPRAWL treats the site as a
neutral parcel of land, a section of real estate similar to any other which one
might find in an underdeveloped area of the city and subject to the normal
constraints of building codes.

The new work, a shallow, box-like structure, is a scaled-down version of the
ultimate contemporary architectural form - the industrial park's sprawling
complexes and the ubiquitous store box-outlets. Suitable for many different
possible uses, these buildings are generic vessels articulated through
featureless facades and proliferate the urban/suburban landscape of
late-capitalist culture. Their simple geometric forms, which are often the
basis for their design, make it appear as if the buildings are aspiring to be
seen as sculpture - formalist constructions offset by the surrounding landscape
rather than integrated with it. SPRAWL makes reference and pays homage to the
formal traditions of minimalist sculpture and reinforces the residual legacy of
minimalism's reductivist aesthetic and its ongoing presence within the urban

SPRAWL measures approximately 3.5 feet high x 14 feet long x 12 feet deep. It
is constructed of aluminium siding, steel tubing and roofing paper, and is
illuminated by lighting fixtures. The structure sits on a concrete pad about 16
feet square.

The Toronto Sculpture Garden, a City of Toronto park located at 115 King Street
East, is open daily from 8 a.m. until dark. Admission is free. For information,
the public should call 416-515-9658 during business hours.

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