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September 25, 2000
City of Toronto launches Vote2000
At a media briefing today at City Hall, Novina Wong, City Clerk, outlined some
of the important changes voters will see on Monday, November 13 as Toronto
electors head to voting places.

"Prior to the City's amalgamation, electors who owned property in more than one
of the former municipalities could vote in each of those municipalities,"
explained the City Clerk. "Now electors may only vote once in the City - what
we're calling 'one city, one vote.' "

As a result of provincial legislation that saw the number of City Councillors
reduced from 57 to 44, Toronto electors will elect just one councillor for each
of the City's new 44 wards and one mayor, rather than two councillors and one
mayor as was the case in 1997.

"We are asking eligible voters to check if their names are on the voters' list
by calling the elections call centre at 338-1111 or viewing the list here at
City Hall, at any of the City's five civic centres or at the Urban Affairs
Library, Toronto Reference Library and North York Central Library," said the
City Clerk of the voters' list that was released September 1. "While we have
worked extremely hard to ensure an up-to-date and accurate voters' list, you
can appreciate this is a momentous task given that people are always moving in
and out of the City or from one ward to another ward."

The Ontario Property Assessment Corporation supplies the City with its list.
There are some 1.7 million eligible voters in the City of Toronto this year.

A new system of voting was also outlined today where electors are being asked
to bring identification with them when they go to vote to help ensure the
integrity of the electoral process.

Electors will receive a "Vote-At-Card" explaining when and where they can vote.
A tabloid is also being distributed to all Toronto households. The tabloid
contains a wide range of information, including the dates and locations of
continuous and advance voting places, a map of the City's new 44 wards and how
to mark the ballot. And for the first time, vote tabulators will be used across
the entire City to count ballots, ensuring timely and accurate election
results. The continuous voting will be conducted using touch screen voting

Continuous voting starts October 23, running weekdays until November 3 at the
City's five civic centres, as well as City Hall. Continuous voting will also be
held on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, November 5. Advanced voting will be
held November 4 and 8 at one location in each of the 44 wards.

"This year, I am proud to say, the City is also reaching out to the homeless
community, encouraging them to get involved and vote," said the City Clerk.
"Nineteen homeless shelters and drop-in centres will be designated voting
places on November 13."

There are 1,750 voting places for this year's municipal election. Voting places
open at 10 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Nominations for candidates close on October

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