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May 16, 2000
City of Toronto's Ambulance Services - New Visual Identity
Works and Emergency Services - City of Toronto Administration Committee
recommended Toronto Ambulance Services' proposed new visual identity program
for consideration by Council. The new identity reflects the change from a
service provided by the former Metro government to one provided by the City of
Toronto. The proposed new visual identity puts safety first by enhancing the
visibility of the ambulance vehicles and improving paramedic crew safety. It
also continues the transition of the division's name from Ambulance Services to
Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Committee Chair Councillor Berardinetti said, "This creates a distinctive new
look for the excellent emergency medical services provided and funded by the
City of Toronto." Implementation will be phased in over time within existing
budgets in compliance with Ministry of Health requirements. The proposed
visual identity program elements include:

New visual identity for EMS' ambulances - updates old Metro lettering and
provincial government trillium on vehicles with a design that includes a blue
stylized "A" made from reflective tape that more than doubles the reflective
area on a white background, a feature crucial in low light situations (current
configuration provides 44 sq. ft. reflective material).

Ron Kelusky, General Manager for Toronto Ambulance Services, states, "Improving
public visibility and paramedic crew safety is key. The new highly reflective
applied graphics, lettering and outline striping will make the vehicles
substantially more visible at traffic accidents, on highways and while
responding to emergency calls."

Toronto EMS replaces each ambulance every five years, at a rate of about 25
vehicles per year, using the normal City of Toronto tendering process. Kelusky
adds, "Current lettering costs $400/vehicle. Each vehicle costs $100,000 and
has a six-year working life. The $750 cost increase arising from such a
significant safety improvement amounts to less than a one per cent increase for
double the amount of reflective materials on each vehicle."

Creation of a new identifier - applied to new uniforms and equipment as ordered
(no additional costs), it features the City of Toronto's corporate logo and the
letters "EMS" (Emergency Medical Services), establishing EMS as the official

Redesign of ambulance station signage - updates old Metro signage at 40
facilities to clearly identify station numbers, indicating each as a City of
Toronto EMS building. New signs will be phased in at all locations over
several years.

Ambulance - front view Ambulance - rear view Ambulance - side view (paramedics) Ambulance - side view (Critical Care) EMS identifier EMS station signage

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