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May 9, 2000
Toronto Fire Service Continues to Push for What is Needed
Fire Chief Alan F. Speed submitted several resolutions which are consistent
with our War on Fire initiative, at the Ontario Associations of Fire Chiefs
Annual Meeting And Training Seminar held in Hamilton April 30 to May 4, 2000.

These resolutions include:
  • Minimum one smoke alarm on each floor and in each bedroom of residential units.
  • Fire-Safe Cigarettes - recommend legislation.
  • Recommendations for changes to the Ontario Gas Utilization Code and Electrical Safety Code - interconnected fire alarm and gas valves, interconnected fire alarm and HVAC and heat producing appliances safety shut off.
  • Contact Underwriters Laboratories of Canada to give our support for a review of existing testing criteria, to determine its adequacy to detect smoke and heat, from materials found in today's homes.
  • Support for Mandatory Sprinklers in new residential properties.
  • Support much needed changes to the Upholstered and Stuffed Articles Act.
  • Ontario Building Code Changes to improve Fire and Life Safety.

Fire and Life Safety is our main objective and with the acceptance of the above
resolutions we know that we are on track to a safer place to live. What is
needed now is for the agencies and associations having direct influence and
responsibility to act on our recommendations.

Media Contact
Stephan Powell, Chief Information Officer
Toronto Fire Services



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