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June 22, 2000
Smog watch issued
The Ministry of the Environment has issued a smog watch for Toronto. This means
that there is greater than 50 per cent chance that a smog alert will be issued
over the next 72 hours.

City Council has adopted a corporate smog alert response plan. While divisional
response plans are not in effect during a smog watch, each division should plan
ahead and anticipate the need to modify activities in the event a smog alert is
issued. Ask your supervisor about the details of your divisional response plan.

Although there is no smog alert today, the air quality is deteriorating and
pollution levels combined with heat, may cause some people to experience
adverse health effects. Remember to drink lots of water and juices and stay in
cool or shaded areas whenever possible. If you have any difficulty breathing,
consult your physician or go to your local hospital.

Do your share to protect our air:
.Reduce car use by taking public transit, walking or car-pooling to work. Click
on the car pool form link on the Inside Toronto Web site home page to get
involved in the staff car pool program.
. Minimize car use every day
. Postpone mowing your lawn, painting, and using any motorized equipment.
. Minimize pesticide use or better yet, stop using them altogether.

Phone the smog alert phone line at 416-392-0808 for updates on the status of
the watch.

For more information about smog and the City of Toronto's smog alert program,
please visit For more information on the current
air quality index, visit the Ministry of the Environment's Web site at or phone 416-246-0411 or 1-800-387-7768.

Breathing shouldn't hurt. Help reduce smog.

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